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Léon Reno

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Nationality Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkish
Date of birth Sep 07, 2009
Date of death 2013
Sex Male
Newspaper onceupontimes
President of South Africa
Jul,2013 – Aug,2013
Congress member of Turkey
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran
May,2011 – Jun,2011
Served under Mehrdad-H
Oct,2012 – Nov,2012
Served under Mehrdad-H
Aug,2013 – Sep,2013
Served under shilter
Congress member of Iran
Congress member of South Africa
Minister of Defense of Iran
Jun,2011 – Jul,2011
Served under Mohammad.R.G
Jul,2011 – Aug,2011
Served under Aphr0dite
Aug,2011 – Sep,2011
Served under Boriani
Minister of Defense of Cyprus
Nov,2011 – Dec,2011
Served under ibretlikpaylasim
Advisor of Foreign Affairs of Turkey
Dec,2010 – Jan,2011
Minister of Defense of Saudi Arabia
Served under voice
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey
May,2012 – Jun,2012
Served under SeckinOzturk
Jun,2012 – Jul,2012
Served under SeckinOzturk
Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Africa
Jul,2012 – Aug,2012
Served under StanEslah
Aug,2012 – Sep,2012
Served under Vanessa1309
Minister of Defense of South Africa
May,2013 – Jun,2013
Served under Grimstone
Military rank Icon rank God of War.png God of War
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Léon Reno was born in Central Anatolia, Turkey on Sep 07, 2009.

He was not an active citizen for a while. First time he became party president was at Day 877. After Presidency, he started to work on politics and diplomacy by writing articles and joining meetings at Indonesia, Iran, Bulgaria and France. He worked as vice Minister of Foreign Affairs in Turkey and help her to improve relations with other countries.

When Turkey was conquered by Greece, like all other Turkish players, he has gone to the another country that just added to the game; Saudi Arabia. He started there Desert Lions, worked as Minister of Defense in order to improve military organization of country.

Iran Term

Right after Saudi Arabia, Iran was the next stop. Desert Lions came to the Iran with him and named as Desert Lions Iran. It was the days that Desert Lions became international group. He became a Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defense and Congressman in Iran. His main purpose was rebuilding relations with neighbor countries Cyprus, Saudi Arabia and Turkey as Minister of Foreign Affairs. He solved border sharing problems through diplomacy. After that month, he has been appointed as Minister of Defense. He kept Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates conquered for three months with team-mates sor3na and Mohammad.R.G. At glorious days, they attacked Pakistan and China regions and conquered part of them.

Turkey Term

After Iranian days, he came back to the Turkey and has been appointed as Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs. After few months, he candidates for Turkish presidency and succeeds to get second place with 23% of votes. He started Reformist Turkiye Partisi as a new movement but it did not succeed.

Portugal Term

He started looking for fresh experience and Portugal came in. He became a part of MoFA team there and worked for Portugal-Canada relations.

Returning to Homeland

When he has been asked to be MoFA in Turkey again, he came back to the Homeland. He rebuilt Turkey - China relations at first. Northern countries were his new target to build friendship. He signed friendship agreement with Ukraine and faced an important problem in area: Russia so discussed with allies and made four countries (Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Albania) stop Trade with Russia. He was the head of team that signed peace agreement with Bulgaria. Later Bulgarian President did not follow the agreement and caused chaos in both countries. As a result, both Bulgarian President and Léon Reno resigned.

South Africa Term

He had citizenship of South Africa for one year. His first aim there was organized military system of South Africa, then improving diplomatic relations with other countries. When he appointed as MoD, did beat Uruguay and signed peace. One month after agreement with Uruguay, South Africa asked Brazil to have TW but military unit of Brazil, CAT did not want to lose 10/10 bonus for even one day and request have been rejected. Léon decided to end this Brazil slavery and run for Country Presidency. He got official support of 6 parties while his competitor got none.

When he came into the office, he immediately signed MPP with Argentina, Colombia, Iran and Turkey then declared war against Brazil. He succeed to attack core region of Brazil for the first time in the history of South Africa. Brazil have been wiped with the help of CUA (informal brotherhood known as CUA referring to Icon-Colombia.png Colombia, Icon-Uruguay.png Uruguay and Icon-Argentina.png Argentina) and South Africa proved that she is influential country.

Second Iran Term

After success in South Africa, had nothing left to do there so tried something new with old friends in Iran. He has been appointed as MoFA and main duty was keeping good relations with Turkey.

Turkey Again

He came back to the Homeland and joined Osmanli Partisi to be active politician again. After successful term as MoFA in Iran, he got the MoD title at the same time he earned Congress Medal in Turkey. He had nothing much to do as Minister of Defense due to lack of battles but the most important thing that happened was rent discussions between Iran and Turkey which caused current hostile situation. Since Turkey and Iran became enemies, he did not take a part in Iran in anyway.

After few months, he got elected as the President of Osmanli Partisi, the largest and most important party of Turkey, and he is still acting President.


onceupontimes is the newspaper owned and published by Léon Reno. There were over 2000 citizens subscribed to this newspaper who had the opportunity to read over 300 articles.

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