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Nationality Flag-Germany.jpg German
Date of birth August 4th 2009
Date of death Summer 2015 (estimated)
Residence Brandenburg and Berlin
Sex male
Congress member of Brandenburg and Berlin
November 25th 2009 – December 25th 2009
Congress member of North Rhine-Westphalia
October 25th 2009 – November 25th 2009
Preceded by chickenwing
Congress member of Germark
November 25th 2013 – N/A
Ambassador to Romania of Germany
August 4th 2009 – October 25th 2009
Preceded by Heir Holley
Ambassador to Poland of Germany
October 25th 2009 – N/A
Ambassador to Netherlands of Germany
December 15th 2013 – N/A
Military rank Icon rank General**.png General**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Kyle was a German citizen, press director of Kyle's Inquisition, former Congressman and businessman.


Born, 04.08.2009 - Day 623 of the New World.

Early Life
Kyle was born in August 2009, in Berlin. During his first days in the New World, he sought out the advice of many prominent German Officials, with Gobba and TheGermanEagle becoming mentors to him in his early days. They provided the ideological and political basis that would shape the rest of his eLife.
To survive, he applied for aid under the national German Red Cross, which provided him with food and work for 2 weeks. Shortly after, however, the Polish PTO Group secured the German Congress, skyrocketing the Minimum Wage. It was nearly impossible to find any work in Germany at this time, so he moved to the Hungarian held region of Nordjylland.
Life in Hungary
Kyle lived in Hungary throughout most of his early life, until the Congress was recaptured by actual Germans in late August. He still remained in Hungary for a few weeks after. Although Kyle remained a German citizen throughout this time, his stay in Hungary helped influence his eLife drastically.
The first non-government job he attained was at Baden Air ran by Hansiperner and for a short time he was a journalist of the Israeli Newspaper Breaking News
He also created the Bullseye News Network while in Hungary. The political journal has had 3 journalists and was partnered with the Israeli Newspaper "Breaking News" for a short time.
Though he experienced many great things while living there, he felt homesick, eventually returning to Germany. After moving back he became much more active on the eGerman IRC channel (IRC://
Back at Home
Right after moving back he took part in his first real battle (other than training wars) during the French campaign against Spain. He was a Lieutenant of the Bundeswehr
The First Political Party he joined was the PPD in September, right after the South African Scandal involving the Neue Bergliche Union.
In the election (The German Eagle vs Elisa Vorimberg) he was a campaign adviser for Elisa Vorimberg
He ran for Congress under the PPD (Saarland) in September, but did not secure an official place from the Party President. Later as the tension between SPED and PPD heated up, he moved away from the partisan heat and decided to take a more "open-minded" stance. He changed political alignment and joined Open Mind Germany.
Thoughout this time he served numerous roles, such as ambassador to Romania and then Poland. He also served as Congressman for two Terms. Being ambassador to Poland and Congressman of Brandenburg, which lied directly on the frontier, KylePR gained much knowledge through those months about the interworkings of German-Polish relations. His long-term discussion and negotiations with the Polish ambassador provided him insight into the Polish hatred for Germany, which through various diplomatic dialogues he was able to quell to an extent, but not enough to stop the coming storm.
World War IV
During the fourth Polish invasion of Germany during World War IV, KylePR was serving as ambassador to Poland. He worked hard to agree on a peace settlement with the Polish During this time, but his efforts were in vain.
Throughout the War, KylePR served in many battles against the Polish. The Most Notable being the first, second, and third Battles for Bavaria, and the Battles of Saarland.
After the Polish secured the last region of Germany, destroying the nation yet again, he moved to London and aided Refugees in fleeing to England. He also helped set up the German Refugee camp in London.
Life in Britain
Though Life was hard with his connections to all of his friends broken by war and scattered all across the world, he eventually did find his way in Great Britain. After many days attempting to gain citizenship to the UK, KylePR finally attained it, and with his new citizenship, he decided to start a company in September 2009 - Northstar Global.
After moving there, he changes the name of his newspaper to "The Watchtower" symbolizing how he had to watch his homeland from far away. Most of his artiles during this time were about assisting refugees and about informing English citizens about progress in Germany.
Germany Liberated!
When Bavaria and Saarland were taken back from Poland in late January, KylePR immediately moved back to Germany. He then got a job under DOG (Defenders of Germany) Gifts ran by Alex Drex, his close friend
He worked throughout this time with the MoFa and Vice Mofa of Germany, on negotiations with the Polish ambassador and the Polish president, to secure an agreement on the date of return of German lands; however, with these talks continuously freezing and with an ever-present threat of invasion KylePR went stagnant in 2010, and later died in January of 2011.
On the 26th of October, 2013, many years after his death, Kyle was resurrected and became active once more. He woke to find himself living in German land occupied by Polish. With a strong resolve to make his country strong once again, he immediately set joined the battle for liberation, and on the same day succeeded in winning the battle of Hesse against Poland, attaining the highest influence in the battle. He then moved promptly after to his home in Brandenburg, where he rejoined Open-Minded Germany and purchased a company.


Following is a list of Kyle's friends and his comments about them:

Alex Drex - Cool Guy, great ambassador, better than me? .......... -.-
Elisa Vorimberg - German turned Canadian........ And then German again, cause Canadians hate her XD
Gobba - Best Politician in German History, has a great map of eRepublik
Konrad Neumann - Second best politician? xD
moonburn - He crossed over to the OMG side. Unfortunately, Vader followed him :( p.s. Thanks for all the help with economics
Mr Woldy - Best President of the UK
The German Eagle - My friend since I started playing
Vaclav - Funny Czech, makes me laugh
von kleist - Both were congressman to the same state
tiuri - Doesn't like Polish Food
Herrn Sterling - Actual name is Herr Sterling, but he spelt it wrong :p
Theroen - Really cool Polish dude which comes on the IRC sometimes