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Leo Ruby

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth July 2008
Date of death 2010
Sex male
Newspaper The Liberal-Millenial
Mayor of Tallahassee
21 September 2008 – 14 October 2008
Preceded by Miguelguerin
Congress member of USA
26 October 2008 – November 25 2008
Party president of Irish Union Party
Preceded by Inquitus
Succeeded by Nithraldur
Congress member of UK
25 March 2009 – 2009
Preceded by Rolfus mercartor
Military rank Icon rank Captain***.png Captain***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Leo Ruby was a citizen of the USA and UK.

He is the former mayor of Tallahassee (the last before V1), publisher of The Libera Millenial", formerly "The Tallahassee Liberal-Millennial, and was a Congressman in the AAP. He had always been an AAP member, but after losing in a congressional race in Maine, he decided to leave and pursue new goals in Ireland. Leo is the author of a series of articles on Dio Brando.

Mayoral Platform

Ruby ran on a platform of creating a city-run company, a health care system, and later, building a hospital. He amassed almost enough for a hospital, but then V1 came out, and he left office, his plans unfulfilled.

AAP Party Presidency Platform

Ruby has ran several times for Party president of the AAP, losing each time in a landslide. He first ran against former president of the AAP Evan Bayh/Pedochad, and lost in a landslide, and ran a second time against Citizen HEM, also losing in a landslide.

Presidential Run

In December, Ruby ran for president of the United States against Benn Dover, Desertfalcon, and Bormon. The only reason he decided to run was because he got the nomination from the small American Freedom Party, and from that point he decided that he would do all he could to get the nomination of one of the larger parties. He eventually secured the nomination of his own party, America's Advancement Party, as well as those of the smaller America First Party, the Green Party, and several others. He almost got the USWP nomination, but instead in went to Dover, and Ruby finished 4th in the race. Nonetheless, his campaign aided the AAP, and the gained many new members.

French war

Ruby opposed the French war from the start, and grew quite upset with Dover and his general, William Shafer. When Shafer published his infamous "Fuck off and let us do our job" article, aimed at the anti-war community, and it did not help things much when Shafer then accused the USWP of treason, as did Dover. This angered Ruby to the extent that he called for Dover's impeachment, but later retracted this. Now, months after, he is finally friends with Dover and Shafer, although he is still upset with Dover for constantly kicking him on the IRC for using pink fonts.

America's Advancement Party

Ruby was the PR director of the AAP for several months, up until the point that he left for Ireland

Ireland and the IUP

Ruby finally left the United States after losing the congressional elections for the third time straight. He decided to join the Irish Union Party at the suggestion of his friend Uaithne, and brought along a fellow AAP member, Xagarius, creator of the West Coast Alliance. He was amazed at the fact that there was not a single right wing party in Ireland, and was happily accepted by the population and his party.

IUP Party Presidency

Ruby ran for Irish Union Party president against Inquitus and Igor Thunderbrow. He had a feeling that he was going to lose as he was quite a long shot for it, and considered conceding, but the next day he found out that he had won, at which he was overjoyed. But this joy was not to last, as there was suspicion that the elections had been rigged, so he held a vote on the forums, and lost, so he resigned the presidency.

King of Wales and Life in the UK

Shortly after resigning, Leo moved to the United Kingdom, where he promptly declared himself King of Wales. This was met with a mixture of humor, ridicule, and anger, but Ruby continued, putting together an army, and getting himself a queen as well as an official lover ("male, female, or hermaphrodite"). For queen, he chose the American citizen Meghan, although the reason for this was unknown, until he revealed that is was because he disliked the idea of Marriage and chose her because he thought she was a lesbian. Ruby then moved to the Southwest to run for congress, leaving Wales so Meghan could run, not knowing the workings of the UK political system. Ruby ran under the banner of The Union Party and Britain's Advancement Party, a party he had founded as an English counterpart to the AAP. Ruby won by an overwhelming margin, receiving the highest amount of votes in his region (18), and the most he had ever received in his life. But the kingdom was dissolving, as first his queen left due to bad blood with certain members of the UK community, and his army fell apart. During his term, Ruby proposed only one piece of legislation to the forum, the self-titled Ruby Agreement, which declared that the UK would not accept any MPPs with nations holding foreign territory. This failed, however, due to the fact that the UK was required to accept any MPPs from the ATLANTIS community due to the treaty. Despite this, however, it inspired Ruby with his greatest and longest lasting plan: Pax Cultura.

Lithuania and the fall of the BAP

A week before the end of his term, Ruby announced he would be leaving the UK for Lithuania, and proceeded to start searching for a replacement to head the BAP. During this time, he was contacted by a young citizen and supporter of his named Luke Mitchell, who later became congressman to the region. In the end, Ruby never found his replacement, and did not run for re-election of the stagnant party, thinking that he would win anyway. But he did not count on there being an actual candidate, a citizen named Vecado. Vecado at first appeared to be a perfect fit for the party...until he changed it's alignment to far-right, authoritarian, and started demanding that the UK create a British empire. Vecado was later involved in the congress information leak, and permanently banned from the forums.

Life in Lithuania

Things did not go well in the beginning for Leo. He had been collecting GOLD in order to start a Lithuanian Advancement Party, but when he announce this to Lithuanians, he was branded an opportunist and PTOer, trying to destroy the country. Ruby defended himself and persevered, deciding to wait on the party till a later date.

Disappearance and Return

On the 3rd of May, Ruby disappeared for several months, only returning once to buy food. He later returned full-time in early July, and has since returned and resumed lobbying for Pax Cultura and the creation of a Lithuanian Social Democratic Party.

IRC Chat

Ruby is a fixture on the #usa-chat channel, known for his outspoken fondness for pink text, a fondness which has gotten him kicked on numerous occasions.

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