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Nationality Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgian
Date of birth July 13th,2009
Date of death August 12, 2013
Residence Wallonia
Faith Zamiatinism
Newspaper The Kingma Times
Congress member of Belgium
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal***.png Field Marshal***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Kylero was born on July 13th, 2009 (eRep Day 601)in Ohio, Icon-USA.png USA (where he is from in RL). He joined the game after following an ad on Facebook.

Early Political Life

Kylero desired to get involved in politics early in his eLife. At the time, the USWP was the most powerful party in the USA, and he joined their forums to get involved. After realizing how large it was, he decided to get involved with the United States Green Party (USGP). At the time, the USGP was small and suffered from a lack of leadership. Kylero made it his mission early on to change that.

Green Party Years

In his very first article, he came out against the current leadership of the USGP. He set forth an agenda to transform the USGP into something greater and when he was able to, threw his hat in the ring to become the PP for the month of August. On the promise of new forums and a party Org, Kylero won the USGP August PP election overwhelmingly and became a mentor for the young Astra Kat G (the most famous redhead in the USA ever).

With a coherent organizational structure, the USGP thrived under Kylero's leadership and moved from the 11th most populous party to 7th. He was returned to the PP-ship again in the month of September because of his strong leadership during the North American War in which the USA was reduced to the state of Florida. In September, party membership skyrocketed from 40 to over 100 because of his persistence and his patience with young players. By this time the USGP was full of young and energetic citizens and Kylero felt that stepping aside for a month or two would help party retention by giving other players the chance to lead the party.

In the month of October, Kylero did not run for PP and supported timothybeasley. This proved to be costly as the USGP was subject to an immature attack (recognized as a domestic PTO) by the infamous Jimmy Loomis. Loomis proceeded to delete the party forums and destroy the party altogether. Kylero later referred his show of generosity of giving Loomis the ownership of the forums as the "single biggest mistake of my eLife".

Following the Loomis PTO, the active USGP members went into exile by joining the Federalists and plotted their triumphant return. Kylero led this effort and created a new forum site seemingly overnight. The next month, the party was regained by Sam Kraus. Kylero later won the PP again in the month of December.


In mid-December, Kylero renounced his PP-ship of the USGP and left the USA for the tiny new republic of Icon-Belgium.png Belgium. At the time, the USA had just invaded Icon-Japan.png Japan and Kylero took issue with the Emerick's administration unwillingness to respect opposing views. Kylero was ready for a change, and rather than moving to another country where he'd have to wait through the citizenship process, he moved to Belgium, which at the time had open citizenship.

Upon arrival, Kylero and other non-RL Belgians were deemed as PTOs. Kylero only wanted what was best for Belgium, and has proven it ever since. He has served in the Belgian Congress for 9 terms and has proposed and enacted some of the largest pieces of legislation in modern Belgian history. These include:

  • Proposing the 2/3 majority of all members needed to revise or amend the Constitution (protection from PTOs)
  • Proposed and passed revisions of the judicial system and the implementation of the Supreme Court to provide legitimacy to proposed laws.

Along with his legislative achievements, Kylero has served as the Minister of Culture and Education, was the first adherent to Zamiatinism (Aldous the Meek), and has been PP of Free Belgium, Belgian Socialist, and Belgian Communist parties. He was one of the most active citizens in Belgium and worked constantly to see that Belgium works for its citizens, and not the other way around.

The Multi Alert System

In January 2011, Kylero created the first standardized system in Belgium (and quite possibly all eRepublik) to address the multiple account (Multi) menace. His color-coded system, along with simple explanations on what citizens should do, was issued daily in his newspaper. Kylero worked tirelessly to investigate new citizens on a daily basis and follow leads that are provided to him by other concerned players. Citizens of Belgium took comfort in knowing that someone is "slaying the Multis" before they become a problem.

In November 2011, Kylero set the Guinness eWorld Record for most multiple accounts killed[1].

Return to United States

In July 2011, Kylero, in a last ditch effort to enjoy the game, returned to the USA to bring the USGP back into existence. He found the party that once was the US Green Party, and ran for PP. On July 15th, he successfully became the PP of the Black Bloc party and refounded the USGP.

Also, Kylero became active in the US Armed Forces. He graduated Boot Camp within a half hour due to his previous experience and was assigned to the 1st Division of the US Army. On July 18th, he was promoted to the rank of Captain and became the Platoon Executive Officer of the 1st Platoon of Boot Camp. Always interested in helping young players, Kylero was happy with his new lot in eLife.

Kylero also worked for the Department of Defense, working on an Army/BC efficiency study for the Secretary of Defense.

Return to eBelgium

In September 2011, Kylero returned to Belgium. To his dismay, the country had been experiencing a Civil War. Trying to sort out what had happened in the past, he believed that the immaturity of CP Monsieur Guillontine had been the culprit, and therefore called for his impeachment when he caught MG attempting to deceive the Belgian Congress in the form of a Welcome Message edit. Kylero caught flack for what some considered an unnecessary provocation of an already stressful situation in Belgium. Later, MG admitted to the deception, took a leave of absence and apologized. Kylero was awaiting his congratulations for what he likes to call, "keeping them honest"...

Kylero in RL