Kuvay-i Milliye

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Kuvay-i Milliye

General Information
Country Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey
Abbreviation KM
Forum MKD
Colors Red/Gold
Founded 01 July 2009
President onrche
Members 80+
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Scientology Party
Succeeded By Milliyetci Turkiye Partisi
Orientation Center-Right

Kuvay-i Milliye is a Turkish political party


Kuvay-i Milliye is the second largest party in eTurkey. Party has managed to get most of the votes in July General Elections and has 14 congressmen.



Kuvay-i Milliye was founded by Caplumba. The name refers to Turkish Freedom Fighters who fights during Turkish Liberation War. In February 2008 Party Elections, some citizens from another party joined Kuvay-i Milliye and vote for one of them and make him party president. When it was March, there were only 3 members in Kuvay-i Milliye. At this time two people joined Kuvay-i Milliye and selected Zaib Atsu as Party President with three votes. Kuvay-i Milliye made 3 congressman in April Elections. After that number of party members rapidly increased. With lead of Zaib Atsu, dodo and alperen58 number of party members reached 60's. Kuvay-i Milliye is always proud of being "fakeless" party in eRepublik. Until number of members had enough for choosing their Party President as Country President, they played determinative role in elections. Local Elections in June 2008, Kuvay-i Milliye succeed to take 5 of 12 governments in eTurkey. After that Zaib Atsu resigned his president seat to "caresizm" and "onrche". Kuvay-i Milliye managed to be first party in General Elections in July 2008 and Party President onrche missed being Country President by few votes. Most members joined in May. At a certain moment KM had more than eighty members.


KM's plans for the eTurkey are to create a strong country that has a right to speak in the world's politics. They don't want war as long as Turkish lands aren't under risk and Turkish people aren't insulted. The party is always interested in working together with other parties. At this time Kuvay-i Milliye works on organization of Turkish Military Forces. Kuvay-i Milliye has a official Newspaper which governed by "dodo" , named Kuvay-i Milliye Gazetesi. In this paper they announce World News and Party Politics. Kuvay-i Milliye has relation with other nations.

Party Presidents


July - 37.14%, 14 congressmen