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Lord Phaedrus Lidox Atadünya

Phaedrus Lidox Atadünya
Birth · Ascension · Reappearing
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Phaedrus Lidox
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Nicolae Carpathia · Dio Brando
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Lidoxa is a monotheistic religion based around the death, resurrection, and teachings of Phaedrus Lidox. It shares many teachings with Dioism and the Path, as Lidoxa began as a sect of Dioism (see Lidoxan Dioism) and Phaedrus Lidox was a practicing Geno during his time on Earth.

Its followers, called Lidoxans, believe that the death of Phaedrus Lidox in late August 2008 and his subsequent resurrection a week later is a clear demonstration of his status as a deity.


As Lidoxa has its basis in the teachings of two separate religions as well as its own philosophy developed around the life and teachings of Phaedrus Lidox.


The Greylight, in Lidoxa, is the infinite energy field that created Lidox at Inception. This is similar to the story of Dio Brando's creation as taught in Dioism. Lidoxa teaches that all of Phaedrus's power in this realm emanates from the Greylight and that he is an agent of the Greylight tasked with bringing its "Qualities" to Earth. The Greylight itself is not worshiped as a deity in Lidoxa, but is recognized as a supernatural force that guides the world.


Balance, Purity, and Brilliance

The Greylight represents Balance, as grey is a balanced tone between the extremes of black—the absence of color and light—and white, the totality of color and light. Lidoxans strive to achieve Balance by practicing moderation in all aspects of their life, from daily tasks to relationships.

Purity is the Greylight's infinite consistency and monotony. It does not waver from its static illumination. This consistency is a trait valued by Lidoxans.

Brilliance is the quality of something that shines with the Greylight. In the Codex Lidoxis, the Greylight creates Lidox to establish the virtues of Wisdom and Truth, and Lidox is said to have "shone with the Brilliance of the Greylight." Brilliance is commonly used in Lidoxa to refer to symbols and representations of Lidox or the Greylight that are particularly inspiring.

Wisdom and Truth

Phaedrus Lidox himself represents two additional Qualities, namely Wisdom and Truth.

Lidoxans consider Phaedrus to be all-knowing and all-wise. Actions made by Lidox are irrevocably considered anchors of the Lidoxan faith. For example, compassion towards the downtrodden is a virtue held dear by Lidoxans due to Lidox's wise attempt to economically protect the Israeli population in Turkey before his death.

Phaedrus is also a symbol of Truth. He cannot contradict himself and any contradiction he is perceived to make is accepted as humanity's inability to truly understand the word of Lidox.



Worship in Lidoxa is a simple matter. At 8:22 AM local time, Lidoxans turn to face Ankara, the capital of Turkey, and chant "His name was Phaedrus Lidox" seven times. 8:22 AM is used as Phaedrus died on August 22, which in some dating systems is written 8-22. They face Ankara to show respect to the city in which Phaedrus lived prior to his death. At 8:29 PM, Lidoxans turn their backs to Ankara and chant "His name is Phaedrus Lidox" seven times. 8:29 is used because Phaedrus rose from the dead on August 29, and Lidoxans face away from Ankara to proselytize Phaedrus's resurrection to the world.

More conventional worship is practiced at Lidoxan priories, where Lidoxans congregate to chant the Devotion to Lidox. Priory attendance is not required by

 Lidox guide us. Lidox teach us. Lidox protect us. In your Balance we thrive. In your Purity we are instructed. In your Brilliance we are inspired. In your Wisdom we are humbled. In your Truth we are enlightened. We live only to serve. Our lives are yours. 
(Devotion to Lidox)


The most common symbol of Lidoxa is the Lidoxan Cross, which resembles a rotated L superimposed on an X. In Goons calligraphy, the Lidoxan Cross spells out Phaedrus Lidox's name.