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Iord farhan

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Nationality Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistani
Date of birth February 10, 2010
Date of death 2015 (est)
Residence Balochistan
Sex Male
Newspaper From My Perspective
Party president of The Unity Party
16 November, 2013 – 15 February, 2014
Preceded by Tialys Cypress
Succeeded by Bohemond4
Congress member of UK
25 October, 2013 – Unknown
Councillor of The Unity Party
20 October, 2013 – 15 November, 2013
Served under Tialys Cypress
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of UK
5 November, 2013 – 5 December, 2013
Served under mwcerberus
Adviser to Minister of Foreign Affairs of UK
16 October, 2013 – 5 November, 2013
Served under mwcerberus
Adviser to Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan
25 September, 2013 – 5 September, 2013
Served under Sparkfyre
Congress member of Pakistan
25 September, 2013 – 15 October, 2013
Deputy OMEGA of World Organization of Loyalty and Freedom
25 September, 2013 – 14 October, 2013
Served under Sparkfyre
Advisor to President of Pakistan
5 July, 2010 – 4 August, 2010
Served under Ishaqueghani
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan
10 June, 2010 – 4 July, 2010
Served under AgentChieftain
15 May, 2010 – 4 June, 2010
Served under Ahsan Shahbaz
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan
9 April, 2010 – 4 May, 2010
Served under Khurram Butt
Ambassador to Serbia of Pakistan
10 March, 2010 – 4 April, 2010
Served under Khurram Butt
Congress member of Pakistan
25 April, 2010 – 25 July, 2010
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force***.png World Class Force***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Iord farhan was a citizen of Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom, Icon-Poland.png Poland and Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan to name few. He had numerous positions in politics, and only few in military. He was a Supreme Commander in The World is Ours alliance.

Early Life

Iord farhan discovered the New World at the start of 2010 and became interested in politics, having a special interest in "Foreign Affairs" and became a citizen in Pakistan. After finishing his master's degree in Political Sciences and International Relations, he set out to fulfil his various goals around the New World. He established and became the chief editor of his newspaper "Rising Pakistan" via which he published his thoughts and due to his interesting insight and knowledge, it became popular in Pakistan and had a large readership from both inside and outside Pakistan. He also enlisted in Pakistan Army, finishing his compulsory training and became an active fighter while taking part in every war Pakistan participated in. He also aligned himself with the Pro Pakistani Party and started taking part in active politics.

Political Career in Pakistan

Ambassador to Serbia

Given Farhan's avid interest in Foreign Affairs, the then Minister of Foreign Affairs, Khurram Butt, appointed Iord farhan as Pakistan's Ambassador to Serbia. This was a very key position as Serbia was Pakistan's closet ally and one of the most powerful nations in the New World. Iord farhan travelled to Serbia and enjoyed good relations with Serbia's government. Pakistan and Serbia became closer as allies and worked together on many different issues which allowed Pakistan to have a continued presence in the New World.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs & Congress

Due to his exemplary performance as Ambassador, the very next month, Khurram Butt chose Iord farhan to serve as his Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. He continued to build upon his previous good relations with allies of Pakistan and took an active part in shaping Pakistan's then foreign policy. This position turned out to be very helpful for Iord farhan as it gave him a firm ground as he learnt a lot from the Minister and was better trained for the future responsibilities that were to fall on him.

In the very same month, he also was elected to Congress via Pro Pakistani Party's platform to serve his first term from the province Punjab. Even though no major bill was presented as his focus remained on his duties in Foreign Affairs, Iord farhan's presence was always felt in the congressional discussions.

Minister of Foreign Affairs

In the very next month, with Ahsan Shahbaz's victory in Presidential elections, Iord farhan was appointed as his acting Minister of Foreign Affairs. Even though the title 'acting' was used, Iord farhan enjoyed all powers of a full-time minister and exercised his authority in such too. He took the most part in shaping Pakistan's foreign policy and became a key leader in Pakistan's politics.

In the congressional elections, he was once again elected via Pro Pakistani Party's platform to serve out his second term in congress.

June saw the defeat of PPP's presidential candidate and the victory of Vento Aureo backed candidate and prominent Diost leader, AgentChieftain in the presidential elections. Despite this, AgentChieftain decided to keep Iord farhan as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and this made Iord farhan one of the only "two" non-dioist people in AC's cabinet. This month turned out to be a very difficult month for Pakistan given its old enemy India's very strong assault on the province of Punjab. Iord farhan issued the defense orders via his newspaper and also took a major part in preparing the defensive strategy for the war. Due to some admirable diplomatic maneuvering by both AgentChieftain and Iord farhan, Pakistan successfully defended itself and India's attempts to conquer Pakistan were made futile.

