Lietuvos Laisves Sajunga

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Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga

General Information
Country Flag-Lithuania.jpg Lithuania
Abbreviation LLS
Newspaper Laisves Sauklys
Organization Lietuvos Laisves Sajunga
Founded 23.04.2009
President gliookas II
Vice President pantera7
Members 183
Congress Occupancy 9/40 seats, 23%
Orientation Center
Ideology Totalitarian

"Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga's" history - In April of 2009 party was founded by Hungarians, who wanted to take over the government and to use it for selfish objectives. The very first party name was "Agnostics". In that time there were no citizenships, so every Hungarians could freely candidate and vote at the elections. Those Hungarians, who were in Lithuania, were enough to take over the government. At the very first congress elections of eLithuania's history they did it - took over control of eLithuania's government and got an ability to rule nation's finance, which they used and stole almoust all the money from eLithuania.

After negotiations, where cawx represented eLithuania, Hungarians retired from eLithuania, from eLithuania's congress and from "Agnostics" party. The party went to the hands of popular eLithuania's character daniochas and was renamed as "New eWorld order". New party's development stage has started. Oh, by the way, for a long time this party attracted foreigners - some of them candidated to eLithuania's congress exactly from this pary, but immigrants haven't managed to form a majority at eLithuania's congress, they haven't even managed to get close to the goal.

At the second presidency of daniochas those times oppositioniers stalkeris and manteliuks where trying to create third party in eLithuania. When daniochas heard those intentions, he offerd "New eWorld order" to oppositioniers (they accepted the offers) and the third's party's of eLithuania rise was taken away.

The party's of oppositioniers president was elected manteliuks (that times he wasn't the so infamous). He started to create a more serious political party: party was renamed as "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga", party programme was created, which, as himself mentioned, was almoust copied from a party from real life - "Tautos Prisikėlimo Partija", party meets has been organized, active people were getting help from the party as they wanted to be in a eLithuania's congress. Noted, that manteliuks, when he ruled the party, proposed himself as a candidate to a eLithuania's president place, but he failed.

At September manteliuks decided not to go to party's president chair, so at September party's president elections won Taksas027. When he ruled the party, nothing special for LLS ("Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga") happened, but in the party there still were many active persons.

Taksas027 ruled the party only for a month, so it was obvious that "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga" is going to have a new president in October. Martynas Mz was elected as a new party president, which in a "wrestle" won agains Leo Ruby, who wanted to create highly organized party. Martynas Mz intensively started to make the party as active as possible, created a "Skype" conference room. Also noted, that at the times, when he ruled the party, "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga" had a real opportunity to celebrate - their party member manteliuks has been finally elected as a country president of eLithuania.

But the party chair for Martynas Mz was too small to rule the party for one more month. At November LLS had to welcome a new party president - Browlis, which won the elections flawless. He was the party president in December and January too. While he ruled the party, a "dark" period for "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga" slowly started - it slowly gave up it's previous positions.

In February party was trying to get high again by AntonB as he used poker games as his motor. He won the elections in February, March and April. At the beginning everyone thought that this was a great idea. AntonB tried to seduce eLithuania's people by poker freerolls with nice prizes, so eLithuanians joined the party - party member quantity went up quickly. But when the freerolls ended all the members, who joined the party for freerolls - left the party, "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga" furtherly were rolling down, and later AntonB depolitized the party by renaming it as "Pokerio Partija" ("Poker Party"). This party name has been held as long as AntonB was the president of the party.

AntonB lost his popularity in the party, so in May he lost elections to party president chair. As a new party president has been elected Browlis, which one has one the elections in June too. Browlis iniciated party's name change back, party was named as "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga" once again. Browlis has tried all of the way to raise party from the bottom. Party newspaper has been revoked, departments has been formed, contest "Miss eLithuania" has been held, but it failed. By the way, You can hardly tell, how much of the fruits it gave, because "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga" still was at the very bottom. After that cadency Browlis has left active policy and has left the whole game.

When Browlis left the game, party's fate went straight to unknown clutches, because samanaslt was elected as party's president. samanaslt ruled the party August and September. Many of eLithuanians thought that party will go ever more down, that party is going to merge with other parties, so other parties' presidents was secure that "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga" won't raise up till TOP 5 and won't be able to propose candidates for eLithuania's congress. "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga" managed to outrun "Gerovės Sąjunga" and "Lietuvos Liberaldemokratai" and so unexpectedly raise up to TOP 5.

At the same time when samanaslt was the party president, party has managed to embroil to a political scandal. For negligent party president's samanaslt behaviour inviting people to join LLS, had a political war between "Lietuvos Liberaldemokrai" and "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga". But after all of those scandals samanslt was elected to rule the party in September too. This cadency a new stage of LLS has been started: LLS was reformed, new "Skype" chat room has been created, comittes has been removed, decided that all the members has to be equivalent, a new forum for "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga" has been created.

