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Magnum Acquisitions
Logo of Magnum Acquisitions
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Founded April 16, 2010
Founder Adolphus79

Magnum Acquisitions (ERX:MGM) was a corporation based in the United States. The value of the company in the summer of 2010 was Icon-gold.gif 130 GOLD.

Business History

Magnum Acquisitions was founded on April 16, 2010 by Adolphus79. The corporation purchased their first company, MA Grain, on April 20, and on the same day were listed publicly on the eRepublik Stock Exchange. On April 30, Magnum Acquisitions purchased MA Wood, and on May 7, MA Wood was upgraded to Q2. Then, on June 2, MA Grain was also upgraded to Q2.

Stock History

04-20-10 - Listed on ERX, Issued 2000 shares @ 0.01
04-21-10 - Audited, revalued from 20G to 23G
05-03-10 - Audited, revalued from 23G to 43G
05-15-10 - Audited, revalued from 43G to 85G
05-19-10 - Performed a 2:1 stock split
06-04-10 - Audited, revalued from 85G to 100G

Dividend Payments

04-28-10 (Week 17) - 0.50 Gold (0.000251 Gold per share)
05-04-10 (Week 18) - 0.50 Gold (0.000251 Gold per share)
05-19-10 (Week 19) - 1.00 Gold (0.000503 Gold per share)
05-19-10 (Week 20) - 1.00 Gold (0.000503 Gold per share)
05-26-10 (Week 21) - 1.00 Gold (0.00025 Gold per share)
06-02-10 (Week 22) - 1.00 Gold (0.00025 Gold per share)
06-07-10 (Week 23) - 1.00 Gold (0.00025 Gold per share)
06-14-10 (Week 24) - 1.00 Gold (0.00025 Gold per share)

Old welcome message

Hello and welcome, we hope you will enjoy working for us. While working as an employee of Magnum Acquisitions, there are a few things you should know. In an attempt to retain each of our employees for as long as possible, we offer an employee loyalty program.

Weekly Benefits

While at the moment we do not care about your wellness rating, we do care that you work on a regular basis. It is understandable that this is only a game, and that not everyone will get a chance to log in and work every single day, but anyone that does work regularly will receive a weekly bonus.

Currently, the weekly bonus includes:

  • If you worked six days of the week, you will earn one share of company stock.
  • If you worked all seven days of the week, you will earn one Q1 gift.

We suggest that all employees register an ERX account here, in order to facilitate the automatic transfer of your bonus stock without any delays.

PLEASE NOTE: With the discontinuation of gifts in V2, we will be changing our employee benefits in the near future. Current offer will stand until the release.


In the case of your salary, your wellness rating does have an effect. After having taken a job offer, any raises to your salary will be based purely on your production. If you regularly have a low wellness rating, you will not be producing as much as someone with a higher wellness rating. Those with high wellness ratings, and strong work ethics will see a raise in their salary. Employee salaries are evaluated on a weekly basis.

We will never discriminate against low wellness ratings, but we do encourage those of you with low wellness to try to increase your rating, as that will increase your salary.

Employee Direct Purchase Option

If you are an active employee of Magnum Acquisitions, and wish to purchase company stock, we offer a direct purchase program. Send us a message in-game if you wish to purchase stock directly, and we will give you a discount on the sale.

Other bonuses

In the future, we hope to offer many other bonuses to our best and most loyal employees. These will include further stock options, higher quality gifts and food, a retirement fund, etc.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send us a message in-game at any time.

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