Legio Italica

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AK47.jpg This page has been saved as historical information

This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

Legio I Italica

Legio Italica.jpg

General Information
Disbanded August 2011 (est)
Country Flag-Italy.jpg Italy
Region Italy
Type Newbie Unit
Total Soldiers 11 in average during 2009
Part of 4a Armata eItaliana

The Legio I Italica was a Newbie Unit of the 4a Armata eItaliana, part of the Esercito eItaliano. Created in December, 2008, in this division passed many people, some really important in the eItalian actuality.

The first commander was Broc93 (December, 2008 - 21 February, 2009), followed by Tsubaiam (21 February - 6 March, 2009) and Pompeius STILL Lives.