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General Information
Country Flag-Norway.jpg Norway
National rank 4
Founded 16 April 2016 Erep day 3,070
Dissolved 28 July 2020 Erep day 4,633
President hans erik
Vice President Zinitus
Councillor Carlos alex36
Members 9
Congress Occupancy 4/29 seats, 14%
Succeeds Norwegian Economic Cooperative
Succeeded By Farmers Party eNorge
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Kvakksangerne is a Norwegian Political party founded by Yanisin.

It is a small party, but enjoys great influence with members being active players. The party President hans erik often being the Country President of Norway.


Kvakksangerne was founded by Yanisin on Day 3,070. It was founded after Yanisin got control of a party from hostile PTOers. Early on it got many members, being the biggest Party in Norway for a while. The party provided fresh political Activity, even having its own Party song

Yanisin was Country President of Norway while founding the Party, and he would run for 4 more terms.

After Yanisin disappeared in September 2016, OverTheBridge took over as Party President. Shortly after in December when OverTheBrige moved away from Norway, Hans erik joined the party to become Party President.

Hans erik had been a member of the party at the beginning, but had moved back to his original party Teknokratene to become PP, then was a member of Partiet, before coming back to become PP of Kvakksangerne. After Yanisin disappeared the party would lose many of its member, becoming one of the smaller parties in Norway. Despite this the Party has kept relatively high activity, with members being active in Congress and Cabinets. Party President Hans erik has been CP many times.

The party would return to becoming the biggest party again under the leadership of hans erik, but was dissolved on Day 4,633 to make a new party: Farmers Party eNorge