Láthatatlan Légió

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Láthatatlan Légió

Lathatatlan legio.jpg

Legia Patria Nostra

General Information
Founded April 2009
Country Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Region Central Hungary
Access policy Invitation from the Commander
Type general military
Total Soldiers 45
Commanded by Kisborok
2nd cartmanland
Commanders YceBear
1st Regiment Captain Titiu

The Láthatatlan Légió (Eng. Invisible Legion) is an irregular military unit in Hungary that was founded by Quicksilver mainly from index-generation soldiers, for both military and TO purposes. Quicksilver left the unit very early, and the unit is functioning independently ever since. The Invisible Legion came into the limelight during the Hungarian Civil War, which was started by its member, Csokolanyi Edomer, and Láthatatlan Légió played an important part.

The unit's name comes from a famous Hungarian novelist's story, Rejtő Jenő's humorous works about the French Foreign Legion in Africa, in which he describes a totally absurd military unit that roams the roadless roads of the Sahara desert. The unit took this name for secrecy and invisibility - but also for the humour that it entails.


The motto of the Legion is: Legia Patria Nostra - meaning The Legion is our Home.


The unit was led by bandim, as a military operations leader and Gergely1981 who was executive of the 18 companies that they own and budget matters. In 2009, the unit could hit approximately 40 k damage with 5 Q1 weapons.