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God Emperor Dio Brando of the Crescent and Star

Dio Brando
/v/irgin Birth · Crucifixion · Immortality
The Three Books
The Book of Dio
The Circles of Dio · The Trumpets of Dio
Pride · Power · Peace
Yusuphist Dioism · Lidoxan Dioism

Non-Dioists · Anti-Dioists

Prominent Figures
Dio Brando
Altnabla · William Walker
Abdul Yusuf · Phaedrus Lidox
Falcon · AgentChieftain · Senor Schlong
Topics in Dioism
Art · Censorship · Criticism · Marriage
Other Religions · Pakistan · Virginization

The Book of ODIN is the official chronicle of the creation of the O.D.I.N. party, written in a way that mixes real facts with roleplay. This book was written by Ryan Cullen, 2nd Great Thor, and Thaydi, the Reverend of Church Sancta Lana.

This book contains oral (and anal) reports made by members of the party ODIN, and legends created to make you into the spirit of roleplay. If you are not roleplaying, press Alt + F4 and be (un) happy.

This book contains passages of strong sexual content, teasing, double meaning, roleplay and jokes, not recommended for reading by persons below eighteen years.


Following are chapters of the book. They are written in Portuguese language.