Malaysian Dragon

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Malaysian Dragon

General Information
Country Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malaysia
Abbreviation MD
Colors Red
Founded 16th of October 2009
Dissolved N/A
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Succeeds Thailand Democratic Party
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The Malaysian Dragon was a political party in Malaysia. The party is a daughter-party of the Federal Unity Party and it tended to support both them and the Democratic Action Party when it came to voting within the congress. The party's strongest standpoints were located within activity, military and national pride. Therefore the slogan of the party was:

 "Strike like a dragon, burn like a devil" 
(The party's slogan)

The last known party leader was Gustavius, who was also the leader of the military unit of the party The Red Dragons. Party also had a youth program under the name of Dragon Babies.

Malaysian Dragons partysong, Dragonforce - Through fire and flames.


  • MD supported a strong military
  • MD believed that a strong military was based on two parts, one - support of the high-strength soldiers; the other part was education of soldiers after they have reached 10 in strength.
  • MD believed in a neutral Malaysia as MD had no interest in playing with the big alliances as it might be a danger for the national safety.
  • MD supported the union, but thought that instead of taking care of the union as two nation in one union, it should instead be one union, one nation.
  • MD wanted to create a national program whose purpose would be to bring more people to the IRC and the forum.

Full Chronology of this party
Thai Democratic Party → Malaysian Dragon → Malaysian Tiger → This Party Is Over → Movement for Fakes' Rights → The New Federal Unity Party → Centralist Partisanship Party → Lol Serbia Party → ExoM7's Lair of Pleasures