This month again, he was voted to serve his third term in Pakistan's congress and this also proved to be his last term for quite a long period.

Advisor to President

July saw PPP's return to power with Ishaqueghani securing the victory in the presidential elections of Pakistan. Iord farhan took a break from his traditional positions in Foreign Affairs and instead decided to focus on the internal situation of Pakistan. As President Ishaqueghani still wanted Iord farhan's advice on Foreign Affairs, he was given the title of "Advisor" so he could also provide his services in the area of his expertise when needed. This position and Iord farhan's newfound interest in the interior situation led to many problems which in the future had drastic results. This was to be his last position in the cabinet for a very long time to come. He was not able to seek re-election as he was away from Pakistan and was not able to candidate himself for congress.

State Bank Scandal

With the end of Ishaqueghani's term as President and his disappearance, Iord farhan in the last part of his term discovered irregularities in the transactions of the government's treasury. Given his position of power, he was able to extract a lot of information from inside and made startling discoveries. As many of his political allies namely Ahsan Shahbaz and AgentChieftain had disappeared from active politics, Iord farhan was left alone in a very difficult situation. From the newspaper articles and interviews, Pakistan was informed by Iord farhan that Pakland, a very famous leader and the founder of PPP, was in fact involved in corruption and misappropriation of funds. Cash in Pakistan's treasury was being sent to the State Bank organization and instead of being used on Pakistan, it was being utilized by Pakland for his personal purposes. Even though some proof was presented by him in the form of transactions, this remains a claim and was denied by Pakland till the very end. Many heads rolled and many of Pakistan's allies who were sending it cash in form of donations were enraged and stopped their funding. It was met by mixed reactions in Pakistan as die-hard PPP supporters refused to believe any wrong doing done by Pakland and called the evidence as fabricated, while others were furious and demanded answers.

Presidential Run & disappearance

With the continued denials from Pakland and other PPP members of any wrong doing, Iord farhan published a jaw dropping article where he outed all the evidence he had regarding the scandal and announced his intention to run for the Presidency to bring an end to the malpractice and corruption, as he put it. As Pakland's name was the epicenter of this scandal, another PPP stalwart, Policy, became a candidate for the top office.

The elections were fought bitterly and much hate was exchanged between both side of supporters, however, by a narrow margin of 22 votes, Policy was declared as the victor of the elections and assumed the post of the country's president.

Iord farhan accepted the defeat and said that the public had spoken and they had made their decision. He announced to retire from politics and wished good luck to President Policy. He expressed his disappointment in the elections and said that perhaps the country was not ready to rid itself from corruption and wanted it, a comment which invited the wrath of the Pakistani citizens, however, as Iord farhan had already disappeared overseas, he did not get to hear it. He wasn't heard or seen until his return 3 years later.

Even though his claims were never proven and the scandal therefore with his departure died out, it is interesting to note that a year later a similar scandal emerged with the same organization and is still widely discussed in Pakistan's politics, however much like the previous scandal, the parties blamed for this still to date refuse any wrong doing.

Return to Pakistan

After a 3 year long disappearance, Iord farhan made his return to Pakistan and was greeted by a few of his supporters, however much had since then passed away or found new leaders to support. In an interview it was noted that he said that everything had changed, the PPP had died out and since then been replaced by DPP and new leaders had emerged with only a few old names, including his close friend Ahsan Shahbaz, were still present.

As noted in his interview, much had changed in the New World and new alliances had come up which was a source of major concern for someone like Iord farhan whose main interest was in foreign affairs. This all meant everything had to be done again.

However, upon his arrival, Iord farhan found solace in the form of then Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sparkfyre, who became one of his great friends and helped him in every aspect of his political life. It is noted in a few articles and interviews of Iord farhan how he was very thankful for that much needed help and friendship at that time when he knew nobody and believed that he would never be able to repay that kindness.

Advisory work, Deputy OMEGA and return to congress

Due to the help by Sparkfyre, Iord farhan quickly became familiar with the current situation of geopolitics and became very knowledgeable again in the world of foreign affairs. He was appointed as Advisor to Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy OMEGA of WOLF, both positions under his close friend Sparkfyre. He also made his return to Congress in September elections and was elected via DPP's platform.

