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Nationality Flag-Greece.jpg Greek
National rank 116
Date of birth May 18 2009
Day 545
Residence Tirana, Albania
Sex Female
Newspaper Ordinary World
38th President of United Kingdom
January 6 2012 – February 5 2012
Preceded by Thomas765
Succeeded by Temujin94
60th President of United Kingdom
January 6 2014 – February 5 2014
Preceded by Invalidation
Succeeded by Count Drakula
Secretary of Foreign Affairs of TWO
January 6 2013 – March 5 2013
May 6 2013 – June 5 2013
September 9 2013 – November 9 2013
December 9 2013 – January 9 2014
Minister of Education of Albania
June 18 2014 – August 5 2014
December 15 2014 – January 5 2015
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania
September 6 2014 – October 5 2014
January 6 2015 – N/A
Minister of Foreign Affairs of United Kingdom
February 6 2012 – March 5 2012
August 6 2012 – December 5 2012
April 6 2013 – May 5 2013
December 6 2013 – January 5 2014
February 6 2014 – April 5 2014
Minister of Defence of United Kingdom
October 6 2011 – January 5 2012
Government Advisor of United Kingdom
March 6 2012 – June 5 2012
July 6 2012 – August 5 2012
February 6 2013 – February 25 2013
March 6 2013 – April 5 2013
May 6 2013 – December 5 2013
April 6 2014 – June 5 2014
Congress member of Albania
August 26 2014 – September 25 2014
November 26 2014 – N/A
Party president of The Unity Party
August 16 2012 – September 15 2012
Party president of ILLYRIANS Party
December 15 2014 – December 16 2014
February 21 2015 – N/A
Congress member of United Kingdom
Dec 26 2009 – June 25 2010
July 26 2010 – November 25 2011
March 26 2012 – April 25 2012
May 26 2012 – January 5 2014
February 26 2014 – April 25 2014
May 26 2014 – June 18 2014
Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs of TWO
November 9 2013 – December 8 2013
Speaker of House of Commons
June 26 2013 – July 25 2013
August 26 2013 – September 25 2013
Advisor of TWO
March 6 2013 – May 5 2013
Deputy Director of International Relations of ONE
March 5 2012 – August 5 2012
Advisor of ONE
February 20 2012 – March 5 2012
Congress member of United Netherlands
Aug 26 2009 – Nov 25 2009
Party president of Belgian Party
October 16 2009 – December 5 2009
Military rank Icon rank Titan***.png Titan***
Aircraft rank Wing commander 3.png Wing Commander***

Kravenn is a citizen of Greece, former citizen of Albania and UK, born on day 545 (18/05/2009) in Wallonia.


Kravenn header.jpg

Kravenn is born on day 545 in Wallonia who was in United Netherlands. Her first days weren't easy and without her good friend Slivever, she won't be able to survive. He suggested her to move to Northern Netherlands (who was at that time the UNL region with a Q5 hospital). Once, a Q5 hospital was installed in Brussels: she resided there until day 793 (5/12/2009)

In UNL, Kravenn was involved in the Belgian Party (which was mainly composed of Real life Belgians players in UNL). During that time, She was elected 3 times into the parliament and elected 2 times President Party.

At the end of November 2009, She began to be tired by the feud between the Belgian Party (and their left-wingers' Dutch friends) against the Dutch ultra-nationalists (who tried to install a totalitarian regime). Kravenn decided to left UNL to United Kingdom. At that time, there were talks about a big merger between UK and UNL. She also learnt that some Belgians were still in the UK (due to an old merger between Belgium and the UK)

On day 793, Kravenn resigned from Belgian Party presidency to move to London. She asked UK citizenship and received it on the following 48 hours.

Interested by politics and having Left-wing opinions, she joined The Unity Party. On December 25 2009, she was elected on the house of commons for the region of Brussels (at that time, Brussels was located on the UK due to the fact that UK sends back to Romania a PTO group).

At the end of that term, she was elected in Midtjylland before being mainly elected in Yorkshire & Humberside.

At the end of 2010, Kravenn began apprentice on the ministry of communications and also 2 times Minister for Education. During that time, she published several tutorials for young (and less young) people. During 2011, she was elected 2 times at the head of the citizenship committee.

