Magyar Légió

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Magyar Légió


General Information
Founded Day 589
Country Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Region Central Hungary
Total Soldiers 1673
Commanded by Szenti
2nd Commander Botyar

Brief History

Magyar Légió was established by HUN-Cimbye about on day 490 of the New World as HUN Legion and has become 2nd most powerful military unit in Hungary.

It was started as a mercenary army, but later it was reformed to an official army of Hungary within Indonesian Hungarian Alliance and it fought for the PEACE GC as a part of IHA in Indonesia

Later it changed its name and in these days it fights in Hungary.

Legion fought in all important battles of PEACE like WSR, Andhra Pradesh, Ontario and Asturias.

Members in the early days (in alphabetical order)


In its early days, this unit statistics were:

  • Average strength: 9.52
  • Total damage: 1699710

Early Objectives

Fight for Hungary, fight for PEACE GC.

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