Libertarian Social Democrats

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Libertarian Social Democrats

Party-Libertarian Social Democrats.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Netherlands.jpg Netherlands
Abbreviation LSD
Forum LSD Party Forum
Founded May 2009
Dissolved January 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /20 seats, 0%
Succeeds Links Nederland
Succeeded By Verenigd Nederland
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Libertarian Social Democrats was a political party in the Netherlands.

President History

Term President
May-June Peter van der Voort
June-July Sir Olf
July-August Betha
August-September Cocoamok
September-October Cocoamok
October-November Cocoamok
November-December Cocoamok, succeeded by Perry Rhodan
December-January Theneka
January-February Theneka
February-March Color NL, succeeded by ArtemIvanov
March-April Mattio
April-May Mattio
May-June Shakerr
June-July Shakerr
July-August Hans Rienveld
August-September Hans Rienveld
September-October ArtemIvanov
October-November ArtemIvanov, succeeded by Shrubbery
November-December Shrubbery, succeeded by Shakerr


The name Libertarian Social Democrats state ideology of the party. LSD is a libertarian party which positions itself left from the centre. Libertarians are focused on equality and liberty for all people. As a social party, the focus is also on solidarity. These principals are the foundations of the party. So the Libertarian Social Democrats are a centre-left party and LSD will work on party goals in democratic ways. LSD was confident that these principals would help the Netherlands to flourish.

LDS were in favour of a transparent and open society with as fewer rules as possible and the as much freedom as possible for all. No bureaucracy, much solidarity and lots of fun.


Note: Program is written from the voice of LSD, hence it is written in the following voice


We want a government in which a team can work together to make our society a free and inclusive society. We want members of the government who are not functioning well or who show too little activity to be replaced as soon as possible. LSD is a party that would like to contribute to making the big gap between the active society of the Netherlands and the citizens ingame smaller. Therefore, we will try to organisise a Party Census on a regular base, to try to make the LSD party the voice of its members.

We are opposed to more bureaucracy and rules. The constitution and some additional laws are more than sufficient. The "forum" Senate should be abolished. We want to give a seat in our forum congress to all active political parties with at least as many members as 5% of the votes cast in the last Congress elections, whether they were able to run for Congress or not. The party itself decides to whom this seat will be given like is described in Congress rules.

LSD wants the Netherlands to be well protected against political adventurers from outside our community. Therefore all property and organisations of our nation should be under the control of the government. New immigrants will be screened by the "Security Council for Immigrants".

We advocate the possibility for everyone can debate and decide on issues that engage us all. We are in favour of referendums on issues that are easy to be decided on by referendum. The Netherlands should offer a place for all of the inhabitants who want to contribute to our nation. All residents are equal, both in rights and in obligations. We want the Netherlands to be one country where all citizens have their place and the opportunities to work on their career and ideas.

Therefore we are in favour of using both English and Dutch on the national forum and in eRepublik. We recognise Dutch and English as official languages.

Interior & Information

The government publishes everything at least in English and Dutch so more people can be involved in the discussion and organization of our country. The language in the Congress will be both English and Dutch, like that is the case ingame. An article published on a weekly base to summarize the governments work per ministry is preferable. As an addition, we urge all the ministries to take up responsibility themselves too. You are boss in your own ministry which also means, use the publish button of your newspaper more often.

It is important to promote eRepublik in real life in the Netherlands on various fora. Several topics on the forums need an update. Also in media like newspapers and magazines, we must try to promote eRepublik. This is not only a task for the government, but many needs to be active in this field by joining the recruiting working group. It is a priority to promote eRepublik in real life. The ministry of Interior & Information should also be made a start with updating the eNL wiki page. This wiki page can also be used for promotional purposes and recruitment activities.

The LSD party will activate their own members too and motivate them to promote erepublik and Netherlands for the benefit for our eCounty. We want to see a continuation and restarting of the Coaching program.


The Netherlands is a member of the alliance Phoenix. LSD supports a MPP with France. LSD wants an appropriate budget for the Ministry of Defense to prevent a lack of NLG in the state coffin. If this budget is made, the Ministry of Finance can see if it fits the total picture.

LSD supports the military Netherlands elite group, citizens who are fit enough in strength required to be able to join the eNL elites are urged to join! For the citizens who aren't allowed to join the elites NL unit can join the general army. The general army should be more promoted. The army should not only exist of the eNL elites. Let's try to make younger citizens more active by letting them join the general army. And make it more attractive to join the army.