Around October 2011, and following her experience in UK armed forces, Kravenn was chosen to be Minister of Defence (3 terms). Even if the last term was hard (following the invasion of UK by 3 countries), she decided to ask nomination to be the next TUP Prime Minister candidate.

Following her nomination, she was opposed to Dishmcds and even a hard campaign (where she was attacked on the fact that English is not her first language), she won the election with 54% During her term, a huge army reform was launched and she fights hard to have a congress. Even if it wasn't successful, she almost won her fight and received respect from her opponents for the resistance that she showed.

At the end of her term, she decided to not be candidate for a second one and was chosen to be Minister of Foreign Affairs. Around the middle of her term, she joined ONE HQ as ONE Adviser. In March 2012, she was elected as ONE dDIR (Deputy Director of internal affairs) and following this election, she couldn't be the minister in UK Cabinet. However, she remained Cabinet Adviser

Even if Kravenn successfully ran a huge amount of time into Congress, she has never been the most popular candidate ... until July 2012 where she received 38 votes and finished at the first place in United Kingdom congress election


After ONE was dissolved, Kravenn is chosen to (once again) Minister of Foreign Affairs. But at the end of July 2012, she began to be disappointed by the president of the Unity Party. Even if she decided to never run again for Party president, she made it and requested a Vice President.
Also, she took 2 decisions (before running):
- She will make only one term as Party president
- She will not run for Country President on September 5

From August 6, 2012, to December 5, 2012, she was UK Minister of Foreign Affairs. During her 4 terms in a row, she worked hard and was able to move our status towards the USA from enemy to neutrality, to sign MPP with Brazil, build better relations between CoT and UK, ... She also published a lot of articles explaining current events to UK population. It was mainly due that a lot of people are interested in Foreign affairs but the news is hard to receive.

On December 6 2012, she left the UK government due to the fact that it was impossible to work the new majority.

At the end of 2012 (between Christmas and New year): she decided to move to Chile to take some vacations. After more than 3 years in the UK, she moved there to find her Chilean good friends like Miss Daanitha, PsyCokenin, Dr Kaban, Skull Kraken, Slordak and Faunoskov. However, she decided to take her UK citizenship.

On January 4 2013, she decided to run to TWO SoFA (Secretary of Foreign Affairs). The next day, she announced on the meeting her intention and on January 7 2013, She was elected to the job after received 5 (of the 6) votes. At the same time that SoFA job, she is also in charge of TWO Public Relations. A month later, she was successfully elected for a second term.

On February 25 2013, she decided to leave UK cabinet where she was an advisor. He resignation isn't due to a problem on the cabinet or with the current UK CP but due to a party who support the cabinet. The president and vice-president made some abuses. When one published fake comments (under the name of a TUP member), the other decided to use Kravenn's nickname to buy votes on voters club. Following that and because she has ethics, she found no reason to remain around February 2013 cabinet.

On March 5, She was TWO charter limited for SoFA, however, she was able to stay on HQ as Consigliere. In UK, following the victory of Blue and Evil, She was back on the cabinet as an advisor.

A month later and following Argentinian invasion on the UK, she is chosen as Minister of Foreign Affairs, mainly because her experience is useful to manage diplomacy on these hard times. After a successful month at the head of UK foreign affairs, she decided to not apply for another term, offering the seat to someone else to bring experience. However, with the future war between TWO and CoT, She decided to run for TWO SoFA (Secretary of Foreign Affairs). On the first days of her term, she finished the work of the previous SoFA and welcomed Lithuania inside the alliance. Shortly after, she began to work with Greece and also with Republic of China (Taiwan). Even if Greece didn't join TWO further a polemic launched by Serbian Government, they decided to be pro TWO. About the Republic of China, they successfully joined ACT.

On an internal plan, after Congress election of June 2013, she was elected Speaker of the House of Commons

On July 2013, she cut links with TWO HQ and their channels. Mainly due to a huge disappointment about TWO management.

After the August congress election, She decided to run for another term as Speaker of the House of Commons and won the election. By this way, she was the 1st UK citizen to serve twice as HoC speaker

With several important changes at the head of TWO HQ, she decided to run again for SoFA on September 2013 and 30 days later, she was re-elected for another term.

