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Mark Decius

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Nationality Flag-Netherlands.jpg Dutch
Date of birth 7 March 2008
Date of death Sometime in 2011 (est)
Residence Western Netherlands
Sex Male
Political party Democratisch Nederland
Mayor of Southern Netherlands
June '08 – July '08
Preceded by Betha
Succeeded by Betha
State secretary of Economics of Netherlands
October '08 – February '09
Preceded by Cocoamok
Succeeded by Cruwdy
Minister of Economy of Netherlands
February '09 – March '09
Preceded by Osxy
Succeeded by Luuklag
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel***.png Lt Colonel***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Mark Decius was a citizen of the New World since the seventh of March, 2008. He was an active member of the Dutch community, a Dutch politician, a Dutch ambassador for France and a Dutch paratrooper (Vliegende Hollanders). His last activity was being a member of Green Liberal Democrats, soldier in Vliegende Hollanders and he lived in the North Region, in the United Netherlands.

Pre-active period

A few active Dutch eRepublicans were spreading the New World on online game forums, and Mark Decius was one of many bored gamers that reacted. He soon got his invite and started playing the game, the beta version. This was a period when it was a real problem to get a job, since general managers had to invite you. So, after being jobless for about two weeks Mark Decius contacted the GM of GM_wotl, and he started to work at a gift company.

Working and training everyday hadn’t given him a lot of fun, and he decided to join a political party called DEPP. After being in this party for a week he noticed that it wasn't active. He joined Iron & Wine, the party that seemed the most active of all, and in this party, Mark Decius became an active politician.

Political history

Iron & Wine

Mark Decius kept himself on the background the first couple of weeks, since he was rather new in the game, he thought it was better to learn first. And so he did, he read the news, got in touch with other people, followed conversations on the forums and started forming an opinion. After a month, he started being active, and his first move in this was running for Mayor in Southern Netherlands for Iron and Wine. Within this party he opposed Betha, a fellow party member, to be elected as candidate for Mayor. To his own surprise he won (probably thanks to Jazar and Razing_Mandre who used pictures of beautiful woman as propaganda).

This was also the time when I&W grew to be to biggest active party in the Netherlands as it gained a majority in congress a couple of times in a row. At this time, Netherlands was a homogeneous country, as all the active players were located at one specific point and had the same opinions on how to build up a country, and so they did. This period is also renowned to be the period when clear military alliances took form. The NA was formed and it appeared to be a great danger for The Netherlands as it was an isolated area, an island in a sea of danger. Mark Decius, and most other Dutch politician chose the side of the MA, as it promised a better future than the opposite alliance.

Mark Decius showed a big interest in economy. This resulted in several periods of government work at the Ministry of Economy, he was once appointed as Minister of Economy by Chielio and worked with newcomer Cocoamok (who later on became president) of SPV. But, after a while he noticed that his government work drained to much of his spare time, and he took a month sabbatical. He came back later.

During this period Mark Decius noticed upcoming tensions in politics. There had been a new party SPV under the lead of MariaJozef, a former Belgian player. Which pleaded for a more socialist vision on the ruling of the country. This party was very successful, and eventually managed to defeat I&W several times, forcing I&W to adjust their visions and cooperating with this party. But, while this struggle for power went on, several smaller parties emerged like NH under the lead of RepsaJ and Hemmer and DTS under the lead of Smook McSmok. Mark Decius didn’t involve himself a lot in these tensions, until the first big political crisis in the Netherlands: The Decoder.

I&W and LN openly supported the Minister of Defense who wrote an article which said to use the decoder to work, train and fight, instead of doing the trivia. This angered DTS and NH leading into a discussion about cheating, fairness, corruption and so on. Based on this discussion, president Cocoamok threw DTS and NH out of the government. Mark Decius, still an I&W-member, supported DTS and NH, but it hadn’t had much effect.

Politics changed after this happened, the government became more careful and the opposition more aggressive. Mark Decius noticed that his opinion grew further and further away from I&W’s political opinion, and eventually he decided to leave I&W to join DTS.

Dutch Three Star

Mark Decius was warmly welcomed in DTS by their members. It's members were good in discussions, they were apt and they were active. While changing from party, Mark Decius was allowed to keep his place in the government, enforcing DTS in the government. In this era The Netherlands had drastically changed in comparison to the homogeneous country it once was. A lot of people moved abroad, or quitted. To old active branch of I&W had already moved to India.

