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Better to die on one's feet than to live on one's knees

General Information
Founded Day 1,230

Libertad is an organization of military units which was originally founded in Greece. Libertad considers itself an international brigade of freedom fighters.


History / Organization

Libertad was separated into Libertad Main (strength 1500+) and Libertad Revolutionary Army (strength <1500). In June 2011 Libertad-IRE (an Irish unit) was introduced publicly. Libertad had an elected Commander who coordinated battle orders for these units along with a hand full of squad leaders.

As of 2018, some of the member MUs disbanded, while others continued as is or under different names.


The prime initiative of Libertad is to provide defensive assistance to nations that are deemed just causes. This may be through the defense of territory or through resistance wars. The goal is to fight for those countries who are battling for their freedom within the margins of ensuring national survival.

Libertad is able to take part in defensive and/or liberation wars upon the invitation of a nations government, political party, or local military unit.


Members are expected to wear the units avatar while fighting and to follow the units battle orders. It is suggested that members be active on Libertad's chat and forum in order to stay informed and take part in the discussion[1]. Any prolonged in game inactivity without prior notification results in dismissal from the ranks of the unit. Fraud against the unit or in the game is also not tolerated.

Libertad is open to anyone who shares its views and follows its procedures regardless of their real life ethnicity or eRepublik citizenship. Age, political affiliation, and citizenship are all considered by Libertad to be irrelevant to membership[2].

Logo Name Unit ID Description Location Status
Libertad.jpg Libertad (Main) 174 Members of Libertad (strength 1500+) Icon-Greece.png Greece Not active
Libertad.jpg Libertad Revolutionary Army 265 Members of Libertad (strength <1500) Icon-Greece.png Greece Not active
Libertad.jpg Libertad-IRE 2340 Irish unit Icon-Ireland.png Ireland Active
Libertad.jpg American Libertad 985 American unit Icon-USA.png USA Active
Libertad.jpg Partizani 1071 Bosnian unit Icon-Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina Active
Libertad.jpg Libertad CYP 1481 Cyprus' unit Icon-Cyprus.png Cyprus Not active
Libertad.jpg Libertad NL 2297 Netherlands' unit Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands Not active
Libertad.jpg Libertad - Barbudos 4279 Cuban unit Icon-Cuba.png Cuba Active

Libertad Youth

Libertad Revolutionary Army was the military unit of Libertad whose members are below 1500 strength. Particular interest was given to those members who are by default young players. Libertad Revolutionary Army was regarded by Libertad as the future both of the unit and the game of eRepublik.

Libertad Cuba

On day 2.572, a new Libertad military unit in Cuba was introduced publicly. This new Libertad branch consisted of Greek volunteers of Cuban citizenship that fight primarily for Cuba's independence against foreign invaders.


Libertad was founded in Greece on day 1,230 of the New World from a small group of in-game friends with common views and goals. Nick Andrik officially created the first MU.

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