After her 5th term at the head of TWO diplomacy, she decided to step down but she was approached by Ap4rTheAd to be his deputy SoFA. She accepted the spot and worked to help him to gain some international experience. A month later and with a crisis inside TWO, she ran (again) for TWO SoFA and was unopposed. She worked hard to reduce tensions between Spain and Slovenia.

At the same time, she applied to be UK Minister of Foreign Affairs on Chewchewshoe cabinet. It was mainly because she suspected him to do something against UK interests. After Chewchewshoe decided to steal all UK treasury, Kravenn decided to run for Prime Minister. After being unopposed on TUP primary, her name appeared on the ballot. Her decision to run for the job was due that the UK needed someone strong to lead the country after what happened. Someone trustworthy and who has the UK at heart. She easily won the election with 55% of the vote.

During her term, she had to manage the TWO collapsing and also several opponents who decided to attack the UK (France, Canada and Sweden). With good allies (mainly Spain and Poland) and a good strategy, she was able to remove opponents from UK core regions and catch some colonies in Scandinavia and was able to make real a long time UK dream who was to catch deer in Sweden.

After her term, she was named MoFA (for 2 months) where her main goal was to build relations with new allies like Croatia, Albania, Italy ...At the end of March 2014, she told to the main UK CP candidate that she wasn't interested to be MoFA for another month but was ready to be Cabinet advisor.

On April 25, and for the first time in her life, a UK citizen decided to vandalise her wikipage. This citizen is well known by UK community for harassing and bullying people (he doesn't deserve to be mentioned here). Meanwhile and after discovering that UK was taken over by a small group of citizens who only want to create anarchy. She decided to stop to fight for the UK and won't come back on UK cabinet as long as PTOters aren't punished.

When Ayame Crocodile decided to run for UK prime minister, she decided to give him discreet support and she worked to remove multi-voting from the election. The main consequence of that move was his main opponent losing around 20 votes during the election and 17 members on his own party.

She left UK regions to avoid most of the current internal tensions on his country (even if she has nothing to do with them). She resided in Java (Indonesia) during a short time. However when she came back to the UK: she was the centre of many attacks.

On June 15 2014: After the TUP PTO, she realised that the UK she loved had nothing common with the current one. That move was clearly organised to destroy her beloved party and one of the main consequences was to put eUK faster on PTOters hands. On June 18 2014, she resigned from Congress and moved to Albania to begin a new life far away from UK. Considering that chapter as over. She was named Minister of Education shortly after her arrival. She kept the spot until August 5. After helping a bit Albanian Foreign affairs team, she was in charge of all foreign affairs department (as MoFA) on September 2014. However, it was around on that moment that she lost some interests into the game and she was almost in "2 clicks mode". She easily recognised that her term wasn't brilliant there.

After a hiatus, she was involved again at the end of November 2014 where she secured a congress seat for her party. On December 2014, she accepted to be Minister of Education in case of Romy.TR won the election. Sadly, it wasn't the case but 10 days, after an impeachment, she took back the seat. Meanwhile, she accepted to help Lithuania on education too.

On January 5 2015, the newly elected president ThePunisherDS asked her if she could be interested to be again Minister of Foreign Affairs, she easily accepted the job and lot of people from the Albanian community liked the amount of work she made. During that term, she published several articles explaining Albanian position in several issues but also talked about several wars who involved Albanian allies. On February 6, the newly elected CP proposed her to continue her and she happily accepted the proposal


This soldier has been Mentioned in Despatches by the UK Military.

At the same time her political career, Kravenn joined United Kingdom Special Forces, and some months later, was named Brigadier. At the V2, and following big changes on the military module, she left the army to spend time on the economic module.

Some months later than the installation of the current module, the military command asked her to come back and her answer was positive. Following the resignation of a member of the military command, she was named Army Commanding Officer.

About Battle and Campaign hero medals, Kravenn is not always looking after these medals. She doesn't like to steal Battle Hero to UK citizens but sometimes, she is forced to do it when the situation asks for.

At the end of January, during her CP term, Kravenn fought very hard in a critical campaign and like this picture shows, she received the satisfaction of a lot of UK citizens.

Scotland CH.jpg

Around March 25 2012, and after UK Congress was safe, Kravenn helped Sweden to have a congress by hitting hard in a decisive campaign. On the first days of April, she took pleasure to win a battle hero medal against Frenchs in East of England.

