Liberty Investment Group

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Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Liberty Investment Group
Logo of Liberty Investment Group
Country Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Founded April 2009
Industries manufacturing, raw materials
Products Q2 food, Q2 iron, Q3 grain, Q1 moving ticket
Services investment founds

Liberty Investment Group (LIG) was a joint shareholders' corporation. The founders donated their spare gold to a newly created organization to establish a coorporation which will own different companies and provide financial services.

Board of Directors and Owners

Board of Directors

Shareholders & shares

  • Leonyid 8.13%
  • Rufus88 12.72%
  • DrHavoc 22.61%
  • vertetics 13.43%
  • Szeki 16.25%
  • Fenegyerek 5.30%
  • Anna Cartman 13.43%
  • Garrus HUN 3.53%
  • Sz_Agi 4.59%
  • Rozsa.Attila 7.07%

Last known information was that there were 283 stocks owned by the shareholders. The original price of a stock was Icon - Gold.gif 1 GOLD. Its value was Icon - Gold.gif 1.26 GOLD on 2009.06.25.


  • Liberty Canada Food

The LIG bought a Canadian Q1 food producer company. Shortly after the reignition of the company, the shareholders decided to upgrade to Q2 in order to create more profit.

  • Liberty Steel

The LIG bought a Brasilian Q2 iron production company on 2009 May 10th.

  • Liberty Grain

Management of the LIG decided to buy the third company, a Hungarian Q3 grain company on 2009 June 6th. This was so far the biggest investment of the group, as the company costed 85 golds.

  • Liberty Dynamic

The fourth company was bought on 2009 June 16th. Liberty Dynamic is a Q1 moving ticket producer.