Lily Jayne Summers

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Lily Jayne Summers

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth Oct 16, 2011
Date of death January 10, 2013 (detected)
Residence Brussels
Sex Female
Newspaper The Belgian Express
Party president of Every Single One
March 2012 – June 2012
Preceded by Rodney Mckay
Succeeded by BigAnt
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium
22 June 2012 – 6 September 2012
Preceded by mudduck95
Succeeded by MCKitkat
President of Belgium
November 2012 – December 2012
Preceded by NLSP
Succeeded by BrunoCND
Vice president of Belgium
August 2012 – September 2012
Served under Requiem Domine
Succeeded by MaryamQ
Military rank Icon rank General*.png General*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
 There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way.  


Lily Jayne Summers began the game on 16th October 2011, after looking for a political and economical game to join, and found eRepublik. She started out very slow, and began looking for a political party to join, when Veruvia persuaded her to join ESO which worked hard for all their members and had very active members.

She began helping out with recruiting, and soon volunteered to be their recruitment officer sending PMs to new members, and explaining reasons why ESO was unique. Lily began to hardly go on eRepublik anymore for a few months from December - January mainly due to Boredom but also, as her internet was terrible. She rejoined in late January and eventually helped Roz in recruiting again, and then Rodney as his vPP.

Having served under Rodney Mckay as vPP and Recruitment manager (restoring ESO to third place in the national rankings) she has now stepped up a place for her first term as President of the ESO party, after being tempted by Rodney McKay to run.

Her election manifesto promises an increase in theusual ESO humour but more seriously a desire to close the gap on and replace the UKPP as the eUKs official opposition, deliver an ESO CP (jamesw a prominent former ESO member has been CP but under TUP backing) and the creation of more debate. She won by 18 votes, and closely beat Betafoxtrot who decided to run at the last minute.

Party President of ESO

For her first term as PP, she helped increase more debating within the party, reform the old constitution, and to try and make it more helpful to younger members. For congress elections in March, she helped elect 4 ESO congress members, Lily admitted afterwards it wasn't good enough and vowed to learn mistakes from it. In CP elections, Lily helped get an ESO Candidate in Betafoxtrot for the first time in months although he lost to Talon, he came 2nd place. She additionally helped increase member numbers by 23% and secure ESO into 3rd place. Overall, Lily helped reform the ESO constitution, bring more competition, and more energy to the party, she however made a few mistakes which she made sure would learn from in the future.

She re-ran for a second term, and faced no opposition winning 66.30% of the vote, a huge sign of confidence. However, reforms of the party slowed down and in the CP elections, she controversially anulled the CP elections due to evidence of cheating, which bought criticism and signs of impeachment, however she continued regardless and helped Appleby and UKRP win the CP elections, and end the domination of TUP. She also helped ESO come joint 1st in the congress results, a huge success as they were 3rd in the political rankings.

Lily then re-ran for a third term, which in ESO history had never happened before, she had a lot of criticism from valued members of ESO, that it was the time for new members to step up, she also faced a lot of opposition and candidates standing to make sure she wasn't elected and in the elections she won by a small margin (She was 4th in the elections at one point) She became the first female ESO to win 3 PP elections and the first person to win 3 successive ESO PP elections.

As her third PP term has gone up, she has helped ESO come first in congress results in electing 15 congress members (A signficiant number when ESO was 2nd by 100 votes behind TUP) and was mainly due to fantastic mobile voting of the party, and constant communication. She has also helped ESO move into 2nd place (The first time ESO has ever been in that position) which bought more criticism from TUP as ESO was now seen as the official opposition. Since then UKPP has moved back into 2nd place, but ESO not too far behind.

She left ESO to leave for Belgium on the 16th June 2012, after being the ESO PP for 3 successive terms and thereby being the longest serving PP in history of the party.

Belgium & PP of Res Belgica

Lily joined Belgium on the 16th June 2012, looking for a new political experience and learning new things from a new country. She was appointed MoFA on the 22nd June by the CP, GoopyPants. After the election of Cooke4444 as President, she has since been appointed Co-MoFA with Requiem Domine for July. Lily carried on in the MoFA role for a third consecutive month; additionally as being appointed Vice CP for the following month, when Requiem Domine was elected CP for August.

Additionally, Lily was appointed Party President of Res Belgica on the 15th July 2012 with 69.57% of the vote on her election manifesto of improving activity, ideas and the community in the party. She ran again for a next term on the 15th August 2012 and was elected through a 68% majority with 17 votes.

On the 18th August, she announced she would be running to be in the Belgian President on the 5th September 2012[1].

In the September CP Election, Lily was ahead by 5-6 votes through out the day, but when the results was announced she lost by 2 votes, and Nohjis was announced as the new CP of Belgium. Through that month Lily took a break, but ran for congress and won for the 6th time. In the October CP Elections, NLSP decided to run for Res Belgica, which Lily supported and he won by 50 votes ahead of Shadow. She became NLSP's Foreign Affairs minister for a 4th time and she ran for successfully for congress for the 7th times, but her activity slowed down.

In the November CP Election, Lily announced she was running for CP of Belgium it was a bitter campaign with Kylero, with numerous names called, and concerns at Military inexperience, but Lily successful beat Kylero and became the CP of Belgium for the first time. Lily was announced as CP of Belgium with 40 votes ahead of Kylero, with 58.72% of the vote.


Lily was a Commander of the Green Militia.


Name Date Location Type
4th BoDi Award for Outstanding Diplomatic Service Day 1,737 Belgium Won