Komunisticka partija eSrbije

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Komunisticka partija eSrbije

Party-Komunisticka partija eSrbije.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia
Abbreviation KPeS
National rank 47
Colors Red
Founded November 24, 2013
President Petar.Drakon
Members 3
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Totalitarian

Komunisticka partija eSrbije is a political party in Icon-Serbia.png Serbia, originally established as Savez komunista eSrbije on 24th November 2013.

Savez komunista eSrbije

Logo of the Savez komunista eSrbije

The founding congress of the Savez komunista eSrbije (abbreviation SKeS) was held on 24 November 2013, a founder of the Party of the Petar152.

SKeS Mission

Political Democracy

Democracy is a government of the people - by the people and for the people. We are committed to a political system in which citizens will be subject to the sovereignty, not a subject. Citizens have the right to participate in decision-making and the choice of their representatives. Democratic socialism to democracy to evolve away from its liberal origins.

Citizens have the right, on the basis of universal and equal suffrage by direct and secret ballot, immediately and directly elected, but it is not enough. Representative democracy can not replace the direct participation of citizens in decision-making. Therefore, we advocate that the future often applied referendum and popular initiative when deciding on matters of common and general interest.

Citizens have the right to freely organize in political parties, organizations and associations, and that in a free and democratic competition compete for power and participation in government. Parties are constitutionally recognized right to participate in shaping the political will. This mediating function between citizens and the state they can successfully accomplish if you make democratic procedures and openly to the public.

Those citizens could actually govern, directly and indirectly, through their elected representatives, must be abolished every illegitimate monopoly power. This means that the political system must be so constructed and protected by democratic means that anyone (individual, political party or a group) cannot be subordinated to the interests of his country. We oppose the abuses of political or economic power in order to establish a monopoly on decision-making on major issues of economic development, the state and society.

The relationship of government to the citizens is the most important indicator of the democratic political system. The position of the Communists in power understood as an expression of confidence of the people and a commitment to anyone who acts on behalf of the people acting for his own good. The elected representatives are accountable to their constituents and can be recalled when doing irresponsible and wrong, abuse power or use it for group or personal interests. Political, moral, criminal and financial responsibility of public officials for acts committed during the tenure-especially in cases of corruption - the dams are irresponsible government and require a consistent application.

SKeS is committed to a democratic political culture characterized by a spirit of tolerance, open and constructive discussion, dialogue, respect for different ideas, rights and interests of minorities and the implementation of the decisions of the majority. Democratic values are the values of tolerance, solidarity and cooperation among the people irrespective of their political, ideological, religious or any other beliefs. In a democracy, everyone is free to say what they think and to act in accordance with it, provided it does not endanger the freedom of others.

State and Society

The state is not value neutral. The Communists believe that the state is a democratic institution that represents and protects the common life of the political community, association of citizens, nations and territories, and is strong enough to guarantee the stability, territorial integrity and sovereignty. We believe that the concept of civil sovereignty proved its sustainability and the future should be the basis of political organization of the Serbian state. We want to build a civil country's population to be fair and strong to protect the life, liberty and property of every individual and all of us together. And in Serbia organized the civic principle, Serbian people have a state in which all the properties of identity (language, culture, tradition and religion) to be unquestionable.

Together with other political parties in a fair democratic competition, but also in the relations of cooperation, we are building and consolidating the country's population and we are aware of the responsibility for it. We are aware of its many shortcomings, which are often our own weaknesses.

Communists persist in building democratic socialism to Serbian democratic and socially responsible state. We are permanently committed to our activities related to the company closer to the norms that are rooted in the traditions of democracy focused on the equal freedom of solidarity of citizens.

Serbia is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multicultural society in which equal value human rights of individuals and the rights of national minorities, and where one man will be the fellow citizen, regardless of ethnicity, religion, culture, language or some other speciality.

Republican form of the state constituted on the principle of separation of powers consider most appropriate to our needs. The legislative power shall be vested in citizens, to be controlled by citizens and be subordinate to the Constitution. The government which belongs to the executive branch must rule according to the laws and be directly responsible to Congress. The judicial power shall be autonomous and independent and to be guided solely law and the laws.

