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General Information
Country Flag-Venezuela.jpg Venezuela
Abbreviation M.S.U.V.
President Jesus Hernandez
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Movimiento Todos al FMSUV
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The "Movimiento Socialdemócrata Unido de Venezuela" is a Party that start with the thought of the social equality, in search of the defense of the citizens and the unit. It seeks to defend the endogenous development of the country, as well as to promote a democratic social thought. As party politician we will concentrate efforts on the healthy development of the Venezuelan industry, as well, we will foment the personal growth of the eCitizens, always to the defense of their rights.

Greetings from the Founder


Before anything else I wanted to welcome to all our new members. In second place I wanted to share with you some ideas of the party. The creation of the MSUV is just the beginning, the moment has arrived to passing to the following stage which requires of hard work and dedication, two necessary aspects, if it is that we want to take out our ideas and country project ahead, we should make an effort and to put the best thing of ourselves. Although, I know every beginning is hard, I have faith, united we will be able to overcome the obstacles that are presented in the road.

My vision of this party is as a great family, where we all enjoy the same rights and responsibilities and we share an objective in common, to make big to our homeland. It is worthwhile to highlight that my work like president of this party conceive it as an administrative position, the decisions or actions of the party will be discussed by all those that conform it, after this whole party it is it is their members and it belongs it is to the town.

  • That can wait of the party as integral of the MSUV?

Support, companionship and friendship. Besides an ideal space for the development of their ideas and projects, an open tribune for the healthy discussion, remember that this space belongs to all you equally.

  • That the MSUV of you waits?

This party single wait of all their integral commitment, not towards the party but towards the country. A solid Commitment with the ideal of transforming Venezuela into a great nation, as well as, commitment in the fight for the freedoms and the citizens' rights, where there won't be place for personal interests but for the interests of the community. Remember that it is indispensable requirement to be part of this family, the disinterested love for our native Venezuela.

Without but to that to make reference, for the moments says goodbye, not without before to welcome them again and to thank them again their trust and support. I wait their comments.

Jesus Hernandez Founder and President of the MSUV

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