Since Chile was ejected from terra, Kravenn developed excellent relations with them. She successfully launched a food drive for their babies (see below) and catch her 30th BH medal and her 7th CH for Chile against Argentina on June 7 2012.

On June 18 2012, Kravenn bought a Military Unit (British Army squad) to her friend Greatmoff. She decided to give access to young British expeditionary forces soldiers (Division 2) but she totally refused to remove old MU members (they are not forced to stay, but they are not forced to leave). 3 days later (June 21), she began God of war and also the first God of war in the British Expeditionary Force.

On July 3 2012, She caught her 33rd BH (once again against France) when their CP attacked West Midlands.

At the end of August 2013, she gained her 12th Campaign Hero medal when she made her best to avoid French Airstrike on a Hungarian region.

Since the UK army was disbanded: Kravenn chose to not join an important military unit and prefered to have her own one. It gives her more liberty.

On day 2394, she was able to get the rank Icon rank Titan.png Titan.

On day 2403 (1 day after her arrival in Albania): she gained her first BH for her new country (It was also her 90th BH) and 50 days later, she was to gain 3 BH and the CH of the same campaign for her new country

Helping new citizens

Since Kravenn joined the United Kingdom, she always worked to help new players. Several times, she published tutorials to helping them to continue to play at erepublik. However, she realized that even if a tutorial can be good: New citizens need help about a precise point and don't always want to read a long tutorial. Most of the time, it is quite hard to find them after 3-4 days. That's why she wrote a big tutorial with a lot of chapters to help young UK citizens: Erepublik tutorial.

Around day 1640 (May 17, 2012): Erepublik Admins launched a tutorial contest on Facebook. Even If Kravenn had no idea about prices, she decided to send the one that she wrote. On Day 1647, She discovered that she won the contest. Which proves that her tutorial is a very good one

Winner2.png Winner.jpg

Following that initiative, she decided to launch a health program for UK citizens called : Kravenn's cakes.
Young citizens can receive 180 health (30 Q3 food) if they fill some requirements :

  • They must have UK citizenship
  • They must have less than 3000 Experience points
  • They must do their best to continue to play at Erepublik
  • They must say that they love cheesecakes

Also, around day 1600, Kravenn launched 2 food drive to help Chilean and Bulgarian babies. For Chilean one: She recovered more than 200.000 health and a little bit more than 190.000 health for Bulgarian one. Just before Congress election of June 2012, Chile had another huge baby boom, she decided to launch a 3rd food drive (the second for Chile), she received more than 230.000 health to help Chilean babies.

On day 1940, She saw that Venezuela had a baby boom, after talking a bit with UK CP and also Venezuelan cabinet. She launched a food drive for their babies. The generosity of UK citizens was very impressive. In the end, she received 946.000 health that she gave to the Venezuelan government.

Around day 1976, she decided to write another guide for UK citizens: This time, it is about diplomacy. Considering that a lot of people are interested in foreign affairs. She wrote a MoFA guide where she explains relations between the UK and every other country. This guide is available here: UK MoFA Guide (the guide is currently outdated)

On day 2295, after thinking a lot about a new project to help young players: She opened her Grocery. But unlike classic ones: It's a welfare one. Meaning that young UK citizens can buy foods at a lower price than the market. By example: instead of pay 0.35GBP for a Q5 food, they can buy it for 0.2GBP. The food isn't a free one (like in NHS) but cost less than the marketplace. It's a good opportunity for young players if they have a lack of food.

For the program, she put some requirements

  • You must have UK citizenship (or linked with UK community)
  • You must be level 30 or lower
  • You can't sell that food on market (blacklisting if you are caught)
  • You are limited to 350 Q3 + 150 Q5 foods (3600 health) or 700 Q3 foods (4200 health) per week
  • You must order by multiple of 50
  • You must send her money before receive your food (however, she doesn't accept it before the donation is made)

On her side, it is politically neutral: Customers won't and will never receive Propaganda to join her party. To order foods : Click Here

You can find all the details on this article: Kravenn's Grocery.

