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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 31.03.2009
Day 497 of the New World
Date of death December 2009
Residence South East of England
Sex Male
Congressman of Ireland
Military rank Icon rank Captain*.png Captain*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Birth and Early Life

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Mannimarco was born when Joseph Stalin conceived a child with Kim Jong-il and Mao Zedong. It was an unholy birth, and the land was stricken with a great earthquake. Thousands came and rejoiced at the result of such a union. Mannimarco was raised not knowing the true extent of his power, first as a construction worker, but after realising manual labour was below him, he became a smith, and hammered in the forges of old, creating things of beauty not seen for an age. 9001 tears were shed this night, and Igor Thunderbrow scurried in fear.

Early Adult years

After coming of age, Mannimarco join the Irish Socialist Republican Party, not realising the mantle of socialism was unfitting him, for he was a communist at heart, though he did not realise it. He joined an organisation called the Irish Volunteer Force at the time, and after an attempted glorious revolution, was taken to the IVF gulags, where he was held for two years being repeatedly beaten by the one known as ImperatorI. While in captivity, Stalin appeared before him in a vision, and told him the truth about his origins, and what his destiny would be, with new hope from Stalin's ghosts speech, and with Stalin's help, he managed to knock out ImperatorI and escape into the forests, where he wandered for a long time.

Forest Wanderings and meeting Collins

While he wandered, Stalin imbued great powers on young Mannimarco, allowing him the survive in the dangerous woods of Cork and Kerry where giant lizards roamed freely. He eventually wandered upon Collins, an old and wise Irish citizen, who was one of eRepublik's greatest warriors, and a devout follower of the lulz, which Stalin had explained to Mannimarco would be his ideology. Mannimarco knew he would come across Collins, for it was of Stalin's prophecy. Greeting Collins, Mannimarco trained with him in the woods for two years, learning the ways of the wild, the ways of the tank, and most importantly, the way of lulz. Collins and Mannimarco hatched a plan that would bring much lulz to the barren lands of Ireland, where all lived in dread.

The Irish Citizen Front

With Collins as his mentor and guide, Mannimarco went forth and founded the Irish Citizen Front, followers of the lulz came across all of eRepublik to rally under his banner, their fortress was established in Cork. Mannimarco gave rallying and inspiring speeches, and soon the revolution was well underway, however, as the movement grew and the Irish government began to fear their rein of oppression and fascism would be overthrown, they came to Theus, and he told them the location of the Irish Citizen Front base for Icon-gold.gif 26 GOLD coins (14 came from his own pocket actually), enough to start his own party. Betrayed, Mannimarco and his followers were surrounded in their fortress and it was bombarded with cannon fire and dark magic. Collins was away in foreign lands on business, so they had no great warrior amongst them. Top Gun and Mannimarco took up their swords, and lead the ICF in one last glorious charge, where the evil king Nithraldur was almost struck down. When all seemed lost, Starks Hayter appeared with an army of socialist cavalry, they charged down the hill and joined in the fray, the battle was almost won when Severin appeared with an army of ghosts, the ghosts cut through the ranks of both Socialist and Communist, and the troops broke rank and fled. Mannimarco, Top_Gun, and the few remaining ICF members, hopped on a boat, and escaped the battle, Mannimarco watched back, still with dreams of fulfilling Stalin's prophecy and liberating Ireland in communism. The revolution had failed in Ireland, but Mannimarco began a new revolution in Slovakia.

Slovakian Communist Party

After arriving at Slovakia, they were greeted coldly by the natives, who attempted to eat them, but were scared off with gunpowder and framed pictures of Stalin. A fortress was soon set up, and around the lush lands and grain fields of the SCP fortress, communes were established, and the starving natives of Slovakia were given food and purpose in life. With communes at full productivity, everything was going well. The SCP won the congress elections, and Slovakia had it's name changed to "Glorious People's Communist Republic of Soviet Slovakia", and Mannimarco was it's chairman. Mannimarco was later driven out by traitor communists and natives.


