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Hungarian Elit Unit v2.jpg
Nationality Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungarian
Date of birth 8th August 2008
Date of death 2013 (est)
Residence Southern Great Plain
Sex male
Faith Djozikeism
Mayor of Szeged
21 September, 2008 – 21 October, 2008
Preceded by szilard69
Spokesman of the Government of Hungary
5 August, 2009 – 5 September, 2009
5 December, 2009 – 22 December, 2009
Military rank Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Ludrew was a citizen of Hungary

Early days

He was born on 8th August 2008. He started his life in Southern Great Plain, Hungary. At that time the region had very few inhabitants. To encourage the community life in Szeged he started a newspaper called Csanád Vidéke on 21st August 2008. News and interviews were included in articles.

The peaceful period of the Southern Great Plain was soon interrupted by the invasion of Romania.

Hungary occupied

On 29th August Szeged and Kassa were conquered by the enemy. Ludrew found himself living in Romania as his home region became part of conquering Romania. On the same day the Democratic Party of Hungarians in Romania was founded; naturally, Ludrew became a member. Hungarians wrote patriotic newspaper articles, supported each other with gifts. New companies were established for the Hungarian minority. Ludrew's newspaper was declared to be the "Paper of the Resistance", although some Romanian chauvinists wanted to force Hungarians to write articles only in Romanian. The base of their demand was their constitution, but later admins officially declared that Hungarian newspaper is not spam. So Hungary had the moral victory, but a triumph on reconquering the lost Hungarian regions seemed to be hopeless.

The following weeks were spent with constant fighting; the bloodiest battles were recorded in these days. After the battles were finished, Ludrew spread the news of our mother country among the minority. One of the highlights of his newspaper was the article entitled Dirty War were he summarized the faults, bugs, cheats and accidents happened during the World War I.

As a member of eRMDP Ludrew was elected the mayor of Szeged on 21st September. He carried out the very first and last gift program in the history of this region: from 39 inhabitants 10 received gifts. The criteria were working for a Hungarian company and being Hungarian and active in the work.

Hungarians didn't manage to get into the Congress since all the Romanians allied for one reason: to make Hungarians unable to represent their needs and demands. Hungarians had 2 attempts, but after it, the Hungarians became less enthusiastic, and the war was even frozen because of the V1. In Romania, Hungarians had no rights - in Hungary, there was a constant era of scandals, political fights, rivalry. Because of the war, instability and chaos ruled.

In the trivia, almost everybody cheated, and war module was still full of bugs. Although Ludrew moved back to Hungary to be able to fight, the atmosphere was full with malevolence, and Hungarians had to face with more territorial losses, the size of the country was reduced. Erepublik didn't mean so much joy anymore so Ludrew becomes inactive for about a month - he just worked and trained.

Hungary has resurrected

Ludrew started to follow the events again at the end of February 2009. He returned to journalism when Szeged was reconquered on 10th March 2009. A few days later he moved back to Southern Great Plain, right after its Q5 hospital was built.

On 11th April he wrote an article entitled eMagyarország feltámadott (eHungary has resurrected), which became the highlight of his journalism career: during one day it had received 340 votes, and appeared in both Hungarian and International Top Rated section. The Csanád Vidéke gained 90 new subscribers, too.

Because Hungary has been totally liberated, and Ludrew was a member of the Hungarian Army, he moved into Indonesia on 14th April to help ally against Romania. Later, he was ordered back to Hungary, and nowadays he can live in his birth region again.

In August 2009, Ludrew was one of the Spokesman of the Government; in October he was appointed to the Spokesman of the Hungarian Army. In September, he became the member of the Hungarian Elit Unit; but he didn't cut all the ties off with his old regular army, the Nagy Lajos Squadron: where he remained the vice captain. On 1st March Ludrew achieved Media Mogul trophy with his newspaper, Csanád Vidéke which was the 3rd oldest newspaper in Hungary at the time.

He had one of the highest construction skills among all Hungarians.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 23x Hard Worker

Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif 1x Media Mogul

Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif 4x Battle Hero

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 21x Super Soldier

Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif 1x Society Builder