Levizja Vetevendosje

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Levizja Vetevendosje

General Information
Country Flag-Albania.jpg Albania
Abbreviation LV
Forum Levizja Vetevendosje Forum
Colors Red and White
Founded August 2012 (est)
Dissolved End of 2013 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /30 seats, 0%
Succeeds Fronti Kombetar Shqiptar
Succeeded By Partia Nacionaliste
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Totalitarian

Levizja Vetevendosje (LV) was one of the largest political parties in Albania.

2012 logo

Party was in fact re-branded by Krye Qendra who changed the name of the party several times. On July 15th, 2012 Krye Qendra become party president of Fronti Kombetar Shqiptar,then made ​​the change of name of the party from Fronti Kombetar Shqiptar to Fryma e Re. On August 15th, 2012 Krye Qendra was re-elected as the president of Fryma e Re, then made ​​the change of party name to Levizja Vetevendosje.

During the 2013 it was constantly in top 5 parties in the Albania reaching up to 263 members at one point, and ultimately even won the most Congress seats in July 2013 in Congress of Albania.

After Albania lost all of its regions, party stopped to exist.

Party presidents

Name Term start Term end Note
Krye Qendra August 16, 2012 September 15, 2012 Party branded as Levizja_Vetevendosje
Dardann81 September 16, 2012 November 15, 2012 2 consecutive terms
Krye Qendra November 16, 2012 December 15, 2012 His second term as PP of LV
Dardan N81 December 16, 2012 January 15, 2013
A E N E A S January 16, 2013 June 15, 2013 5 consecutive terms
Lapraksi June 16, 2013 July 15, 2013
Labern July 16, 2013 September 15, 2013
Krye Qendra September 16, 2013 November 15, 2013 His third and fourth term as PP of LV
arsimto November 16, 2013 December 15, 2013 Result was tied
Won by more EP than Krye Quendra
FASKU December 16, 2013 2014 Estimated to be the last PP