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Nationality Flag-Germany.jpg German
Date of birth Day 635
Date of death Around Day 1500
Residence Flag-Germany.jpg Saarland
Sex male
Newspaper Stadtguerilla
President of Germany
March 6th 2010 – April 5th 2010
Served under Kommunistische Partei eD
Preceded by Konrad Neumann
Succeeded by Letnix
Party president of Kommunistische Partei eD
16th January 2010 – 16th April 2010
Party president of Kiwi People's Party
16th October 2010 – 16th November 2010
Party president of KPeD
16th January 2011 – 16th February 2011
Preceded by Skalg von Tuari
Succeeded by Sir Nils
Congress member of Germany
Military rank Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

MachtGeil (MG) joined eRepublik on day 635 of the New World (16.08.2009).


He started in his real life home Region North Rhine-Westphalia, which was under Icon-Hungary.png Hungarian Occupation back then.

Some weeks later when Hungary handed the occupied regions back to Icon-Germany.png Germany, MachtGeil move to the Capital Saarland to finally live in a region with Q5 hospital. He gained the German citizenship and participated in the presidential elections. He voted for The German Eagle, who also won the elections.

MachtGeil was an active member of the Social Democratic Party (SPeD) and was a part of the radical left wing in the SPeD. Back then the SPeD was one of the biggest parties with a lot of leftist political ideologies. This was because egermany was lacking a far-left party and the SPeD functioned as a party for all the leftists.

MachtGeil also joined the Internationale and participated in the attempt to free Western Siberia from the Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesian occupation. It was organized mainly through the Russian Communist Party (CPSU), the Internationale and the Indonesian Communist Party (PKeI). Though the operation ended in defeat, it showed that the occupation through Indonesia faced resistance through the Russian people. Western Siberia was given back voluntarily by Indonesia shortly after.

At that time, there were some tensions inside the SPeD, caused through the more center aligned faction. They were uncomfortable with the increasing activity of radical leftists in the SPeD like MachtGeil with his Communist ideals. Though the radical leftist faction tried to collaborate with the centrists, the centrists didn't want to continue their work for a unified left party and leaved. To name a few of them: Ban Danna, Entorius Yargestein and Mr. Niemand.

MachtGeil continued his activity for the SPeD and was the main founder of the first political commune in Germany - the "Sozialistische Kommune". This Commune wasn't an official party organisation though it was organised and run by members of the SPeD: Herr Schmidt, RudiDutschke, Walther Rathenau, Nymphe, Tiuri and MachtGeil.

Because it was MachtGeils idea, he was chosen as the main coordinator of the Commune. On the most active time the commune consisted of an estimated number of 25 commune workers and 3 active companies. MachtGeil put a lot effort, work and gold in the commune and it was active for a couple of months.

Because he didn't want to be the only workhorse in the commune and because he wanted to do something else MachtGeil leaved his position as commune coordinator. He also was two times congressman for the SPeD and part of the party leaders.

Because there was no one to replace MachtGeil in the position as commune coordinator, the commune was shut down and the companies remained in the hands of Nymphe.

New era

MachtGeil traveled around the world, mainly because of his activity for the Red Brigade, a far left paramilitary organisation. He run for president in Icon-Austria.png Austria as a member of Socialist Party eAustria, to support the comrades there in their struggle. Unfortunately he had only little success, as he was quite new to the country and faced heavy resistance from many people in Austria.

As the German Polish war started in the end of 2009, he moved back to Germany to defend it against the polish Invasion. The combined efforts of Phoenix, the German citizens and the Red Brigade were ultimately futile and on the 8th January the Capital Saarland was conquered in the Battle of Saarlingrad.

During the time of the Polish occupation, MachtGeil moved to Kaliningrad, Icon-Russia.png Russia, like many other German refugees. He joined the CPSU after gaining the Russian citizenship and continued his work for the Red Brigade. He was selected as Commander of the Red Brigade before, as former "el Commandante" Antun, stepped back because of inactivity. MachtGeil successfully fought the inactivity in the Red Brigade and established a weapon company in Russia for weapon supply. The Red Brigade also participated in the Liberation of Germany on the 21st January initiated by Phoenix.

Back in Germany

Soon after the successful liberation, MachtGeil moved back to Saarland and a couple of weeks later founded the Communist Party of eGermany (KPeD) together with Degenhardt and a couple of other people from the German Battalion of the Red Brigade. He founded the Party because he wanted a party for the people sharing his ideals and to promote communism in Germany. The party turned out to be quite successful, attracting more members than MachtGeil ever expected and even surpassed the SPeD in the amount of members. KPeD and SPeD worked closely together and because both parties remained in the top5 of the German parties, no damage was done to the leftist movement in Germany.


MachtGeil (KPeD and SPeD) then ran for presidency in February 2010 against Konrad Neumann (Open Minded Germany), though he knew that his chances were quite low. He ended up at third place and with 17,55 % of the votes. His half serious run for presidency, proven to be successful in supporting his second attempt one month later. MachtGeils opponent in March 2010 was Ban Danna, running for DSM and OMG. MachtGeil was backed up by KPeD, SPeD and the PPD. Because he successfully convinced the PPD to support him, by promising not to create a communist economy and including the PPD in his cabinett, he won the election against Ban Danna. Gobba, the Minister of Finance in Konrad's government, saw MachtGeil's victory coming and stole the entire treasury of Germany to blockade MachtGeil's government. His true intentions were hard to guess, as Gobba never officially said anything about it. He probably didn't like to see his influence in Germany decreasing and also disliked MachtGeil and some of his ministers like SvenB1982 (MoE) and bernhardms (MoF). Despite Gobba's attempts to sabotage MachtGeil's government, his term turned out to be quite successful. Out of nothing they build up another treasury (around 1K in gold) and some regions were successfully retaken. MachtGeils reforms regarding better information and more openness in the German politics were also quite successful. For example, the intensification of the daily Deutschlandnachrichten and the daily articles from the MoFA Elisa Vorimberg about whats going on around the world.

MachtGeil only served one term as president because he wanted to focus on his real life a bit more. He supported his vice President Letnix in becoming the next President of Germany and served from that point on as Letnix's vice president and counselor.

New Zealand

MachtGeil moved to Icon-New Zealand.png New Zealand in October and founded the Kiwi People's Party and served one term as Party President and also served in the government as one of the Ministers of Public Information. He returned to Icon-Germany.png Germany one month later.

End of the story

MachtGeil returned to new "old" party - KPeD, and become party president in January 2011. He also tried to become President one more time, in February and March 2011, however, he finished 3rd and 2nd.

It is unsure when he left the game, but it is believed that he left sometime at the end of 2011.