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Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Maltese Mission
Logo of Maltese Mission
Owners T. Tommasino
Country Flag-eRepublik.jpg eRepublik
Headquarters Transnistria
Subsidiaries Malta Calling
Founded November 2008
Founder T. Tommasino
Industry Newspaper
Services Newspaper
Colours White, Red
Song Lil Din L'Art Helwa
Website eMalta Forums

Maltese Mission

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Maltese Mission

The Maltese Mission (Maltese: Missjoni Maltija), The Mission for short, or simply MM, was created by UK citizen Tommy Tommasino in early November 2008 to provide a contact and presence for Maltese citizens in the New World. The Mission moved between the Icon-USA.png USA, the Icon-UK.png UK and Icon-Italy.png Italy publicizing its aims, and searching for more Maltese, publishing articles through its newspaper, Malta Calling. It established contact with a small but notable number of Maltese residing in these three countries, but also other citizens with Maltese descent from Icon-Canada.png Canada and Icon-Australia.png Australia. The Maltese Mission relied on charitable donations to maintain its activities.


When founded, the Maltese Mission set out with the purpose of satisfying five main aims:

  • Unite Maltese in the New World
  • Petition the admins to create a Maltese state in the New World
  • Create a National Forum for eMalta - link here
  • Publication of regular articles from various newspapers, mainly in Malta Calling
  • Raise funds to support eMalta in its early days

In-Game Activities

Economic Activities

Through donations from these Maltese citizens spread around the New World, the MM was then able to create its first company, based in Lazio, Icon-Italy.png Italy called Imperial Steel Works in the Iron industry. The purpose of the company was to make the Maltese Mission more financially self-supportive and not have to rely in the future on charitable donations. The company was sold some months later, and the Mission still accepts charitable donations.

Maltese Mission directors Tommy Tommasino and malta_1990 own the Maltese Fossil Ltd and WM Investments conglomerate groups respectively and donate a share of their profits to the Mission. Other conglomerates in Icon-Spain.png Spain, Icon-Italy.png Italy, Icon-Brazil.png Brazil and Icon-Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina have also made generous donations to the organisation.

Diplomatic Activities

The Maltese Mission has made clear it fully supports Icon-Italy.png Italy and the Icon-UK.png UK and promotes both countries as a residence for Maltese in the New World. The Mission has received overwhelming support from the Italian and British people, and has had a positive response from their governments. The Mission is petitioning the admins to make eMalta as an independent state or as a region of either Icon-Italy.png Italy or the Icon-UK.png UK.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of Maltese Erepublik citizens members currently reside in the Icon-UK.png UK, and many are heavily involved in eUK politics. Three of them have been elected as congressmen and party presidents for multiple terms, while one of MM Directors, malta_1990 was elected Prime Minister of the Icon-UK.png UK. Over 20 eUK citizens have pledged to move to eMalta upon its creation.


In order to raise awareness and support for the creation of eMalta, a number of Embassies abroad have been set-up:

The following countries and communities have their own embassies on the eMalta forums:

Forum Activities

Once the Maltese Erepublik Community became larger, it was able to become more vocal in the Erepublik forums. In one of these threads, the admins have promised the citizens of the New World, that they shall soon create Malta because of the overwhelming support it gained and have promised to create it in a type of package with other small countries such as Luxembourg, San Marino, Monaco and Liechtenstein.

Media Activities

Main Article: Malta Calling

The eMalta cause has not only been furthered through Economic, Diplomatic and Forum means, but also through the in-game media of newspapers and citizen shouts. These articles have focused on four main topics. These are:

  • The eMalta forums
  • Progress of forum discussions
  • Malta in Real Life
  • Welcoming new nations

The main newspapers furthering the eMalta cause are:


The leaders of the Maltese Mission were Tommy Tommasino & Malta_1990.