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STAR SILVER.JPG This article was originally published in a Newspaper.

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This article is a proposition for a new alliance after the disappearance of ATLANTIS.

The article

European Defence & Economy Network


In short EDEN.

In the last weeks due to the disappearance of ATLANTIS and the aggressive and manipulative techniques employed by PEACE who finding themselves without adversaries have begun to prey on former member nations to keep their inhabitants busy, was born the necessity to create a new group to oppose the expansionist tendencies and at the same time to help protect the interests of the countries that have remained friends outside of PEACE.

Together with our friends, we have decided to begin forming a new alliance purposed to function on principles slightly different than the former ATLANTIS, at the same time avoiding repeating certain mistakes that have led to dissolving the former union of which we were part.

The sure thing is EDEN will function in view of a more tangible mission this time because our adversaries still "roam" both outside and inside our borders and if we want to keep our status as an independent nation (and not just us) we must be united not allowing ourselves to each pull in a different direction for the personal gain.

On principles like unity, equality and defence of alliance interests above individual members joining in will be Croatia, Poland, Sweden, Finland, BiH, Norway and Spain. At the moment Spain and Greece's membership is not yet assured because they are still evaluating all their options, in case this works well with us together the USA might also want to join (even if the name is a bit exclusivist). In any case ... as long as someone does not fight against us or our allies we will continue being friends with them.

In this world treaties are just a formality and our purpose this time is to do things properly, to be friends among nations, not governments, not countries. If we succeed in doing this thing then all our other problems which may arise will seem unimportant, simple obstacles that we overcome together.

EDEN is not an alliance, it is a brotherhood of nations!

Info about the article

The article was written in June 2009 by Mistwalker - Romanian MoFA at the time.

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