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STAR SILVER.JPG This article was originally published in a Newspaper.

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Make Each Day Count is a newspaper article written by citizen maverick10, where he talks about the deeper meaning of the game. It was published in his newspapers eIndia & The World in July 2009 receiving 103 votes and 23 comments.

Make Each Day Count

Work 30 days & you become a Hard-worker! I wish real life was as easy!

Work 100 days and become the President of your country! Well eRepublik isn’t as easy either!

eRepublik is simple in many aspects, but not ‘easy’.
There’s always a lot going on- in politics, business, and in the shadows. If there was any more history to it, it’d be chess! It all comes down to how much you make each move, each DAY count.

We realize, its not so easy ignoring the nation. It’s very survival depends on each of us. With the Citizenship in place, you ARE your nation’s identity. Are you part of a strong nation? Are you wealthy or struggling with your gold reserves? Is there good governance ensuring progress, or are your Congressman, promising real estate on Mars? OR are all your regions gone, and you’re staying alive just to RESTORE your nation’s identity someday? Are your citizens keeping Well or dying on you?

With so many diverse aspects to the game, and new areas to discover and re-discover, I'd say we ARE in a New World, where finding your way around can be tough, but exciting! How we do it IS what matters. Do we take charge, or play on mindlessly? eRepublik is more life-like than we many a times think.

We’ve got to be on our feet, think fast, and quick. Make sure we listen, before we speak. We’ve got to be out there, working each day, training, yes, but more so, talking through the forums, PM-ing our leaders or citizens, following the news, Making news. We’ve got to keep learning - business, politics, military tactics, media ethics, achieving targets, earning Respect, getting fellow Citizens, world-wide to trust us, vote for us. We’ve got to Make Each Day Count.

It’s not easy, but its the only way to play.
Real Life is no kinder on us for being active here. But I am 100% sure many will agree with what I say. Taking charge, and giving Your nation a place in the world, there is nothing as exhilarating than that! Even a virtual nation can achieve greatness if directed by a few dedicated Citizens, who Make Each Day Count.

Citizens of the eWorld, Citizens of each eNation, CONGRATULATIONS on your ‘new’ Citizenship. Ask yourself this, what does it mean to be a Citizen of YOUR country, to be an eIndian, or eSpanish, eIranian, eChinese, eSouth African, eAmerican, eRomanian, eIndonesian, eLatvian or eMaltan? What did You do today for your nation, to build your nation, to protect your nation?

And in real life, ask yourself, what did you do today, that contributed to your community & your society.

Do we Make Each Day Count?


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