Mannimarco went home to semi-retirement in Ireland for a while.

PEACE and leaving retirement

Mannimarco later left retirement and joined PEACE, moving to Hungary.

Ireland and the Revolution

Mannimarco quickly returned to Ireland after his adventures on the fronts of world war 3, and quickly rose up the political ranks, becoming a respected congressman and community member. He also started a number of communes with GarrettDA. Eventually, after fascist leader Patton took over Ireland, Johnobrow, Ian Arbuckle, Mannimarco and Brian Boru started a revolution. Mannimarco thought that his destiny and Stalin's prophecy was to be fulfilled but the prophecy had been misinterpreted. Mannimarco, rather then leading the revolution to glory, was betrayed by capitalists-in-disguise Brian Boru and GarrettDA. Despite grabbing some communes off class-traitor GarrettDA, and state companies off counter-revolutionary Brian Boru, Mannimarco fled to England. Where the Irish and British Secret Services hunted him down. Despite PCP guards around his house, he was shot and killed.


It is rumoured that Mannimarco's death was faked, and that he was in fact smuggled out of England after the attempt on his life by boat to Slovakia. Where he murdered his brother, Paulie Walnuts, and took on his identity.

Paulie Walnuts

Paulie Walnuts burst into the scene of activism in Slovakia, he worked hard, he fought hard, and he campaigned hard. He was going to be president, but was framed for robbing the communes. In frustration at the situation and out of desire to tie up loose ends, he falsely admitted to it to troll his enemies, and then left Slovakia.

Paulie's retirement

Paulie stayed around Hungary for a bit, then moved to Ireland where he tried to start up a new life. Because of the hostility towards him, the player behind the man abandoned his account, and created a new account called 'Elusmon' which pretended to be a new citizen.


Elusmon continued on as a productive citizen of Ireland and got a congress position. However, after being enraged at gross injustices, he hacked the accounts of 2 prominent capitalists and was banned as a result. The player behind the Mannimarco Family then left eRepublik for a short while.


He then returned as Manni Reborn, who he used in an attempt to take over Ireland. However, he was banned. However, The head of the Mannimarco family was lucky and was given Forex Boy, a new account, by a friend. This new account was later hacked and robbed.

Current Whereabouts

It is currently rumoured that Mannimarco is hiding in an underground bunker in Korea, where he has created a new account. Such rumours, however, have not yet be substantiated. Mannimarco was shot by counter-revolutionaries in his underground bunker during a raid by the South Korean Government, attempting to crack down on guerillas in the face of V2. Mannimarco now lives in Ireland under the name Comrade Karl Marx, and has started a communist party there.

Church of the holy Manni

On the 2nd of June, 2009, Shyguy1001 was blessed by Mannimarco and made pope of the Church of the Holy Manni. The Church teaches the advantages of lulz, communism, and Mannimarco. Manni is the god of the great church, but shyguy 'cba' to anything at the present time to advance its great cause.

Table of Casualties as a result of Mannimarco

Books.jpg This page contains fictional information. (What's this?)
Name Position of Power Event Result of Event Current Status
ImperatorI Commander in chief of IVF Feud with Mannimarco Became insane and communist Currently housed in a mental institution in Russia
Vyse Notable Irish Citizen Became involved in political battle Stalinista conspired to ban Vyse Banned, currently muttering "Better Dead than Red"
Artaxerxes Pavonis Notable Irish and NK citizen Witnessed Manni's comments on the eIRC Became mentally insane Converted religion, currently doing missionary work.
Igor Thunderbrow Notable Presidential Loser and IUP member Sensed Manni's Birth Left eRepublik Currently living somewhere in Dublin, will return at the beginning of the third age
Slovakia Quiet and friendly country Invaded by the ICF Were corrupted Currently in anarchy