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Nationality Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgian
Date of birth 30 July 2009
Date of death 2011
Sex Male
Ambassador of Belgium
2009 – 2010
Party president of Belgian Revolutionary Party
Nov, 2009 – Dec, 2009
Succeeded by Kheops
Party president of Belgium for Belgians
Mar, 2010 – Apr, 2010
2009 – 2010
2009 – 2010
Ambassador of Belgium
2009 –
Director of Committee of Neutrality of Belgium
2010 –
Party president of Neenjas et Umbrella
2010 – 2010
Party president of Belgium for Belgians
Dec, 2010 – Jan, 2011
Preceded by Glenn Wauters
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium
Dec, 2010 – Jan, 2011
Dec, 2010 – Jan, 2011
Ambassador of Belgium
Dec, 2010 – Jan, 2011
Minister of Fun of Belgium
Feb, 2011 – Feb, 2011
Military rank Icon rank Major*.png Major*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Citizen account deleted at owners request

Manong Riza was a Belgian politician, military leader, satirist, businessman, diplomat, and philanthropist.

Having won five times (four consecutively) in the Belgian Congress and serving as party president to almost every party in the nation, Manong Rizal is one of Belgium's most celebrated politicians. He founded the nation's National Forum and the nation's Constitution, and led a strong political opposition against The Group and other foreign PTO during the beginning of Belgium's new era.

Early life & Background

Manong Rizal invested in many businesses and got very successful. He left his birthplace in Banat, Romania to seek new opportunities; he went to various countries such as Canada, Philippines, Belgium, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, and many more.

Manong is a Filipino word for Mister, or "Old Man", it is usually used for the phrase "Hoy manong!" which literally means, "Hey old man!" Rizal, on the other hand, is the last name of the famous Filipino literary master and freedom fighter, Jose Rizal.


Umbrella Career

 Umbrella has eyes. 
(John F Baker, Military Commander from the United Kingdom)

Manong Rizal is one of Umbrella's most zealous members. He served as Elder, Director of Public Affairs & Recruitment, Director of Foreign Recruitment, and Director of Foreign Affairs. However, he first started out as an intel agent stationed in the United Kingdom. But after Umbrella's certain fall to inactivity, Manong was promoted as the Director of Public Affairs & Recruitment, later on as Director of Foreign Recruitment, and then later on as Director of Foreign Affairs.

 I haven't been contacted. 
(Mr Woldy His Majesty, King of the United Kingdom)

After intercepting information from a political party in PEACE United Kingdom, Manong Rizal, boldly tried to increase internal strife within the region to dismay PEACE puppetry. The British were then on red alert, fearing that Manong Rizal has influenced many of the nation's political parties and valuable politicians. However, due to orders from HQ, Manong Rizal withdrew and left the nation. Manong Rizal was then later accused by the British as a violent and foolish miscreant. He then replied to the island people by saying these words:

 You Brits Got No Balls! 

He later published in his newspaper that the island nation has been devoured by a big black blob, forcing it to disappear from all updated maps in the New World. EBritgone.png

Manong then started the Umbrella World Network and the Umbrella Social Networking at Ning when he became the Director of Foreign Recruitment. He was then promoted as one of the three Umbrella Elders by Dale Marks. He took part in the Umbrella Reconstruction and became Director of Foreign Affairs under Drake Koeth and his administration. During at this time, Manong Rizal helped establish and create the Koeth policy.

Manong then retired from the Umbrella Corporation and was succeeded by M.Leviathin in most of his positions.



Manong Rizal founded and served as Party President to the Belgian Revolutionary Party that later evolved as Res Belgica, he founded and served as Party President to the BFB Party, and he also founded and served as Party President to the Neenjas Et Umbrella Party that later evolved as the Belgian Independents Party. He also served five times total in the Belgian Congress and served as ambassador to the Philippines, Malaysia, Sol, Poland, and Macedonia for Belgium.

Manong Rizal also founded the Belgian At Heart Belgium in Motion Project, BoDi Awards, Belgium's Committee of Neutrality, Belgium's National Forum, and Belgium's Constitution.


Manong Rizal served as the Commander of the 1st Belgian Para-Commando Regiment. He is currently the Director of the Special Operations Department of the Belgian Army and the Commander of the Chasseurs Ardennais Platoon of the 3rd Home Guard Regiment.

He is the recipient of the following military ribbons: Badge of Distinguished Service, Badge of Meritorious Service, Badge of Exemplary Service, Legion of Merit, Medal of Honor, 1st Regiment Service Ribbon, Silver Medal of Service, Gold Medal of Service, Hungary-Romania Campaign, Belgium-France Campaign, and the Medal of Greatest Honor.

Society & Philantrophy

Manong Rizal was the recipient of the 1st BoDi Life Achievement Award and was nominated for the 1st BoDi Iconic Award. He was also knighted by the Queen Mother ChewChewShoe.

Manong Rizal is also known of his zealous dedication for Belgium's media and activity having published a series of "Today in Belgium" almost every day in his newspaper "The Year of Progress".

He is also the founder of the Smornge & Rizal Fund which was known for its philanthropic programs such as the Free Bread Campaign (giving out free Q3 food) and the Business Starter Program (helping new players start a business career).

Media & Misc.

Manong also appeared in Josie Brooks' Seeking Fate's Tapestry as Manong the Shopkeeper.


Manong Rizal decided to delete his account and has left the New World.


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