In addition, in September eLithuania has been occupied by a neighbour country ePoland - all the parties has been "stolen" from eLithuanians. At the time of occupation samanaslt got a tampting offer - together with "Lietuvos Liberaldemokratai" unite to "Lietuvos Liberalų Partija", but after long reflections, offer has been rejected. After some time he got almoust the same offer to unite with Gerovės Sąjunga and to make a one, but strong party, but this offer was also rejected. By the way, "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga" was the oldest party in eLithuania, because after occupation party "Sąjūdis" hasn't been restored. After occupation, when Sudovia region has been regained, firsly "Solidarumas" has been restored, and the second ones were us, "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga".

In the month of October samanaslt haven't proposed himself as a candidate to a party president chair and then Phobas has been elected, then neutral party stage has started, activity went down. In November samanaslt came back to the chair of party president, but he was inactive too. About party's unactivity there were many rumours: party is going to be removed or party is going to be taken over by foreigners. Then in December and in January party has been ruled by Alkolakis, but he haven't managed to cause a revolution. Then in February Phobas has came back to party president position, but he either haven't managed to make party active again.

In March Alkolakis and Phobas has decided not to propose themselves as candidates to party president position, so "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga" has elected brand new party president - RaVainius. He with a help from samanaslt has tried to "revive" the party. Party has attraced many new members and again went up till TOP 5 parties in eLithuania, many incumbents came back to the party, "Skype" chat room has been revoked, party activity went up. In April party was again ruled by RaVainius, which organized elections to a congress perfectly. In April's elections party has managed to get 9 congress chairs (last time party was able to get 8 chairs in 2010, in May, when party was ruled by Browlis).

Then party was in a big rise, party has attracted many new party members, but at the same time "Rimtai Partija" progressively threatened "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjungą" to be squeezed out of TOP 5, because their party members count has increased rapidly too. But LLS hasn't gave up and went up till the 4th place between largest parties. By the way, in May country presidental elections "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga's" raised candidate gliookas II after a competitive fight won agains Raigirdas and has been elected as a president of eLithuania. By the way, in June, in the elections to the congress "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga" got an wonderful amount of seats - 11. Throught June "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga's" amount of members has increase dramaticly and LLS rose till the second place between biggest parties of eLithuania.

At July gliookas II was elected as party president, amount of party members rose even more, party has started to chase "Solidarumas", which is the biggest party for a long time, but LLS still has to put much effort to pass "Solidarumas". In June's country president elections "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga" won again - gliookas II without competetive fight won against unknown person Zebras Blak. July's government elections was interesting, because at the time of elections, eLithuania lost it's 2 regions, LLS 3 people, who would been elected to eGovernment, so in this elections "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga" got only 9 seats. "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjungas" has triumphed once again - LLS candidate EdgarSiemeone was elected as a president of eLithuania.

In August the black period for "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga" and eLithuania has started - people started to run from the game and from the party, everything was inactive. Browlis was elected as Augusts' Party President. At the time of Augusts' eCongress elections, eLithuania had only two regios, so LLS got only 6 chairs of eCongress and at election of country president LLS candidate EdgarSimeone has lost the elections, which were won by TcTarget. Although "Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga's" number of party members dropped dramatically, the party still stayed the second largest party in eLithuania. By the time of September, gliookas II once again took over the management of a party and at the elections of eGovernment LLS felt a bit of refreshment - they took 13 places in eCongress.


  • Function– Party President, Party‘s Wiki editor.

Party President

  • Responsible for all party activities. Entitled to vote in the Presidium polls, change the party name, change the party line, select candidates to congress, choose a candidate for the country 's president, announce the Presidium and Committee elections and etc. More in party statute.

Party‘s Wiki editor

  • Is responsible for party‘s wiki, promised to update at least once a week. Also handling eLithuania‘s Wiki. A full-fledged party member. Has the right to stand for a Congress elections freely, that is he can choose from which region he wants to candidate and Party President has no right to drop him from that region candidates list.

Party‘s statute


1. Group of people consisting of eLithuania‘s citizens. It‘s members can be all full-fledged eLithuania‘s citizens.

Party‘s name

1. Party name may be suggested by any member of the party. Proposals may provide at a public party forum or chat room.

2. It is being changed by party president with 70% of party's members agreement (that is to say elected the best name).

Party‘s direction

1. Party‘s direction could be offered by any party member. He may make suggestions in the party forum or in the skype chat.

2. Direction is changed, when it is agreed by party president and 70% of party's members.

Party‘s president

1. Elected by all party members.

2. Party‘s president liberties are:

  • Change party‘s name (look at party‘s name point).
  • Change party‘s direction (look at party‘s direction point).
  • Select candidates to eLithuania‘s congress.
  • Select candidate to eLithuania‘s president post or candidate by himself (with 70% of party‘s members agreement).
  • Supervise official party newspaper.
  • Approve party‘s members proposed programs, as well as propose them.
  • Supervise party‘s budget
  • Publish a meeting at a skype conversation.

3. Party‘s president has full power to approve programs, but it has to be approved by 70% of party's members. Vetoed by more than 30% of party's members, program or project is canceled or repaired.

4. Party‘s president can be removed from office (that is, no one would listen to him), if it is approved by 85% of party members.

