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Nationality Flag-Iran.jpg Iranian
Date of birth July 2008
Date of death October 2008
Residence Semnan, Iran
Sex Male
Congress member of Mexico
2 September 2008 – 1 October 2008
Military rank Icon rank Recruit.png Recruit
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

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Ma1kel was a Mexican company owner and an ally to Pakistan and the Goons. He is shrouded in mystery and only the highest in the eRepublik political sphere know who he is exactly. Only from historical evidence and forum comments made by him, we can construct his biography. He has recently moved to Iran where he died.


Early life

He was born somewhere in England although we have no knowledge of his birthdate. Excelling in sociology, psychology, debating, philosophy and business management from an early age he wrote Another 120 Days of Sodom, which has been hailed as the greatest work ever in the area human sadomasochistic sexual behavior.

A year later he wrote Master & Slave: The Free Market and the Worker, a book that explores the Industrial Revolution and the rise of Socialism. The central theme condemns the free market as abusive towards the worker and shows that this abuse creates socialism, which makes the free market fail. Condemned upon its release by Ayn Rand and burned by Libertarian organisations, it became a bestseller and destroyed support for Libertarianism among the common people.

His celebrity even amongst the common people in England made him decide to move too far away, to Turkey. After a month he had to live in poverty, when the Selcuk1907 regime took power and hyper-inflated the economy. During this time he became a fierce supporter of communism, concluding that it's the best economic system.

He came in touch with the paraGoons also known as the GOONS. They were a freedom group supported by the people. He was a personal informer to Phaedrus Lidox (may peace be upon him), helping Him get enough support to takeover power in Turkey and restore democracy.

Around 3 months later he heard Dioist missionaries preach the word of Dio, he contacted them and through them he came in contact with the whole Pakistani political sphere, sending letters daily to even Dio Himself. He began researching religion and came to the conclusion that all religions are made up for political power, except for Dioism.

Ma1kel was a personal witness of the death of Lidox Phaedrus, them being man lovers it was hard for him. And he decided to migrate to Mexico as Selcuk's hyper inflation couldn't be fixed. Once in Mexico he created his own company, Taco Bell. He became a member of the GOONS' party called ETA. After the attempted Final Solution to the GOON Question by Spain his company was located in Portuguese territory and it got stolen by a Portuguese pirate. Later regaining the company after raping and killing the pirate.


He is eRepublik's biggest romanticus. He currently has romantic relationships with among other Dio (the Holy One), Farmer Bob and AgentChieftain.


Ma1kel is very silent and has never been seen getting angry. It's speculated his communist lifestyle and intelligence drove him insane. His lifestyle involved 600 push-ups per day and being awake for three days; heavily studying two nights.

He planned forward to great extent; using his friendship with Pakistanis and GOONS to improve his business and political opportunities. One of the last tricks he pulled off was starting his company in a war area, benefiting from two export licenses after Spain took the area and afterward Portugal took it over.

He was an advocate of man love, metal music, communism, materialism and manliness in general. Trained in philosophy and studying two out of three nights he has developed a character that seems "cold" to outsiders.

Taco Bell

Ma1kel's company, described by him as his "sex slave sweatshop". It's notorious for its human rights abuse and sexual assault cases. It was stolen by a Portuguese pirate for a while, but ma1kel got it back after raping and killing the pirate who stole it.