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Laskar Bocil

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General Information
Country Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Total Soldiers 1167
Commanded by doddykoped
2nd Commander Optimax
Part of Partai Kami Sama

"No Matter how strong you are, if you are our Family, lets Fight for our Glory Together!!"

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Laskar Bocil is one of the strongest battle groups from Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia, formed in January 2010 by Partai Kami Sama. Laskar Bocil had over 30 members with Commander R E X X A R. After the Double Eleven incident, R E X X A R, the most influenced man in Laskar Bocil, died in battle. As the successor, Canester, the Vice-Commander, was promoted to Commander.


The Beginning

Laskar Bocil was formed by the Partai Kami Sama, as a Battle Group to defend Indonesia and made Partai Kami Sama members closer to each other. Laskar Bocil grow very fast, and almost reach 500 in the heyday, and became the second strongest Battle Group in Indonesia.

Laskar Bocil Priority Bars

With Partai Kami Sama PTO Project, the PKSLandia, Laskar Bocil become National Military Unit for Thailand and became Private Military Unit in Indonesia.

The Fall of Laskar Bocil

Reaching the new era of New eWorld, Laskar Bocil hit hard times, as their members died because of the bored tense in the game. R E X X A R as the commander in that time tried to revive Laskar Bocil as long as he can. Laskar Bocil became weaker and weaker, even drop to the fifth place of the strongest military units in Indonesia. Thailand also falls to other hands, and some Laskar Bocil Veterans went back to Indonesia to joined back their unit.

The Rise of Laskar Bocil

With great spirit, R E X X A R, the Commander of Laskar Bocil, rose the army's moral, and he made many training wars and programs to reconstruct and revive Laskar Bocil. This Project was successful, and Laskar Bocil rise to the fourth strongest military units in Indonesia. Several weeks passed, Canester joined R E X X A R to help to make and schedule training wars.

The Two Lions

Prinscreen on the Operation Revenge

As several months passed by, new Admin update was launched. The new update was that Military Units will have a limit of just 30 members. R E X X A R, the strongest and longest-serving Commander of Laskar Bocil made another MU (Military Unit) named Laskar Bocil Barracuda as a result. Laskar Bocil vice Commander, Canester, led the Old Bocil and reconstructed the Laskar Bocil Organization. During his term, he organized many training war and supplies chains on #Laskar-Bocil, as well invited many new members to join the unit.

The Double Eleven Incident

Canester as Commander of Laskar Bocil made Campaign to Free South Korea, named Operation Revenge, this Campaign started on 8 December 2011 and ended on 11 December 2011, in the Last battle on 11 December 2011 many of Laskar Bocil Members died in the war, even the Commander of Laskar Bocil, R E X X A R died in this war. Canester, as the new Commander, made the last appreciation for the honor of lost soldiers by publishing the article Farewell my Comrades.

The Sleeping Lions

Prinscreen on the Operation DRAGON FORCE

After the incident, many of Laskar Bocil members become less active, and some of them even went to another country. Canester resign as the Commander, and choose Jovidesky as his successor to manage Laskar Bocil. Laskar Bocil lost some of their members and once again Laskar Bocil was sleeping as lions who need leaders to cooperate...

Laskar Bocil Revolution

After the comeback of Canester, he quickly recovers Laskar Bocil and does some small training wars every week. In order to make Laskar Bocil active again, he also made a grand training war every month, and for May 2012 he made a mission OPERATION DRAGON FORCE. In the battle for Visayas, round 10, almost 30 Soldiers from Laskar Bocil HQ was attacking Visayas. 4 of 5 TOP soldiers in that round were from the Laskar Bocil, such as pupujuku, Jenderal an0nym0us, Jovidesky, and Ex Diaz 3bz. Almost 30 million damage was done by Laskar Bocil soldiers, but they alone can not defeat all Chinese, EDEN and TERRA soldiers in that battle.