Communists their activities are not limited only to the state. Points to the importance of action of many subjects in social parties, trade unions, media, citizens' initiatives and the economy. With their interests and actions triggered by changes in the economy and society. Without their influence on the activity of the state, it remains bare coercive apparatus devoid of real content.          Communists do not overestimate the ability of the state and action are well aware of its shortcomings, but refuse to unfounded criticism of state institutions and state administration. We have always a critical and constructive attitude towards the activities of the state, especially if its action is not in accordance with the Constitution and in the interest of the majority of citizens. Due to political democracy, our country is no longer a class state, but our society bears, and long to wear, many of the features of class society.        Most people thanks to the welfare state, the opportunity to improve their citizens' freedoms and rights. We know that even in a democracy possible abuse of power, as the welfare state can avoid the bureaucratic tutelage. Therefore, we advocate the concept of social responsibility of the state to prevent all forms of exploitation and economic and social deprivation.          Permanent democratization dam is such deviations. Therefore, the state must be under constant control of critical and must not give up on the constant changes in social relations, because the only way to ensure socially responsible society and market economy. The Communists will always support such changes in order to eliminate the class characteristics of society, not just mitigate.

Rule of law - against corruption and organized crime

Communists advocate the rule of law that protects all citizens equally. Equality before the law must apply to all-no one can be above the law. We insist on the consistent application of the law-equal to all and sundry. Background, party affiliation, wealth or function of government can not be a reason not to call for accountability for crimes that are punishable by law.          Establishment of legality, rights of security and independence of the judiciary will restore trust in the efficiency and impartiality of the legal system. Independent, responsible, professional and efficient judiciary is a requirement that judges serve only law.          Citizens, their organizations, the general public and political parties have the right to criticize the laws they consider unjust and require changing the ordinary legislative procedure.

Freedom of information

We oppose the false and manipulative information-all forms of censorship and every abuse of power of the mass media for the purpose of political, ideological, religious, or other types of indoctrination, especially when they are focused on expanding racial, ethnic or religious hatred, the violent overthrow of the constitutional order, threats to defense and security of the country and fight with opponents. Misuse of the mass media to spread falsehoods, insults and defamation that threaten personal integrity and dignity of individuals and institutions to prevent and punish the exclusive remedy.

Security and Privacy neutrality

The World and the Balkans region are exposed to major security challenges, risks and threats. We believe that the buildup of arms and classification of military alliances are not adequate responses to these challenges. Communists recognize the extension and deepening of the security concept. In this regard, special attention is paid to the concept of human security that focuses on the well-being and quality of everyday life, without giving up on this remarkable significance of traditional concepts of security, based on the intelligence of state power.

Foreign policy - the policy of peace and cooperation

SKeS is committed to a foreign policy that will serve the peace and collective security system, economic development, political stability and further democratization of Serbia, as well as preserving the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the borders. Serbia should be equally subject to the international community +, especially in the Balkans and in Europe. Serbia's geostrategic position, its economic, natural and human resources are suitable for co-operation and integration with many countries and international organizations.          The Communists are committed to achieving the following objectives in foreign policy:

  • Active cooperation with all the countries and peoples of the world, as well as international organizations that promote peace, cooperation, security and prosperity in the world, the principles of equality and mutual respect.

Parent and fellow

The Communists argue that state institutions Serbia organized to follow the life and support the development of members of the Serbian people in other republics, especially in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. We believe it is our obligation to our fellow provide material and moral support to improve living and working conditions, the preservation of national identity, cultural traditions and intense relationship with the mother nation.

Economic democracy

The social market economy

The basis of the political agenda SKeS is a project development company called democratic socialism. Increase social welfare, a better and fairer working conditions, higher wages are goals we strive for. SKeS against capitalism in which unscrupulous pursuit of profit to individuals getting rich and lavish life based on the exploitation of disenfranchised workers. The power of capital over labor should be restricted rules, laws and standards.

Objectives and Strategy of Economic Development

Communists advocate for policy development that will enable the efficient use of human, material and natural resources in order to improve the social well-being of present and future generations. The development objectives of the communists which are difficult:

  • An increase in social welfare and living standards;
  • A high and sustainable economic growth with full investment activity;
  • Macro primarily price stability;
  • Improving the competitiveness of the economy and increase exports;
  • Promotion and protection of the environment.

Serbia has significant economic resources and untapped growth potential.

Our growth should be export-oriented. Higher exports will enable to increase resource utilization, achieve a higher income and to a greater extent satisfy the import needs without new borrowing. Export development means that macroeconomic policies should support export-oriented companies, regardless of their size and type of product. This does not necessarily mean financial incentives, but amending regulations, standards, norms. For this, we need direct investment, whose presence in the market should be maximally stimulated.



Party Presidents

This is a complete overview of elected party presidents:

Date Term Began Party President Percentage according to .com
24 November 2013 Petar152 100.00%