Latin American War

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Latin Amercian War
Map of Latin Amercian War
Date January 13, 2013 –
September, 2013
Location South America
Result Flag-Argentina.jpg Argentina, Flag-Colombia.jpg Colombia and Flag-Uruguay.jpg Uruguay (CUA members) lost their Congress for Feb/Mar elections. Later Peru, Paraguay and Brasil lost their congress as well
Flag-Chile.jpg Chile
Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazil
Flag-Paraguay.jpg Paraguay
Flag-Argentina.jpg Argentina
Flag-Colombia.jpg Colombia
Flag-Uruguay.jpg Uruguay

Latin American War is the name of a war were all countries involved were Latin American Countries. It is a war between CUA (informal brotherhood known as CUA referring to Icon-Colombia.png Colombia, Icon-Uruguay.png Uruguay and Icon-Argentina.png Argentina) against Icon-Chile.png Chile, Icon-Brazil.png Brazil and Icon-Paraguay.png Paraguay.

Animation of Latin American War

CUA's Counterattack

At this time the loss of MPP's TWO from Chile had caused the fall of their bridge and their bonus, while Peru had achieved its maximum extent in recent history controlling 11 regions in Colombia and Bolivia, Paraguay controlled the rest of Bolivia and Brazil maintained their 100% bonus and controlled Icon-South Africa.png South Africa as it has done for more than two years.

On CUA side, Argentina whilst maintaining their original was stuck in war with Chile alternating wins and losses (ongoing for several months), Uruguay had their original single region, but was awaiting Brazilian attack. Colombia was deleted by Icon-Peru.png Peru and Icon-Mexico.png Mexico.

The CUA Options

CUA's idea was to get as many regions as can be possible. The most logical choice for Chile at the time was going through Paraguay and conquer regions of Bolivia and this is what was suggested from the CP Argentine Defense and for this reason they voted to change the NE (Chile x Paraguay).

Meanwhile Colombia was preparing RW to regain their own regions and secure the congress, while Uruguay hoped their new MPP with Brasil will discourage the attempt of a direct attack on Charrua.

CUA´s Revenge

CUA's counterattack ended with deletion of Paraguay, Peru, Brazil, while Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and Bolivia (all CUA´s members) re-established their Congresses.

Map-Latin American War end.png