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Nationality Flag-Israel.jpg Israeli
Date of birth Sep 10, 2010
Date of death Mar 2, 2011
Residence Flag-Israel.jpg Jerusalem
Sex male
Party president of The Liberal Israeli Party
January 28th 2011 – February 15th 2011
Preceded by J.G.RR
Military rank Icon rank Corporal**.png Corporal**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Kwr9 was a citizen of the new world who lived in Israel, Jerusalem district. Together with Emorfion, on February 4th 2011, Kwr9 founded National Government of Monaco.


Kwr9 was the founder and party president of The Liberal Israeli Party, previously being the vice president of Death for Barney the Dinosaur party, and before that being a member of Israel Cooperative Party.


Kwr9 was an influential character in the IDF, serving in Mobile Forces unit.


He was one of the first followers of Kiwism, a religion that never managed to become an official religion. He also created Rockisticus with Emorfion, another religion that had the same fate of not succeeding.