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eRepublik Ambassador
Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
Date of birth 29 July 2008
Date of death 2012 (est)
Residence British Colombia
Congress member of Canada
25 November 2008 – 25 July 2009
Speaker of Congress of Canada
30 November 2008 – 1 April 2009
Preceded by Michel Junior
Succeeded by Gofarman
Deputy Minister of Foreign and ATLANTIS Affairs of Canada
5 February 2009 – 5 March 2009
Succeeded by Joey Phillips
Minister of Foreign and ATLANTIS Affairs of Canada
5 March 2009 – 5 June 2009
Preceded by David Eastcorner
Succeeded by Duke Leto
Minister of the Atlantic Alliance of Canada
5 June 2009 – 5 July 2009
CSIS Assistant Director of Canada
Preceded by Thordan
Succeeded by Volsung
Party president of Canadian Empire Party
15 June 2009 – 15 July 2009
Preceded by Bruck
Succeeded by Gofarman
CSIS Director of Canada
Preceded by Thordan
Congress member of Canada
December 25 2010 – Unknown
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel***.png Lt Colonel***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Marcchelala was a citizen of Canada, born on 29th of July 2008, day 252 of the New World, in Quebec, Canada.

Early politics (2008-2009)

A few days after he was born, Marcchelala joined the Norsefire Party of Canada (NPC) which was at the time under the direction of ex-Prime Minister Adam Sutler. This party was later on renamed Canadian Progressive Front with Banach becoming its Party president.
It's with the CPF that Marcchelala ran for the first time for Congress, in Quebec, in October 2008. Unfortunately he failed on a 1 vote difference. The next month, in November 2008, Marcchelala ran again for Congress in Quebec, and this time succeeded. This was followed by being elected Speaker of Congress. From November 2008 until July 2009, Marcchelala was a "standard" in Quebec guaranteeing to his party the Canadian Progressive Front, which then became the Canadian Empire Party a seat int the "belle province". This was also coupled with 4 consecutive months of being re-elected Speaker of Congress (November 2008-March 2009).
In February 2008, he was named Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister being at the time David Eastcorner, which prevented him from being re-elected Speaker of Congress for a 5th time, but still allowed him to be named Deputy Speaker of Congress under Gofarman for 1 term. Marcchelala was the most-reelected Speaker of Congress in eCanada (30 November 2008 - 1 April 2009, counting dSoC).

Later politics (2009-2012)

5th March 2009, Marcchelala was named Minister of Foreign Affairs, and remained in this position until August 5 2009, except from June 5 2009 to July 5 2009, where he was deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, under Duke Leto, and Minister of the Atlantic Alliance, representing Canada in the negotiations for creating Fortis.
From May till July, Marcchelala attended several meetings with Ministers of Foreign Affairs from USA, Spain, Ireland and United Kingdom, to discuss the points on which the new Alliance, Fortis was going to be based on, and to write the Fortis Charter. Unfortunately, the Fortis Alliance didn't last long, because of the treason and backstabbing of the United Kingdom which rejoined PEACE GC the day after the USA and Canada signed the charter, and while Spain was in the process of ratifying it.
In June 15 2009, Marcchelala ran for Party president of the Canadian Empire Party which was at the time the largest party in Canada, and became the successor of 4-times CEP Party president and 3-Times Prime Minister Bruck. Marcchelala worked on an intensive reform of the Canadian Empire Party, and fixed the CEP's relations with the other Canadian Parties like the Canadian Social Democrats and the Democratic Action League which were on bad terms with the CEP during Bruck's Leadership, and tried to work towards "Party Unity", and "ending the Canadian Party Wars", as he used to say. On July 5 2009, Marcchelala even ran for President of Canada, but lost against Jacobi who was running for his second term. On July 15th 2009, Marcchelala declared he didn't want to run for a second term as Canadian Empire Party President, and his fellow party member Gofarman succeeded to him. However, Marcchelala remained the Canadian Empire Party's vice-president until the Fall of Canada during Great War of 2009
August 5 2009, Marcchelala resigned from the Foreign Affairs Department, which he handed to his last Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Derek Harland, now Deputy Prime Minister.
Although leaving the Foreign Affairs Department, which is in Marcchelala's eye the most interesting Department in the cabinet, his long experience, and contacts allowed him to help the next Ministers of Foreign Affairs, especially during Great War of 2009. He is still for instance Canadian Ambassador to France until now (7 March 2009 - Present).

After Canada retrieving its regions from PEACE Global Community countries, Marcchelala joined the newly born Canadian National Coalition, a party standing for Canadian Unity, and non-partisanship, the two things Marcchelala always believed in. He then ran for CNC Party Presidency in September 15 2009, but failed. Then, for some undisclosed reasons, Marcchelala left the Canadian National Coalition and joined the Canadian Paradox Party.

Marcchelala was also founder of the Party Ambassador concept in eCanada, while he was president of the Canadian Empire Party. His last party was EPIC.


Marcchelala's most notable position was the Director of the CSIS, position he has occupied for most of his eLife. He started in CSIS as Deputy Director to Director Thordan, who was actively working on rebuilding the CSIS after John Wilkmot had left the game. But Thordan then had to step aside, to take a position as Minister of Justice and Marcchelala took over.

Marcchelala has actively worked in restructuring the CSIS, creating new departments and positions and ultimately a more efficient structure. With the help of his Deputy Director Volsung, they drafted protocols that became essential in structuring the agents' work and setting a standard for CSIS missions and operations. They also put in place the eCanadian Security Clearance protocol which was then enforced on the eCanadian national forums.

Under his leadership, the CSIS has efficiently uncovered several plots against the government of Canada, such as the Hungarian/PEACE major PTO, an enemy multi-factory, and has successfully worked in coordination with the Canadian Armed Forces and the government of Canada to avert such threats. The CSIS was also able to track down the responsible of some government thefts, such as the Canadian National Defense theft by 1ronman, who was also charged with violating the privacy of users of the eCanadian forums. Responding to increased concern by Concern about CSIS accountability, Marcchelala, along with his long-lasting Deputy Director Eldorino worked to write the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act, one of the most comprehensive pieces of legislatures in eCanada.

Marcchelala also served two other terms as CSIS Director, after Eldorino's resignation from this position. When Marcchelala decided to leave the game, he was succeeded by Arche8 as CSIS Director.


Marcchelala was a member of Canadian Armed Forces.


Quick News is the newspaper owned and published by Marcchelala. There were about 580 readers subscribed to this newspaper.