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President of the Netherlands.jpg Role of the President in the Netherlands


The President in the Netherlands had a somewhat different role than in most other countries. Although starting off as pretty much the most important man there was, the biggest party generally also delivered the country president. In the beta period of eRepublik there weren't many parties, but since late 2008 the number of parties rose.

The Prime Minister therefore became politically more powerful in the Netherlands, and for two years the role of the Country President was generally considered military and symbolic one.

After a year of debating and experimenting, in October 2010 the Netherlands switched from a Party-Coalition-based government to a semi-Presidential government. This was enforced after a constitutional change proposed by then Prime Minister Daniel Parker, abolishing his post of Prime Minister in the process.

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Presidential History

Year Month Portrait President Notes
2024 01 Citizen6473376.png SpeeD94
2024 02 Citizen5293343.png S I T E F O
2024 03 Citizen6431853 v2.png Shawtyl0w
2024 04 Citizen6473376.png SpeeD94
2024 05 Citizen6473376.png SpeeD94
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