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Liberty UK

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"Fighting for the UK, her allies and neutral nations."

General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Total Soldiers 11
Commanded by Roque trooper

Liberty UK is a military unit which fights for the UK, her allies and neutral nations.


Roque trooper is the current commander of the unit.

Passed HQ looked like:

Commander: CptChazbeard
2nd Commander: Sarcean and Cygnus X1
Captain(s): Sarcean, AlexLloyd, Bay Jee and dante643

Main Features of Liberty

- Fights for the UK, her allies and neutral nations.

- Is not connected to any political party.

- Every member matters and everyone has a voice.

- Is relaxed, yet well organised.

- Rewards members for achieving, with gifts.

- Offers daily supplies to help any members in need.

Other Features of Liberty

- Informs members of allies issuing supplies, so members can get supplies for free.

- Works in co-operation with the UK's Minister of Defence (MoD).

- Allows members to work for independent companies (outside of the military unit).

- All members may request supplies (no MU commune that restricts access to supplies).

- Uses the military unit feed as the primary method of communication and Internet Relay Chat (IRC) as secondary.

- Caters for all levels of player from the experienced to the newbie, highly active to the 2-clicker.

Military Decorations/Awards

The following ribbons are given to all those soldiers who have fought for Liberty in different positions.

  • Liberty-Fighter.png Liberty Members Service Medal

  • Textured ribbon - Liberty Captains Service.png Liberty Captains Service Medal

  • Liberty-Command.png Liberty Commanders Service Medal


1st Armoured Division

There was once a military unit well known as the 1st Armoured Division, this military unit was also commanded by Max Blue (formerly known as UK's Finest), this unit served the UK well in terms of fighting and supplying; however, the time came for the end of 1st Armoured Division and the birth of Liberty.

Birth of Liberty

The reasoning behind the birth of Liberty was for change and hope, the hope for a brighter, stronger and better supplied UK. The hope for a military unit full of what members expect, while adding large doses of social fun and interactions within the unit.

Continuation of Liberty

After the eDeath of Max Blue the unit was handed down to his trusted second, eLiam. For several months eLiam kept command of the unit until his duties in the Saudi Arabian government forced him to leave and hand down the position to Irv Noyb, who is currently still in command of the unit.

Expansion of Liberty

In early January 2013, Liberty's then 2nd Commander, Pat Harper, migrated to Canada where he founded Liberty's first foreign branch, Liberty CA. With its creation, Liberty became an international organization and the original unit branch was renamed to Liberty UK.

Liberty May 2013 and onwards

In mid May, long term Commander Irv Noyb stepped down from his role and handed over to CptChazbeard. Regiment 1 Captain Sarcean stepped up to 2nd Commander with Cygnus X1 filling the other spot shortly afterwards. In late May Pat Harper transformed Liberty CA into a mercenary unit which is now known as Shadow Fox.

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