LSD would like to see that it should be easier to join the Netherlands elites team. Requirements for joining the eNL elites should be lower. With this measurement, we hope to accomplish that the younger citizens, the ones just not strong enough to join the elites according to the current requirements are motivated more to be active and contribute to the state Netherlands. Strength level for joining eNL elites military team should be lower. LSD wants that joining the army is easier for citizens, so we request the required strength to be lowered to join the eNL elites.

Foreign Affairs

LSD welcomes more ambassadors and looks likes an extension of Ambassadors, the ambassador system has to be re-activated. Both those of us abroad as well as ambassadors from abroad on our forum. For this, we need more activity out of the community, because there are not enough ambassadors to fill the empty places. We want good relations with our neighbouring countries France, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Denmark. Especially on economics and politics. We want good European cooperation. A non aggression pact and an anti-takeover pact with European countries is desirable. We want the Netherlands to have a clear profile as a member of Phoenix. We do not support the imperialistic actions of Phoenix members.

The Netherlands is an independent country, independent in making own decisions about war and peace. LSD would like to see the Netherlands continues on this course. Being part of an alliance like Phoenix needs commitment towards our foreign allies but at the same time needs a discussion about the position our country is having on the international map. LSD wants that the Congress has more insight in Phoenix relations, and urges the government to be more open about Phoenix related things. The president/ministry of Defense/MoFA, should publish requests from Phoenix on the (private) congress forum so that elected congressman can make their judgement and decisions based on real facts.

Finances & Economics

We are in favour of a very low VAT. This encourages the economy. We also think we need to use the profit of the state companies to improve the economics in general and to have the taxes as low as possible. We are in favour of a low income tax, as we think that a lower income tax will increase local economics as more money will be spent by citizens.

Somehow 11 or 12 months ago the taxes on income are increased, because of the emergency situation with Poland invading Germany and eventually Belgium, by then still part of the union "the United Netherlands". Because of these events at the time earlier this year, our country needed more money to help our allies against the Polish aggressor. As measurements, the income taxes were increased from 12% to 14%. The agreement at the time was that these taxes eventually would go down again when the war would be over and eUNL needed less money. The taxes Never went down.

In those 12 months, many changes took place of course: for example the introduction of erepublik V2. The LSD wants to investigate if income taxes could become lower. Agreements were made to decrease these taxes eventually. LSD wants an investigation into the income and spending of the state Netherlands. Does the state need more or less income to fulfil their duties? If the outcome of this investigation indeed shows that income taxes can become lower we will plead for decreasing the income taxes.

State Companies & Gold Market

LSD wants an active government in the economic field. This implies that we are actively engaged to maintain a stable gold price preferable at 1 NLG is Icon-gold.gif 0.016 GOLD. If export desires a somewhat lower wage in some sectors than it must be like that. It has many advantages to have a strong currency. If our currency becomes less all workers lose income and that will harm our GNP. Also, all companies will pay more for the import of raw materials. Another benefit is that we can print NLG ourselves at low costs and all NLG in the world (mostly in the hands of our citizens) have a higher value.

The population must be informed clearly that high wellness is an important value for our economics. Also, there must come more houses available for the public. Companies should try to cooperate so more and optimal staffing (if necessary by inactive) will be achieved. The companies will have no more and no fewer employees as the optimal number.

It would be desirable for people to spend their gold on upgrades and not starting new businesses that remain largely empty by workers deficits. We support the deployment of state-owned enterprises. The profits of some will help our nation to get relatively cheap raw materials and weapons. The state companies offer competitive wages, so that the important tasks of the government as a good trade, wellness and safety can be achieved at low costs. And the training companies are necessary because all citizens have the right to a job according to the constitution and the private sector is not reliable enough for that.



May 2009

First logo of the LSD

Because the United Netherlands is using English as the official language the party needed a new name. Party president Peter van der Voort proposed to change the name from Links Nederland into Libertarian Social Democrats. It was accepted by the party members. The new name expresses the wish to focus on being social and democratic, but also to get less bureaucracy and more fun in the United Netherlands. LSD got in the congressional elections 10 seats, 60 votes 27.4% and had 106 members. It came in the government with Belgian Party and Iron & Wine. Cocoamok became Prime Minister, Andreas Isaksson Minister of Defense and Peter van der Voort Minister of Finance.

