Legion etrangere arabe - LEA

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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

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Paramilitary groups are any organization that participates in military actions exclusive of national armies.

Légion étrangère arabe

Legion etrangere arabe - LEA.jpg

Honour and Fidelity

General Information
Disbanded Unknown
Country Flag-Egypt.jpg Egypt
Region Western Desert
Type Paramilitary unit

Arab Foreign Legion (Legion etrangere arabe - LEA) was a paramilitary unit in Egypt.

Arab Foreign Legion Hymn

Le boudin

Arab Foreign Legion Mission

  1. Arab Foreign Legion (LEA) fights for freedom, defending and liberating Egypt and other Arab countries in their core regions.
  2. Second objective is to help others, usually smaller countries when attacked in their core regions or when liberating in RWs.



Légion étrangère arabe (LEA) was open to all nationals.


Official languages are English, Arabic and French. Commands were given in English. Communication is conducted via MU feeds, via ingame messages and IRC channel #LEA.


Légion étrangère arabe (LEA) was a self-sustainable military unit. This means that its logistics were based on spending, not more than its members earned. Its members could freely choose where to work and don't have to work for low salaries, quite the contrary. LEA was exactly that kind of a Military Unit. Soldiers were responsible to buy their weapons from their salary, and had the best prices of food and weapons on the market, and a bit better than that.


LEA was founded on 30th May 2011 (Day 1286) by Janko Fran[1]. LEA is a successor of Egyptian Armed Division (AED) Military Unit, which was under command of Mazir Nama (later known as Super 8) who sold it to Janko Fran and appointed him for an MU Commander after leaving Egypt.

LEA started with only 2 soldiers; Palestine Chile and Janko Fran, but soon many others joined, including some former members of AED. Soon, Arab Foreign Legion consists of three regiments and has over 60 members. Its core was filled with more experienced players, mainly naturalized Egyptians from all over the New World, who want to help Egypt, but also was becoming more and more popular by new players in Egypt. It was open for all Egyptians, no matter of real nationality and including RL Egyptians. Their formal coat of arms and other graphics you can find here[2].

It was one of the strongest military units in Egypt beside the Pharaoh Tank Order.

On 12th December 2011 (Day 1483) LEA got its brothers in arms, when Macedonian Foreign Legion was founded under command of Sizif Pa.

Member list

This is the last known list of LEA members:

Rank Strength Avatar Citizen Military Rank
1. 3,847 Citizen2103304.jpg Janko Fran Icon rank Supreme Marshal**.png Supreme Marshal**
2. 2,385 Citizen2196109.jpg Terelius_lon_Lycius Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
3. 8,661 Legion etrangere arabe - LEA.jpg Franz Kafka Icon rank National Force***.png National Force***
4. 8,385 Legion etrangere arabe - LEA.jpg manasel Icon rank World Class Force.png World Class Force
5. 2,775 Legion etrangere arabe - LEA.jpg Lunarek Icon rank General.png General
6. 2,351 Legion etrangere arabe - LEA.jpg Icon rank Colonel***.png Colonel***
7. 3,494 LEAHegedis IR.jpg Hegedis Ivan Icon rank Major***.png Major***
8. 3,715 LEAPopic221R.jpg Popic221 Icon rank Sergeant*.png Sergeant*

Honorable member of this unit is Frenky98, who was engaged in creating LEA Avatars and a member of Egypt government. Sizif Pa is also a honorable member of the Unit, who was sent with a mission to organize Macedonian Foreign Legion (MFL).


Images used as avatars.