Liana Paldrov

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Liana Paldrov

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Nationality Flag-Philippines.jpg Filipino
National rank 46
Date of birth October 7, 2012
Residence Palawan
Sex Female
Political party Bagumbayan-KBP
Party president of LAKAN-KBP
February 16, 2013 – March 15, 2013
Councillor of New Philippines Party
February 6, 2013 – February 15, 2013
Served under juancda
Secretary General of Partido Sosyalistang Ganap
April 16, 2013 – ?
Served under Al Raposas
Congress member of Philippines
April 26, 2013 – May 25, 2013
Served under Forty-Sixth Philippine Congress
Preceded by Forty-Fifth Philippine Congress
Minister of Finance of Philippines
July 6, 2013 – September 5, 2013
Served under Al Raposas
Preceded by Deathless91
Succeeded by ePece
Party president of LAKAN-KBP
July 16, 2013 –
Preceded by thedarkwolf
Military unit Philippine Military Academy
Squadron 2nd Regiment
Position Member
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal*.png Supreme Marshal*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Liana Paldrov is a Filipino employee, soldier, and politician in the Icon-Philippines.png Philippines.

She became the only duchess in the Monarchy of the Philippines after the election of kadayao as Queen on January 11, 2013.

She is a Secretary General of Bagumbayan-KBP, former member of Kilusan ng Makabayang Pilipino.


Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Congress Member: 7X

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif Hard Worker: 17X Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Super Soldier: 23X

Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif Battle Hero: 17X Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif True Patriot: 10X