List of dictators of Romania

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Romania first became a Dictatorship on 25th February 2015 under elbandido.

1st Dictator

elbandido is known world-wide for developing e-bot (an eRepublik-related IRC bot). Before being a Dictator he was President, Vice president and Minister of Defense of Romania. On 30th March 2015, Romanian Liberator (formerly known as MugurCosmin and after, I KILL Y0U), started a coup to (re)establish the democracy and won.

2nd Dictator

A few days after the Presidential Elections[1] (7th May 2015), ionutzd, leader of eRomania (at that moment) successfully started a Dictatorship Coup, becoming the 2nd Dictator of Romania. He was President and Secretary of Romanian Staff of Romania and Party President of ALIANTA as written on his wiki page. On 7th June 2015, manasel started an unsuccessful coup to overthrow ionutzd (more details to be read here).

3rd Dictator

When the unsuccessful coup ended, ionutzd decided to give the command of Romania to CornelB making him the 3rd Dictator of Romania. CornelB ruled Romania as a President (6th March - 6th April 2014) and served Romania as Minister of Defense multiple times. Before becoming Dictator, CornelB was Commander of Fortele Aeriene Romane.

Dictatorship in Romania

During the dictatorship, Romanian Citizenship Form was officially established. [2]

There were 4 dictatorship-related articles written by elbandido [3] [4] [5] [6] and 4 articles about Romania's and Asteria's situation written by ionutzd [7] [8] [9] [10]