Mael Dunbar

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Mael Dunbar

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Nationality Flag-Netherlands.jpg Dutch
National rank 63
Date of birth October 11 2009
Residence Amsterdam
Sex Male
Political party Iron & Wine
Faith no
Newspaper Free Press Association
 I cannot forsake common sense. 


Mael Dunbar is a citizen of the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands. Born in the United Netherlands, he stayed in the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands after the split and started his political career there. He joined Iron and Wine on day 1.229, and served several terms as a member of Congress, Chairman of Congress and Deputy Chairman of Congress. In spite of his aversion to government participation, he served two terms as Minister of Finance.

After a period of high activity, he fell into a slumber somewhere around March 2012, day 1.560. He came back from his eComa in February 2019, around day 4.100.


Free Press Association was founded by Mael Dunbar originally as a critical newspaper covering congress and government news, and was named "Wurd on the street". The change in name came about when Mael Dunbar started program designed to increase media participation and improving the quality and quantity of publications in the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands. Together with Zeeuwsmeisje and missingno, who joined the initiative, Mael Dunbar was able to secure government funding for the program. To this day, the press in the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands is one of the most active ones in eRepublik.