Party‘s members

1. The party can be joined by every eLithuanian citizen.

2. Party‘s member liberties:

  • to run to a party‘s president post .
  • to elect party‘s president.
  • to run to a eLithuania‘s congress or to a eLithuania‘s president post (but that doesn‘t mean, that you immediately will be supported by the party).
  • Offer programs and projects to party‘s president.
  • Participate to party‘s discusions.

Provisions changing

1. Provisions can only be changed, when they are approved by party‘s president and 75% of party‘s members.

2. About provisions changing necessary to inform in official party‘s forum.

Provisions compliance

1. These provisions has to be complianted by all party members and party president.

2. Infringed to these provisions, person is being considered as incompetence to perform duties, party‘s president becomes inoperate (although officialy remains party‘s president, but no one listens to his instructions).


Party Presidents

Date Term Began Party President Percentage according to .com
15 May 2009 daniochas 100%
15 Jun 2009 daniochas 51.85%
15 Jul 2009 manteliuks 56.38%
15 Aug 2009 manteliuks 63.29%
15 Sep 2009 Taksas027 51.43%
15 Oct 2009 Martynas Mz 45.45%
15 Nov 2009 Browlis 65,04%
15 Dec 2009 Browlis 74.58%
15 Jan 2010 Browlis 79.17%
15 Feb 2010 AntonB 60.71%
15 Mar 2010 AntonB 65.96%
15 Apr 2010 AntonB 100%
15 May 2010 Browlis 65.00%
15 Jun 2010 Browlis 100.00%
15 Jul 2010 Browlis 100.00%
15 Aug 2010 samanaslt 81.82%
15 Sep 2010 samanaslt 100%
15 Oct 2010 Phobas 77.78%
15 Nov 2010 samanaslt 100%
15 Dec 2010 Alkolakis 78.57%
15 Jan 2011 Alkolakis 92.86%
15 Feb 2011 Phobas 100%
15 Mar 2011 RaVainius 100%
15 Apr 2011 RaVainius 100%
15 May 2011 Browlis 100%
15 Jun 2011 Browlis 55.81%
15 Jul 2011 gliookas II 48.11%
15 Aug 2011 Browlis 53.69%
15 Sep 2011 gliookas II 49.14%

Congressional Election Results

Month Congressional Seats Percentage according to .com
25 May 2009 9 23.68%
25 Jun 2009 23 57.5%
25 Jul 2009 21 52.5%
25 Aug 2009 13 32.5%
25 Sep 2009 9 22.5%
25 Oct 2009 11 27.5%
25 Nov 2009 5 12.5%
25 Dec 2009 3 7.5%
25 Jan 2010 4 10%
25 Feb 2010 6 15%
25 Mar 2010 5 12.5%
25 Apr 2010 4 10%
25 May 2010 8 20%
25 Jun 2010 5 12.5%
25 Jul 2010 3 7.5%
25 Sep 2010 6 15%
25 Oct 2010 5 12.5%
25 Nov 2010 3 7.5%
25 Dec 2010 4 10%
25 Jan 2011 1 2.5%
25 Feb 2011 2 5%
25 Mar 2011 0 0%
25 Apr 2011 9 22.5%
25 May 2011 9 25.71%
25 Jun 2011 11 26.19%
25 Jul 2011 9 25%
25 Aug 2011 6 27.27%
25 Sep 2011 13 32.5%

President Elections

Date Term Began Candidate Percentage according to .com Winner
5 May 2009 - - cawx
5 Jun 2009 - - cawx
5 Jul 2009 jozykas 24.00% cawx
5 Aug 2009 manteliuks 42.31% Rokas
5 Sep 2009 manteliuks 42.89% cawx
5 Oct 2009 manteliuks 74.71% manteliuks
5 Nov 2009 manteliuks 70.78% manteliuks
5 Dec 2009 Svaike 8.55% Dionizas
5 Jan 2010 [Browlis 17.62% Akello
5 Feb 2010 - - Akello
5 Mar 2010 - 58.52% Ignas Grinevicius
5 Apr 2010 AntonB 11.18% Ignas Grinevicius
5 May 2010 AntonB 9.28% Petras Pirmasis
5 Jun 2010 eXTLT 25.92% Nexrow
5 Jul 2010 eXTLT 8.50% linksmas
5 Aug 2010 - - Nexrow
5 Sep 2010 saslykas 9.86% Nexrow
5 Nov 2010 - - Raigirdas
5 Dec 2010 Raigirdas 38.82% Raigirdas
5 Jan 2011 - - daniochas
5 Feb 2011 RaVainius 11.77% 1shakalas1
5 Mar 2011 Djox 30.76% pokstasq
5 Apr 2011 Edgaras Mzk 57.39% Edgaras Mzk
5 May 2011 gliookas II 61.9% gliookas II
5 Jun 2011 gliookas II 53.66% gliookas II
5 Jul 2011 gliookas II 74.50% gliookas II
5 Aug 2011 EdgarSimeone 38.55% EdgarSimeone
5 Sep 2011 EdgarSimeone 49.02% TcTarget
5 Oct 2011 pantera7 32.17% Arkangelas