Labour People's Army

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Labour People's Army

Labour People's Army.jpg

The unity of the people's army will be the weapon of victory!

General Information
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Total Soldiers 31
Commanded by Winston Hope Smith
2nd Commander Uljanov

Comrades fighting together and supporting eRepublik Left-wing causes are united under the banner of this military unit. The People Labour's Army (LPA) is the paramilitary unit of the Independent Labour Party (ILP), but is independent from it. Labour's People Army was created from the merger of the Labour's Army (LA) and the Irish Peoples Army (IPA) on 24th of December 2012.

Labour People’s Army is open to everyone who is not a threat to Ireland.

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Icon mission la resistance.png Labour's Army (LA)

As the founding member of Labour's Army, Lucky_Slevin notes:

 Labour’s Army’s history starts when UK invasion took place in May. ILP members needed a stronger organisation, food and weapons distribution started taking place. After a while stronger organisation was required and obtained by official creation of Labour’s Army, Irish leftist army with a goal of defending Ireland and helping new citizens growth.

With gold donations from Halk Ordusu, our comrades from Turkey and donations from LA members themselves, we set up communes where we work and receive food and weapons. We are active on our IRC channel, became an eFamily. With new comrades coming in (from other parties as well) we are bound to have a great impact on Ireland’s defence and it’s future."

Labour’s Army shares close ties with the political party, the Independent Labour Party, having the majority of its members in there. Labour’s Army also works in a commune with members working in Labour's army companies to supply each other, there is also an option of working as a self-supplied citizen. 

The Labour's Army was merged with the Irish People's Army on 24th of December 2012 in an attempt to unite leftist military units within Ireland.

Icon mission eager to be free.png The Labour People’s Army (LPA)

The LPA core values have not changed from LA's and LPA's and are as follows:

1. The LPA is a Left Wing military unit supporting Leftist Causes throughout the eWorld;

2. The LPA is mandated to support Ireland in event of any attack of the natural regions of Ireland (Support for any battle to liberate Northern Ireland is included);

3. The new military unit is to be associated with the Independent Labour Party (ILP) but membership of the ILP is not a condition of membership of the LPA;

4. The LPA Command is not under the political control of the ILP or any other political party.

Icon mission new First Steps in Battle.png Labour People's Army Positions

As of February 2013:

Position Personnel Ingame link eGov link
Icon mission full membership.png Commander Liam Tatlock [1] [2]
Icon mission join the army.png 2nd Commander & Commune holder Van Nelle [3] [4]
Icon mission join the army.png 2nd Commander Damhnaic [5] [6]
Icon mission true patriot.png Captain Winston Hope Smith [7] [8]
Icon mission refill resources I.png Supplier Empty

Icon mission special training.png Commanding History

Labour's Army.jpg Labour's Army (LA) Irish People's Army.jpg Irish People's Army (IPA)
1 Lucky Slevin
2 Danilo Garcia
3 Kurdt Fradenburg
4 Bean&teddy
5 Winston Hope Smith 1 MikeBane
6 Van Nelle 2 Gerald Smyth
7 Winston Hope Smith 3 Raven Anarcho
Labour People's Army.jpg Labour People's Army (LPA)
1 Winston Hope Smith
2 Liam Tatlock
3 Winston Hope Smith