Departure from Pakistan

Even though he was politically set once again in Pakistan, the events of the past still haunted him and also as told by him in an interview, he found himself in a difficult position given his close friendship with both Ahsan Shahbaz and Sparkfyre, both party presidents of the two main political parties with a very famous rivalry in Pakistani politics. He was forced to make a choice between both the parties and instead decided to try his luck somewhere else and decided to move to another nation to put his abilities to better use. He also resigned from Deputy OMEGA of WOLF. In a recent interview, it was noted by Iord farhan that ever since his departure, he has strayed away from both Ahsan Shahbaz and Sparkfyre, and even though that was a source of disappointment for him, he believed each one of them had their own paths in life and he couldn't see their paths coinciding for a very long time.

Political Career in United Kingdom

Advisory work & The Unity Party

In his previous role as Advisor to Pakistani Minister of Foreign Affairs, Iord farhan had enjoyed a good relationship with the then Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Bohemond4. His friendship with him allowed Iord farhan to receive UK's citizenship and have a guide in understanding the politics of the country. Iord farhan decided to join The Unity Party which, as per him, best suited his interests and was most aligned to his ideology in all of the parties in the UK. Quickly after his arrival, Iord farhan managed to set up a meeting between himself and the then UK Minister of Foreign Affairs, mwcerberus. After discussing Iord farhan's history and some topics in geopolitics, Iord farhan was appointed as in the capacity of an Advisor to Minister of Foreign Affairs. He was also appointed as The Unity Party's councillor soon and took charge of recruitment of the party.

He also ran in UK's parliament under TUP's banner and was successfully elected to serve his first term. He was vocal about his ideas in the debates inside parliament and never shied away from any debates, as noted by his fellow congress members.

Given his new country, Iord farhan also started publishing his newspaper under the name "From My Perspective", literally meaning "in my own opinion".

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

November saw the victory of mwcerberus of The Unity Party in the presidential elections and he ascended to the post of Country President. Iord farhan was given the post of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs where he served under Count Drakula, a veteran diplomat who is widely considered to be very influential in geopolitics, and FightandProduce, a relatively new face in foreign affairs, however very skilled.

He built positive relations with the allied countries of United Kingdom and mostly focused on becoming familiar with other diplomats, advising the Ministers and cabinet on different geopolitical events and assisting in the execution of United Kingdom's foreign policy.

In an interview, it was stated by Iord farhan that he felt very lucky to have moved to the United Kingdom as this allowed him to meet and learn from influential geopolitical titans such as Iain Keers, Kravenn, Magic Heroes, Count Drakula and many more.

The Unity Party Party Presidency

Originally, Iord farhan had been offered to run under Tialys Cypress as his vice Party President, however, given Tialys's sudden disappearance from the United Kingdom, Iord farhan after some consultations with his fellow colleagues, decided to candidate himself for the post of Party President of The Unity Party. He announced this via his newspaper and was met with a positive reaction from his party members who promised support.

On election day, Iord farhan emerged victorious and secured 66 votes, taking 66.67% of the whole poll. Bohemond4, now serving as Deputy Supreme Commander in The World is Ours (TWO) was chosen by Iord farhan's to serve as his vice party president.

Iord farhan supervised the congress elections for The Unity Party and selected candidates to run for congress. The Unity Party saw one of the most successful elections of the year and managed to secure 14 seats. This was the largest amount of seats secured by any single party. Iord farhan had also been a part of The Unity Party's candidates and thus secured his second term in the United Kingdom's congress. He also fielded SKQ62 from The Unity Party for speaker elections, and The Unity Party reclaimed the speaker spot which had been lost 2 months ago and SKQ62 emerged victorious.

Iord farhan failed to secure the presidential spot for The Unity Party when Invalidation, TUP's candidate lost to ChewChewShoe who had the support of almost every other major party in the United Kingdom. While speaking in an interview, Iord farhan expressed his satisfaction over the elections and believed that both the candidates had a lot to offer with their very different manifestos and the people of the United Kingdom had made a choice between them.


House Lannister logo
Iord farhan on 15th November 2013 created House Lannister, his small personal military unit which was under his command. However, Iord farhan decided to join Unity where he served as the 2nd Commander.