June 2009

Sir Olf was the candidate for the President. He got 62 votes (29.67%) and end up second behind Jazar from Iron & Wine (94 votes, 44.98%). Later Sir Olf was elected as the party president. LSD got in the Congress elections 10 seats (same) and 65 votes (+5), 20.9% and had 103 members. It came in the government with the Belgian Party and Green Liberal Democrats. Andreas Isaksson remained as Minister of Defense and ArtemIvanov become Minister of State Companies & Goldmarket.

July 2009

Final LSD logo made in July 2009

Betha came from Dutch Three Star and ran for the presidency. He got 64 votes (24.06%) and end up second behind ThomasRed from Belgian Party with 73 votes (27.44). ThomasRed became the first French-speaking president of the United Netherlands. Betha was also elected as the Party President and in the Congressional elections, LSD improved a lot. It got 13 out of 40 seats, just one behind the Belgian Party who became the largest with 14 seats and 53 votes. However, LSD became the largest in votes with 61 votes (28.8%) see here.

August 2009

On the government BP worked together with LSD. Betha became Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs, Cocoamok became Minister of state companies and gold market, Andreas Isaksson was again elected as Minister of Defense and Sense Minister of raw materials. Frerk came from Iron & Wine and became Minister of Defense when Andreas Isaksson did not have the time any more. RessMe became minister of raw materials when Sense was on the vacation. Smook McSmok became the Minister of Foreign Affairs just before the Congress elections.
A baby boom emerged in the United Netherlands. Many new players came because on a French website it was advertised. Most were French-speaking citizens. Most do support the union after they got the information.

Cocoamok was elected as the party president. LSD got many new members and put some of them on the Congress list. LSD started a referendum for placing a Q5 hospital in Wallonia. 64% of the population accepted it and Congress accepted that too after the referendum. LSD stayed the second party of the United Netherlands in the congressional elections with 11 seats, 93 votes and 20.6%. BP was again the biggest party with 17 seats, 203 votes and 45% of the votes. A government was made with BP and I&W. Frerk stayed Minister of Defense, Smook McSmok stayed Minister of Foreign Affairs and Perro Guapo became Minister of Finances.

September 2009

LSD supported in the Presidential elections Kixtart from I&W. Also GLD supported this candidate. ThomasRed from the BP won this elections with 228 votes, 52.29%. Kixtart became second with 182 votes, 41.74%. Tensions in the United Netherlands became higher after this result, even when three big parties united against the Belgian Party, they lost. After this, there was a referendum about a possible name change for the United Netherlands. Debates became fierce, distrust between parties and individuals became big.
Two prominent members of LSD, Frerk and Andreas Isaksson, left our party because of this. The congressional elections of September 2009 gave LSD its normal percentage (20.7%) and 9 seats. BP and LSD formed a government. ArtemIvanov became vice Prime Minister, Cocoamok became Minister of State Companies & Gold Market, Smook McSmok again Minister of Foreign Affairs & Theneka Minister of Raw materials.

October 2009

ArtemIvanov was as independent (with support of BP and LSD) elected as President.


November 2009-February 2010

LSD was in opposition from the start of 2010. Under the leadership of Theneka the party became used to the opposition and many oppositional articles were published. By the end of February 2010 the Union between Netherlands and Belgium was disbanded and Belgium stepped out of the union and became an independent country. Many of LSD's Belgium members left the Netherlands and the party. Mattio became party president.

March 2010-April 2010

LSD became active again under the party presidency of Mattio. During these months LSD was in the opposition because LSD was excluded by the other parties for participating in the government. For the first time in months LSD proposed Mattio as the presidential candidate of LSD. Mattio lost this elections with minor difference from Iron & Wine candidate Mitch Rapp. In April, Mattio became a presidential candidate again, also these elections were lost.

May 2010-June 2010

Shakerr become party president on 15th of May. Interactions with members ingame were started and the LSD party was represented ingame by publishing several articles, promoting new ideas/propositions in flavour of eUNL.

July 2010-September 2010

Hans Rienveld became party president. LSD took part in the government and held various government positions. Also in August the LSD won the congress elections and became the largest party in the Netherlands in the national congress.

October 2010-December 2010

After LSD and many other parties got PTO's by Croatians, Party-President Shakerr mysteriously managed to get LSD back from the PTO'ers for a short while. But soon LSD merged into Verenigd Nederland to counter the PTO's. Netherlands was wiped of the map by Poland in December 2010, consequently wiping all parties to the conquering nation.

Actual news

LSD had the official newspaper.

On the eNL national forum LSD had their messages.