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Dead citizen

Leif Archaix

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Nationality Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazilian
Date of birth 22 July 2008
Date of death May 2009
Residence North West Province
Sex Male
Congress of South Africa
Military rank Icon rank Recruit.png Recruit
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Leif Archaix was a British-born South African politician and journalist. His death was discovered in June 2009.


United Kingdom

Leif Archaix was created on July 22nd 2008 in Leeds, UK. His early experience of living rough on the streets gave him a lifelong disdain for houses and pushed him towards socialism. He was for a time member of the politically successful People's Communist Party (led by President KIA Sneak), but had little do with local politics, becoming instead attracted to the South African leftist struggle. After conniving with Venezuelan activist Esteban Delgado the two formulated a plan to move to the African country and set up a house-building industry, and with the funds create a new political party. The plan was later supported by South African socialists Jizzie McGuire, Deus Ex and, much later, Harald Moskon du Robespierre.

Delgado arrived in South Africa caught in the midst of war on the 24th and wired Archaix to tell him of a change of plan; he was to prepare gifts, weaponry and a Moving ticket while still in the UK as the GBP was still strong. When the time was ripe he would convert all of his currency to ZAR and move as soon as possible. The plan for making a housing company was dropped for a more useful weapons factory, which was, in turn, dropped following the main Indonesian assault from the 24th to 26th. As fighting escalated on the night of the 25th, Esteban Delgado and the others were caught up the Battle for Cape Town. Archaix could only watch from afar.

Meanwhile, Leif's social progression advanced slowly, joining the army only on the 24th and creating his first newspaper The Good Times, Bad Times at some point towards the end of the month. This attracted minimal attention, produced a few articles and was punctuated by his eventual departure for South Africa. However, it revealed Archaix's growing frustration with the right-wing clique headed by Joseph Campbell and Sinclair, the latter of which owned a weapons company that the fledgeling journalist himself as employed by from July 30th. Archaix's increasing discomfort with this led him to leave Sinclair Munitions for the state-owned weapons factory Royal Ordinance shortly before or on August 1st.

As Delgado and the others surfaced in Occupied South Africa they made plans to raise money and leave the Western Cape for the last remaining areas of sovereign territory; these were no longer under threat following the peace treaty of July 26th. The newly formed Pax Africana Cooperative decided to create a Q1 food company after seeing the extortionate prices of food in the crippled country, and Archaix was forced to train for food experience before arriving on the 7th August in Mmabatho, home of recent escapee Deus Ex (Delgado settled in Polokwane). From there he immediately billed gold, ZAR and gifts to Jizzie, who would return impoverished and starving to his homeland three days later, on the 10th.

South Africa

After Ex's negotiation for Kaja K (renamed Bong Belly) food company all of the cooperative members have continued to work there at minimal wages and at non-profit.

Leif Archaix is a prominent member of the Black Lion Front and vocal critic of the government following the dubious September 1st election results, which he and many others felt were distorted by Croatian nationalist party Croatian - African UNION. He is regularly attacked by the president Zocky and ministers Tomislav and Sucko, and has retorted in various periodicals, including his own, the Leifmotif (a pun on the term 'Leitmotif').

He was temporarily banned on two occasions on September 10th and 24th for 'vulgar language'.

Politics and Journalism

Archaix is a stalwart defender of BLF policy and has used his two articles of the Leifmotif to endorse his party and to attack the government. He describes himself as a libertarian socialist, and occasionally an "Orwellian socialist". He sports a John Steinbeck avatar (previously a picture of Ernest Hemingway or Somerset Maugham) in tribute to his favorite writers. Later, he has begun to call boycotts the government as a whole.