Lietuvos Moderatu Sajunga

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Lietuvos Moderatų Sąjunga

Party-Lietuvos Moderatu Sajunga.png
General Information
Country Flag-Lithuania.jpg Lithuania
Abbreviation LMS
Newspaper LMS naujienos
Organization Lietuvos liberalu partija
Forum LMS forumas
Founded 2011 April 30
President TheUnit EmuSV
Vice President TheUnit MajoNingyo
Members 112
Congress Occupancy 10/40 seats, 25%
Succeeds Lietuvos liberalu partija
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Lietuvos Moderatų Sąjunga (LMS) is a Center-Right, Liberterian party in Lithuania. It is one of the oldest and largest parties in the country.

The party members are any kind of a liberal orientated people: Liberal Democrats, Social Liberals, or some other kind of the liberals.

 Not only to lead, but to lead in the correct way
Ne tik į priekį, bet ir reikiama kryptimi
(LMS motto)


  • Responsibility,
  • Patriotism,
  • Honesty,
  • Unity,
  • Solidarity

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