Kukai Ninjah Soma

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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth Aug 29, 2011
Date of death 2014
Residence Maine, USA
Sex Male
Newspaper New Hampshire ReadyStart
Military unit Libertarian Militia 2
Position Captain
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel.png Lt Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Kukai Ninjah Soma was a citizen of USA.

Citizen Life

The Retreat from New Hampshire

On day 1,444 (November 3rd, 2011), Vermont was taken by Poland, and Kukai retreated to Maine where his militia, The True Libertarian Militia 2, was being based. He hid on the border of Maine and New Hampshire, hoping Poland would get diverted, and that would be where the official release of New Hampshire ReadyStart would be printed. Under the command of Piciul in the True Libertarian Militia 2 he fought harshly to protect both states, being some of his more active battles.

By day 1,446 (November 5th, 2011), Maine was taken by the Polish. Kukai moved to Florida (At the time owned by Serbia) to aid Italy in a battle for freedom, despite the attempt, Serbia maintained control of the Region and ONE continued their advancements. Although the battle was extremely close, as Kukai had heard about the battle it was in its last phase, and the winner of that single battle would be the winner of the region.

Because USA was losing the war, Kukai had shut down sales from both Envilo Industries divisions in order to supply his regiment and militia with weapons upon request in an attempt to encourage them to fight more and harder.

As day 1,447 (November 6th, 2011) rolled around and most of New England was now conquered by the Polish, Kukai returned to New Hampshire and began aiding several local resistance wars, including the battle for New York.

Military Life

True Libertarian Militia 2

After 2 months of service to the True Libertarian Militia 2 Kukai applied and ran unopposed for the captain of the True Libertarian Militia 2, 2nd regiment. So on August 16th of 2011 Kukai was the captain for his regiment. As of November 15th, Kukai failed to re-register for the captain position of the True Libertarian Militia 2. So his term ended the following day on the 16th of November.

The Second Captain's Reign

After the previous captain was unsuccessful at keeping the regiment in order, Kukai returned to the seat of captain of the 2nd regiment on December 16th.

Private Contracts

Members of Envilo industries also served as a private contracting militia - EIPCM. Generally contracting only to National Armies, however on occasions serviced individual contracts. Envilo Industries's PCM has appeared to function as a small section of the True Libertarian Militia 2, as all the members of EIPCM were also members of the second regiment of that militia.

Political Life

On day 1,455 Kukai became an official member of the Revolutionary Party, by request of kooguy, joining the media section.


Already mentioned, Envilo Industries, was a company started by Kukai to supply USA with food. During the Serbia/Poland invasion of ONE the materials produced was redirected to supply The Libertarian Militia 2 regiments with material to fight more efficiently. In addition, because Kukai was not receiving payments for the goods produced the company was temporarily changed into a commune paying only $1USD and 50% of production.


Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 6x Super Soldier
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 6x Hard Worker