Canester decided in April 2012 that Partai Kami Sama will have only one main military unit and it will be Laskar Bocil, while the Bocil Barracuda military unit was to be used as a reserve unit for urgency if something happens to the Laskar Bocil. By this decision, Laskar Bocil was opened to anyone in Indonesia, not limited by Party or strength.

Laskar Bocil Became TOP 5 Military Units in PKS Revolution Era

Laskar Bocil also got effect with this Revolution, with Partai Kami Sama Members Help Laskar Bocil such as:

and others to gain more members and newbies. In May 2012, Laskar Bocil gained more than 110 Members and also got in the TOP 5 military units in Indonesia.

Laskar Bocil in action at Andina Change the bar from 46% to 54%

In the Middle of May 2012, Indonesia government together with all military units in Indonesia, including Laskar Bocil, had planned to Liberating Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea from Republic of China (Taiwan). All military units were pushing hard the Battlefields. In this war, Laskar Bocil made 51,006,373 damage for South Korea but unfortunately Gyeongsangbuk-do could not be Liberated. This operation was named Operation Revenge Part 2 as published in article Laskar Bocil Mission Revenge Part 2 on 23rd of May 2012.

De-Forming of Laskar Bocil

On June 5, Canester became Country President of Indonesia, therefore he resigned his position as Commander of the Laskar Bocil, and give it to riandraaback, with his article Surat Pengunduran Diri (Resign Article).

For next half a month, Laskar Bocil Program was run by riandraaback and made Laskar Bocil better and better, even re-reach the second Position of TOP-5 MU in Indonesia, as many newbies joined.

After Canester, as Country President of June in Indonesia, declared the Forming of Tentara Nasional eIndonesia (TNeI) (National Army of eIndonesia),riandraaback and other members of Laskar Bocil had a meeting to give a response to the Forming of TNeI. After the meeting, riandraaback conclude that Laskar Bocil gave a Positive Response to TNeI, and as expected, many members left Laskar Bocil and joined TNeI to make Indonesia better.

Post-Nationalist Military Unit era (The Forming of TNeI)

After the Nationalist Military Unit era (or so-called The Forming of TNeI), many of the former Leaders of Laskar Bocil such as, Canester, Admiral Proudmoore, Jovidesky, Pupujuku, and many other, meanwhile the New Generation of Laskar Bocil take the leads, such as riandraaback, Shinemavi, nwmaxxx, and other stayed at Laskar Bocil to maintain the MU. In this era, Laskar Bocil drops to the Bottom of the Military Units of Indonesia. They never once again gained Top 5, in this era nwmaxxx succeeded as the Commander and, in over 3 months, Laskar Bocil becomes inactive and has less active members.

2013 Vacuum of Commander

When spring already bloomed, Laskar Bocil faced with something awful. It was a hard decision for Ex Diaz 3bz, who was the commander of Laskar Bocil in February 2013, to resign because of his real life things. Then, it was up to Upil Maverick. Upil Maverick done many things, including joint war with other MUs (ex: Cobra AoI & Capung Military Academy). But, his term was too short. He resigned as the commander weeks after. Then, the commander becomes Jus Apel. He did not work well as the commander, so Dimitri Mendeleev replaced him. After the brave voluntary act of Wisnu LA to be the commander, Wisnu became the commander. But, he failed to rearrange Laskar Bocil. Not only failed but also didn't have enough experience to handle one of the strongest and largest Military Units in Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia. The joint war that he commanded was unsuccessful and the unit's logistics were unclear. Later, he resigned because of his Real Life things. After Wisnu's failed attempt, Admiral Proudmoore commanded Laskar Bocil.

Laskar Bocil Avatar:

IRC Channels

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is the primary way of Partai Kami Sama's members' communication. Partai Kami Sama only uses articles (newspaper) for meeting invitation.

Channel name Status
#laskar-bocil Laskar Bocil's Secrets room, weekly used. Password Protected.
#UletBocil Laskar Bocil's & BG Ulet's Training war room, rarely used.