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Hrvatska vlada
Government of Croatia

General Information
Country CroatiaCroatia
Headquarters Zagreb, Croatia
Established November 2008
Newspaper #1 - Glasnik Predsjednika eHr
#2 - INFO minute

The first official government that led Croatia was established in January 2009. The size of the cabinet and positions in the cabinet varied during the time. All available information about the Governments of Croatia can be seen in the Croatian politics menu below and above.

Croatian Council

When Croatia was announced (November 2008), experienced citizens gathered and established a Croatian Council - a team of Croatians who were to set up all of the ministries, offices, army and everything else needed for a country to function properly[1][2]. The coordinator of everything was Roby Petric.

Office Position in English Position in Croatian Position was held by
Ministry of Economy Minister of Work and Social Welfare Ministar rada i socijalne skrbi split1700
Assistants to the Minister Pomoćnici ministra Sumski and Tomislav
Director of the Statistics office Direktor Zavoda za statistiku Tomislav
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Minister of Foreign Affairs Ministar vanjskih poslova Roby Petric
Ministry of Defense Minister of Defense Ministar obrane Kokach
Ministry of Education Minister of Education Ministar obrazovanja Prle
Assistents to the Minister Pomoćnici ministra AntimonCro and GreenDevil
/ Constitution Ustav gotcha1234

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