The situation outside of the government became more and more hostile, and it came to a point where it wasn’t fun anymore. The already age-long personal quarrel between Cocoamok and RepsaJ (and supporters of both sides) had taken its toll. This, together with time-shortage, the disappointment with V1 caused the leaving and quitting of a lot of people. Also DTS, the party which Mark choose to support had difficulties with losing its members. Slowly it bled to dead, with an article of Smook McSmok’s quitting due to health reasons as a definite critical hit.

NH was the only active opposition party that was big enough to have some meaning. But, due to the political situation this went wrong. The government collected more and more power and closed itself from the people. Mark Decius saw the process happening from the inside. He tried to do something about this, but the discussions he led against the other part of the coalition were soon to spin out of control and turned into verbal fights. He was disappointed in the process that had happened, and he concluded that the governmental system that was developed in time had been wrong from the beginning. Based on this decision he supported a small opposition party called LCD to detain the governmental power and transfer more of this to the congress. Mark Decius in this time was the single active person of his party, and he addressed a message to his party members who had been silent for a long time, asking them to give their opinion upon the situation that had occurred. After a lot of positive sounds from the party members he decided to take his opinions into the party manifest and to activate the party further.

Green Liberal Democrats

His last political activity was being a member of Green Liberal Democrats (GLD) where in October 2009 he tried out to become the President of the country, however lost to ArtemIvanov.

Military History

Mark Decius' military history is founded with the France-Switzerland War, where he moved to France to support them against Switzerland. Mark Decius was a rather young player back then, and regret fighting against a country that in so doing lost his self-determination. After this war Mark Decius was stuck in France, and he was helped by some French players affording a moving-ticket and getting back to the Netherlands. After this it was all silent in the Netherlands, though there was a stable threat from up north, west, south and east. None of these ever taking form into serious danger. The second war in which Mark Decius was active was the Hungary-Romania war in which almost all of Hungary was taken over by Romania. The Netherlands were allies of Hungary, connected with an MPP.

When Operation French-Toast began Mark Decius was stuck in the Netherlands as a congressmen and party leader. He supported the Dutch legionnaires that moved to France to help there and he fought several fights for Portugal from the Netherlands which also were allies. When the outgame congress accepted an act that allowed the Dutch paratroopers: ‘De Vliegende Hollanders’ to keep their voice in congress, Mark Decius applied for that army branch and he got accepted.

The next war Mark Decius was actively involved in was the USA-Mexico war. He and former president Danielb1989 had gone to the Mexican Forum to arrange an MPP with Mexico and bring Dutch support in the war. Mark Decius refused to fight for Indonesia against Romania on Russian grounds during the USA-Mexico war, as Mexico was to lose their own grounds and Romania and Indonesia were just showing off their power. He repaid the costs of the weapons and moving tickets he received from the general to fight in Indonesia as a legionnaire. But he didn’t lose his Vliegende Hollander-status. During the very short Belgium-Dutch war, Mark Decius fought for the Netherlands and nearly achieved a medal (he lost to dionysus with just 75 damage difference).

Mark Decius moved around frequently to defend other countries as a Vliegende Hollander.

Economical History

Mark Decius has always been active in economics. He was interested in how things happened from the start and he shaped a clear economic opinion on how things should be. He has been a Minister of Economy of the Netherlands for two months, and Secretary of Economy for five months. He has also made several plans for the economy, mostly in discussion with other politicians like cocoamok and RepsaJ. Although, he was not always successful in his plans, his visions have been partially followed by the government.

He started two companies, Mamuth Steel a Q3 iron company and Dutch Grain, a Q3 grain company, although the last one was sold to his companion Luuklag. He has also been a manager of Royal Gifts, Royal Diamonds and Dutch Construction Star, although he gave up managing due to shortage of time.

Mark also started two organizations:

  • Mamuth Holding
  • Dutch Grain


When an email prompted by a forum DM from ElGorro managed to surpass his spam filter, Mark Decius decided to login again at the end of august 2018. Confused by the drastically changed game mechanics, he lay low for a month before returning to the eNetherlands community. His first act in doing so was joining Democratisch Nederland and running for congress.