Summary of her political career

Congress Term Region Political title Length
August 26 2009 - September 25 2009 Southern Netherlands (UNL) Country President (UK) 2 terms
September 26 2009 - November 25 2009 Brussels (UNL) TWO SoFA (Secretary of Foreign affairs) 6 terms
December 26 2009 - January 25 2010 Brussels (as UK region) TWO dSoFA 1 term
January 26 2010 - February 25 2010 Midtjylland Minister of Education (Albania) 3 terms
February 26 2010 - June 25 2010 Yorkshire and Humberside Minister of Foreign Affairs (Albania) 3 terms
July 26 2010 - September 25 2010 Yorkshire and Humberside Minister of Foreign Affairs (UK) 9 terms
September 26 2010 - October 25 2010 Scotland Minister of Defence (UK) 3 terms
October 26 2010 - November 25 2010 Yorkshire and Humberside Government advisor (UK) 15 terms
November 26 2010 - December 25 2010 East of England ONE dDIR (MoFA) 2 terms
December 26 2010 - January 25 2011 South East of England TWO advisor 2 terms
January 26 2011 - November 25 2011 Yorkshire and Humberside ONE Advisor 1 term
March 26 2012 - April 25 2012 Northern Ireland House Speaker (Congress leader) 2 terms
May 26 2012 - July 25 2012 Yorkshire and Humberside ILLYRIANS Party Party President 2 terms as Acting PP (1st term = 1 day)
July 26 2012 - August 25 2012 London The Unity Party Party president 1 term
August 26 2012 - September 25 2012 Yorkshire and Humberside Belgian Party Party president 2 terms
September 26 2012 - Jan 5 2014 United Kingdom
February 26 2014 - April 25 2014 United Kingdom
May 26 2014 - June 18 2014 United Kingdom
August 26 2014 - September 25 2014 Albania
November 26 2014 - ? Albania


Kravenn showed almost no interest in this module during v1. At v2, she began to invest her gold and began to create several companies around the e-world. Following several changes in the economical module by admins. Kravenn decided to buy a Q5 weapon company, and some times later a food one.

She has the following buildings on her land


Weapons Companies Number Food Companies Number
Icon - Weapons Factory Q7 with base.png 1 (upgrade from Q5 to Q6 was paid by public funds. Company was used for UK Army) Icon - Food Factory Q5 with base.png 4
Icon - Rubber Plantation.png 11 Icon - Food Factory Q3 with base.png 4
Icon - Hunting Lodge.png 12

Storage (for a total of 288.000 units)

Storage Number
Icon - Normal Storage.png 73
Icon - Large Storage.png 15
Icon - Very Large Storage.png 4 (1 of them was offered by admins)

Other Buildings

Building Description Training Grounds Description
Icon - Town Center Q5.png Q5 town center Icon - Weights Room Q4.png Q4 training Grounds
Icon - Energy Center (red).png +100 health building

(received free when Work skill was removed)

Icon - Climbing Center Q4.png Q4 Climbing Center
Icon - Energy Center (green).png +50 health building Icon - Shooting Range Q4.png Q4 Shooting Range
Icon - Temporary Energy Building.png +50 health building

(received when houses were removed)

Icon - Special Forces Center Q4.png Q4 Special Forces Center
Icon - Rocket Factory Q5.png Q5 Rocket factory

Kravenn also proved that she is a very regular worker. On Day 2544, she worked 2000 days in a row.


Icon achievement Freedom Fighter on.gif
Freedom Fighter (x46)
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x161)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x57)
Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Country President (x2)
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x1)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x144)
Icon achievement Sky Hero on.gif
Sky Hero (x60)
Icon achievement Campaign Hero on.gif
Campaign Hero (x21)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x32)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x1406)
Icon achievement Society Builder off.gif
Society Builder (x0)
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x12)
Icon achievement Top Fighter off.gif
Top Fighter (x0)
Icon achievement Top Aviator off.gif
Top Aviator (x0)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x224)
Icon achievement Prestige Hunter off.gif
Prestige Hunter (x0)

The Unity Party - Official Membership Card

Party-The Unity Party.png

The Unity Party is a democratic socialist party. I believe that by the strength of our common endeavour we as a party achieve more than we achieve alone, so as to create for each of us the means to realise our true potential and for all of us a community in which power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of the many not the few; where the rights we enjoy reflect the duties we owe and where we live together freely, in a spirit of solidarity, tolerance and respect.

I'm a member of The Unity Party.