Malaysia-Singapore War

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Malaysia-Singapore War
Date 20 January 2011 –
26 January 2011
Location Singapore, Malaysia
  • Malaysia repelled
  • Singapore occupies Peninsular Malaysia
  • Peace mediation avoids open citizenship
Territorial Changes Malaysia occupies Peninsular Malaysia
Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malaysia
Flag-China.jpg China
Flag-Singapore.jpg Singapore
Flag-Austria.jpg Austria
Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
The Crimson Order.jpg The Crimson Order
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Malaysia.jpg Fruitcommando Flag-Singapore.jpg American Border Collie

The Malaysia-Singapore War was a conflict which began on January 20th, 2011. The conflict was begun when Malaysia declared Singapore a natural enemy, and sought to occupy Singapore for its resources and ostensibly as a punishment for refusing to join the PACMAN alliance. However, the war would instead be the final push that ended the alliance instead due to disagreements between Singapore and the Philippines over the war.

The War

Battle of Singapore City

The first battle began in Singapore City, Singapore's capital and only region. In preparation for the battle Singapore's President, American Border Collie, appealed to the world for help against the invasion. Answering the call, Austria, Ireland, The Crimson Order, and other militias and individuals moved to Singapore before the battle, and quickly were able to win the first round of the battle with ease. Malaysia chose to strategically hold back their armed forces until the second round, which was a higher damage affair. However, Singapore still came out on top and Malaysia had largely depleted their reserves in the effort.

Peace Talks

After two decisive round victories for Singapore, Malaysia conceded the battle was a defeat. They entered into negotiations with Singapore for peace, mediated by Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Rangeley. After the conclusion of the first battle - with Singapore winning the later rounds as expected - Singapore would continue to apply pressure and win the Battle of Peninsular Malaysia. Shortly after, both sides agreed to follow an Austrian drafted battle plan known as "Operation: Everybody Lives." In this plan, the war would be purposely stalemated until after the congress election, preventing either nation from being wiped, and enabling both nations to elect a congress. This could have posed a huge risk not only to Malaysia itself, but the wider region, as nations without a congress would have open citizenship under the rules of the time. This would almost surely mean takeover groups would seize power, due to the nation becoming an easy target. The plan began to be implemented on January 23rd.

Conflict Ends

The plan was successfully executed - Malaysia successfully defended Sarawak and held it through the 26th, while Singapore held Singapore City and Peninsular Malaysia. The war was officially closed on January 26th. The issue of Peninsular Malaysia remained a sticking point however, as Singapore continued to occupy it for the oil bonus for some time after - and tensions would continue to simmer. But a rule change removed the future possibility of open citizenship for nations who had no congress, meaning that the peace talks were successful in avoiding the worst possible outcome.