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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth November 23, 2008 - Day 369
Date of death Unknown
Residence Maine, USA
Sex Male
Faith Atheist
Congress member of Singapore City
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal**.png Supreme Marshal**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Brief History

Starting life as a no-body, Leviathann spent his first month learning all about eLife, what it means to be a Citizen of the New World, and how to get ahead.

He befriended the likes of Jewitt and Donovanator, who shortly thereafter were locked in a fierce battle for Tennessee's congressional seat. Leviathann decided it would be beneficial to his own political career to endorse one of these candidates in return for their endorsement in his bid for the Florida seat, but he was torn as he did not want to lose one friend in hopes of political gain but relented and decided to quietly endorse Jewitt who won the TN seat. This election spawned a short lived eRepublik meme after the three friends chose similar titles for their congressional presentations.

Jewitt Can Do It
Donovanator Can Do It Better
Leviathann Can Do It Best

After having lost his hopes of becoming a junior senator he decided to try his hand at business and paid for a housing company which subsequently failed and left him bankrupt. After attempting another business, a grain company, and failing, he decided business management wasn't for him.

He tried several more times, under several other parties, in several different states to become a congressman, each time losing by small margins, he contributed this to various errors in voting procedure and voter fraud. And the fact that his relationship with Jewitt and Donovanator were basically non-existent at this point since Jewitt's meteoric rise to political stardom and Don's move from the Nationalist Party to the Conservative Party.

He eventually slipped into a life of servitude to various companies and the military which left him devoid of any happiness and contemplated ending his own life on many occasions but never did.

After having enough of this and the way things are done in the US he decided he was ready for a change of scenery and messaged his friend navy who had earlier robbed the US government in fantastic style and fled the country. At the time of his initial contact after this incident navy was living in Singapore and encouraged Leviathann to come along. He agreed and promptly bought a ticket.

In Singapore, leviathan joined Nationalist Party of Singapore and was elected in a Congress.
Leviathan started an organization which he named Axiom Industries. Wieners & Wine was a Q2 Food company owned by Axiom Industries.


Leviathann owns the newspaper Confederate Financial formerly known as Viper Bites.