Liberta' eItaliana

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Liberta' eItaliana

General Information
Country Flag-Italy.jpg Italy
Abbreviation LeI
Website Link on Erepublik
Newspaper Libero Pensiero
Forum Official Forum
Colors Blue
Founded 16 September 2011
Dissolved 24 June 2013
President Bartholomew Shackelford
Members 78
Congress Occupancy 3/20 seats, 15%
Succeeds Autarcoesterofili
Succeeded By Bastardi Senza Gloria
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian
 The Freedom isn't a social condition, or politics, or military. The Freedom is a mood! 
(Cris.94 in the presentation of the Party Liberta' eItaliana)

Liberta' eItaliana (eItalian Freedom) was a Italian Party founded by Cristian Laurini (aka Cris.94), Bartholomew Shackelford, Cptmartin, MaRrCoRp ITA, Walter Rescigno, PALthebest and DEVILPIERO.

LeI was a party where various players, experts or not, cooperate for a better Italy and, if it's necessary, also supporting other eItalians parties. LeI wants the best of the eItaly, trying to delete flames and so on, which unfortunately it's rampant in our eCountry.

On 14 August of 2012, Liberta' eItaliana founded with other 8 parties of other nations the international alliance LEON.

Icon position party president.gif History of Party President

Month President Votes
September 2011 Cristian Laurini [1] 14
October 2011 Cristian Laurini [1] 27
October 2011 Jack09italia [2]
November 2011 DEVILPIERO 15
December 2011 Elfoverde94 [3] 21
January 2012 Cris.94 26
February 2012 Cris.94 36
March 2012 Cris.94 29
April 2012 Maurizio Robustelli 48
May 2012 Maurizio Robustelli 57
June 2012 Cptmartin 29
July 2012 C14uz 45
August 2012 Cris.94 33
September 2012 Cmax15 24
October 2012 Cmax15 27
November 2012 Cmax15 21
December 2012 Bartholomew Shackelford 22

History of Logos

Lei 1.jpg LEI.png
16 Sep 2011 16 Jan 2012


  1. 1.0 1.1 aka Cris.94
  2. Ad interim after the ban of Cristian Laurini
  3. aka Gmonti94